Sway's Birthday!

I am never going back KL.

Obviously that's one really big fat in-denial lie. I must say life has been rather sweet lately. Especially since I step down from that plane to see my sister and mummy waving at me.

Sorry for delaying this post dear Sway. We went to Atrium that day to celebrate Sway's 19th birthday with no intention to get her drunk or even, tipsy. (Okay- Maybe I had that at the back of my mind)

I dont think she's ever gotten tipsy as well, right Sway? But OMG i tell you it was so hillarious when she was tipsy! If I could, I would relive that moment over and over and over again.
It's just really. so . funny.

Blurry Pic- Carol, Sway (Birthday Girl), Audrey, Me, Kerry and Caroline. Started already lah.. I am never sure whether Sway's drunk or it's just her sometimes :DPreetys.

Raya this year is not healthy. I've been feeding myself with tons of (DAMN-YOU) good food. Someone should stop me and even worst, my brother. That boy can eat man! And I cannot believe I brought my notes all the way from KL to KK to finish my assignment. Kejam betul.

Oh, I've made my glasses. I dont know whether I'll be the kinky teacher, the hot secretary or just the ...nerd-nerd. Wont be depending on it too much. Cannot, cannot, cannot.

I just realized when-ever my brother talks about his "medic stuffs" as they say it, I get so intrigued and excited. I'm his number one "medical advices and stories" fan I tell you and I'll ask him tonnes of questions, and he's never pissed about it! Cun kan?

After all that, if he still can't figure it out, I'm going to slap him real hard it'll make him cry. Or maybe just not see him ever again. I dont know what's going to happen.



sweei said…
Specs Specs Specs!
Must see u with specs!!

Awwww, dammit, how come i can't remember some of the pics being taken?!?! You secretly took is it? like that one where i leaned on audrey...Hmm, but i look so preparedddd!! Almost...

I'll keep you posted on tips and stuff u'll need to know for exams k!

Jacqkie! said…
specs coming out tomorrow.

and, i did told you i was taking the pics. you were tooooo tipsy to remember i guess.

thanks for the tips babey!
sweei said…
No probbie with the tips gurlll, I'm glad i could help ya out *wink*

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