We're strange creatures

The previous post might be in a happier note.

..NOT, this one.

I was very much happy about everything until I talked to someone in MSN about it. (Yes, it was with YOU- girl). I'm not blaming you for sure, I'm just now suddenly worried and confused. or rather, concerned of things that were brought up.

Re. to my title, women are strange creatures. Really!

We can feel so many emotions at the same time, it can be tiring and very much confusing. We tend to allow our emotions take control of our actions or even our expressions on things. But then again, we have so many things going on within us, we dont know which one to take charge of. We assume what we're doing is right. And when we're not sure, we contradict ourself. Again and again. And again... When in the end, we're still unsure of whether we're doing is right or..

Honestly speaking, I cant even begin to explain what the heck I'm feeling right now. It's so ambiguos. I know I feel something, and that's why I chose to blog it- to remind me I'm pretty much messed up at this moment in time. But what the heck is it?

In conclusion, this post is pointless. I just needed to tell you guys how I felt before that feeling leaves me again. Or the feelings leave me again.

Let's hope Cheryn's costume-birthday party will make me forget of these things. Weeeee! Okay-okay, so i've decided on something kinky. Thanks to all my friends who were so excited with my new glasses. I'm still not sure coming as "Kinky ____" what.

I went for the Mesiniaga interview the other day. It went.. very well actually. They were very interested in me that they told me then and there that I got the placement. The problem is, am I interested? I will only confirm with them by next week and I blardy darn hope that I will get other calls from other companies by then.

I need to give myself options (good placement good money ahem). Just kiddinglah. As long as I love that place it wouldn't be a problem right?

My lovely cousin Kakak Milla got engaged last Saturday but I dont have the pictures to share it with you guys. :( I was one of her Pengangkat Dulang girls and I was of course a bit blur about it since it was my first time as a Pengangkat Dulang.


Till then, never underestimate the power of cleavage- Kerry Ng. Hahahahha. I dont knowlah, I just feel like saying that. and may God bless me in the finals next week, as I haven't touched any of my notes at all. I know it's somewhere in my room.

Things to do after finals:
a) Working attire shopping.
b) %8&^$#9- %$#@* ( [un]fortunately it's not something vulgar)
c) Continue reading my book.



-[sweei]- said…
OMG. About that msn thing. IT MUST BE MEEEEEEE!!!!!! I think. LOL, i'm pretty sure it is. Gosh, sorry gurl, but you're making me feel that way too. I feel you, confused. hahaha

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