Mummy's Day!

..yes, mummy's birthday is two days after my birthday. Every year I self-proclaim- that I am my mum's best birthday gift ever. Mummy would always make this puking sounds and re-tell us the story where because of me she was stuck in the hospital with this reddish living thing (me! me! me!) which I assume, confirms to the statement that I AM without a doubt her best birthday gift ever. *grins*

As the mummy's girl I am, mummy always want to know what I'm doing for my birthday or I’d tell her what I’ve been up to. How I'd celebrate it far from home and without she wishing it to me directly any more and calling me the birthday girl on my day. I miss it!

She sent me an MMS of her cutting a cake today. And I got very emotional after that.

From the fact that I'm not there to celebrate with her to some random thoughts of complicated "them" in my life to my internship to calyn's gift for me (which is a pair of Bonita earrings btw), I got so emotional in the bus thinking where and what life has brought me.

The point is, I really miss my mummy!! ...and that really pretty cake of hers! Dang it!

Sunday Dinner. The very horny naughty birthday girl.
Calyn, the replica of my sis and her birthday is the same as mummy's! Scary Kerry, Audreyh! and Beh darling.
ps. this Italian restaurant has bendera Malaysia yo. Awesome.

Carol! The new couple who can't get their hands off each other.
It's something a corporate PR should play I must say! The girl who actually dedicated a post for me. Sway. LOVE YOU.

In conlusion,

a) never eat in that shop again. Like i've said, I wont say anything to defame anyone or restaurant in this case. (PEE-CALL-LAW MAWN-DOH) *whistling*
b) I will always be a mummy's girl, wherever I am. and whatever you say.
c) Let them come to you. Not you go to them.
d) Birthdays are like eating-marathon. People feed you non-stop man.
e) I should grow up and stop calling my mum, mummy. *makes sad face*

Thank you Sway for all the pics! :)



sweei said…
HAhaha, HEY! You look GREAT in those pictures that i posted on my blog dedication wert. Hehehe *grins*
Jacqkie! said…

But thanks, you're the sweetest!

and for the earrings. stop buying me expensive earrings you people! You dont have toooooo.


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