I'm not obsessed with work. But,

Personal relationships are never meant to be publicized. The new media can be an arse-hole mode of communication. Whatever you said or wrote can bite you right back on your ass. Some uncivilized lifeless beings that read your blog might use the explicit info they know about you- against you. Like he always say, "you'd never know baby, you'd never know!" Whatever I typed today may come from the bottom of my heart today, and not tomorrow's, but what matters is, it is bottom-from-my-heart special, and I must recognize it.

Some of my friends have been incredibly amazing to their other half. They'd wait for them from the train station and sending and picking them up using public transportation is, sweet.

I was in awe and spoke about it to him when I realized, that's exactly what he's been doing all this while. He's been kind enough to come all the way from college (of course not that farlah! but still) to see me every evening- and never complained about it and spent time with me for only about an hour or so, which drained both of us at the end of the day, somehow the excitement of meeting each other is always... there floating around the air around us, you know?

He'd wait for me, and despite me being undeniably worned out-ugly after a whole day of straining on the computer screen and talked to half of the world's population with their different kinds of attitude and arrogance- through the phone- he was still there with a smile on his face everytime I see him.

The fact that he wanted to see me badly with his arm alike few days ago, made me realized he's secured a place in my heart to be above any guy for now. What's sad is that I've overlooked his sacrifice of time and energy, until I started talking about other people's boyfriends' actions, when in fact the sweetest and kindest and most lovable was right infront of me all this time.

Sorry sweets, I was blind and stupid. You really are the best :)

Seven things that I have to (FREAKING HAVE TO) remember all the time;

1) Try not to hit his right arm ever again. Hit his thighs instead. :P
2) Never ask him to spoil you.... well not so much. Really, you're a woman, not a little girl.
3) Family. And then you. Assignments. And then you. His best-friends. And then you. Keep that in mind!
4) Never be spoilt like those spoilt girlfriend you heard or saw all around you.
5) Keep things simple but strong with him.
6) Compromise things. His retarded jokes (he said it himselves) and your well.. "slowness" of understanding things at times. This is just a random example by the way. Du du du.
7) Allocate some money- only for going out with him. Two separate expenses. For going out with him and other things.

Current feeling: Loved. Very very much loved. and In love. Madly. In love. Jumpy excited in Love. Too blardy..

"...you've got me feelin like a child now,
cause every time I see your bubbly face,
I get the tinglies in a silly place,
It starts in my toes, and I crinkle my nose,
where ever it goes, I always know,
that you make me smile, just stay for a while now..."

Okay okay, I'll stop here. I bet some of you are getting nauseous already.



Beth said…
OMG this is just tooooo scaryyyyyyy.

Oh Jacqkie btw, I wanted to tell you I start work today, I'm a telephone operator! ;)


well anyway, oh yes, the song reminds me of him so much.

It's scary how we think! The moment I heard the song *bang* I just knew!!


we're so weird sometimes hehehe.

and oh, I take it you're much better now :P
ItoMaki said…
Du du du du du du... XD Looks like you guys are doing pretty good! I'm happy for you! *hugs*
Jacqkie! said…
Beth: I know! and you know what babe, I am feeling abit better. Now. I hate it that women have mood swings sometimes. I mean, I'll never know when will I start thinking funny again right?

Itomaki: heehehhe.. so far so pretty darn good. :)

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