Shh please!

My girlfriend Stephie came from Pahang for the weekend and boy did we had so much fun! Despite the fact that she missed her bus on Sunday and had to come back all the way from Pudu to PJ, and scare the shit out of me, everything was as perfect as I thought and hoped it could be.

Oh i've missed talking to her about them and the occasional sensational conversations of who's dating who (we call it networking by the way), which only my girlfriends, I feel so comfortable talking to with.

The clock showed almost 4am but we both showed no signs of stopping although the whole day walking in the Masjid Jamek area totally desiccated us. Talking about how our other friends are falling head over heels for their partners at this moment in time and why we're not a part of the group. Oh yes, it's the usual boy-talk again in my post, which mind you I dont give a blah of what you think, but just oh it's just so syok to talk about them creatures, no? If Lisa Loeb can have a TV series about them and get away with it, why cant I?

As I was saying, Stephie and I have taken an "oath" that we should not let nice guys take control over us, infact, we should get who we want in what way we want. yes, Stephie may be attracted to the kao-kao religious guys (think talking about christianity and dedicate him self to serving God) who be a mighty turn on for her, me on the other hand..


I recall the moment I noticed or realized I'd say of the fact that it's the attraction I'm most looking for at this time, it was at, the church. We have our reasons if you may ask? Anyway!

I came and took a seat behind these three men who seemed decent, but I couldnt care less of course because I had never taken the chance to take a second look at men, sometimes (oh I know, pelik tapi benar). My cousin told me that the man infront of me was somewhat hot. Of course that's what usually girls do, if you are surprised by this. I gave her the usual "hm.." and of course didn't expect to care more and of course trying to concentrate on the sermon (ahem).

Until it was during the "Peace Be with You" time where we basically smiled and nod to everyone around us, and oh this is when the magic happened!, he turned his body, no no, not a simple head turn but a 180 degree turn which I might add, strange for a simple nod and smile thingy, he gave me a smile and a look that totally, totally totally... blew me away. I was so gone after the nod and smile. so gone. *blushes*

As usual, I would stay in church until the last hymnn finishes and sometimes would even help them to arrange the chairs. And there he was putting up the chairs along with me. In addition, he was the only young man, or err adult? doing what he did. I was like "this guy must be trippin'. He cant be the that nice." Regardless, he has taken my breath away and the next thing I know he's on a reality tv show. *makes sad face*. My cousin didnt thought he was cute actually, I on the other hand still was drooling over him at that time, I admitted that he got me from the moment he looked and smiled at me.

And I brushed him off immediately. Okay, maybe not immediately but I eventually did. Yea! What I'm trying to say is, I've had enough of nice guys. Yes they're nice people. But at this point in my life (have I mentioned I'm only 19 and not that complicated?) I want something I want! and yes, not a celebrity (they're so self-centred sometimes-which is in their job description i think). Thanks to The Notebook who actually "encouraged" me to notice attraction now, too.

I'll tell you a secret. At this time, I have a crush. A real crush on a guy. Although I may not see him that often (you can sigh now my college friends) but it was at one occasion that made me realize i see him in more ways than one. I was sitting around watching them talking when I saw something in him. He was beautiful. No seriously, he is. I asked my friend and she was like, "he's okay." At the back of my mind I was like, he's not okay! he's *doink-chick-aboom* gorgeous! And I realized, it's just me who saw him that way! And it's just me who read between the lines of his face and laughters and attitude! I think lar.

Few weeks passed, and I realized he's crush-worthy as Katherine Heigl would say. He's super nice, very humble, super hard-working, and *drumrolls* single! Nothing more turn off then a man with a girlfriend (of course, of course). I'll be sticking around crushing over him (sounds like nothing better to do pular, oh well) until I move on and dissapointed of the progress-less relationship I have with him, I have noticed him.

This is when I admit, of not knowing what to do next. And please dont tell me;

a) Try talking to him. (because I did, and he made a cute joke, which I cant remember what, because i was drunked-out by his voice and smile- *grins*).
b) Try talking to his friends. (because I did, and he was there smiling and laughing at his friend, and really was being so corteous he didnt interrupted- *slapshead*)
c) Try asking for his phone number and ask him outlah (because I WILL NEVER IN THIS LIFETIME DO THAT UNLESS I'M DRUNK AS bwitney nowadays)
d) or maybe, smile at him. (because I cant and dont know how to!, the whole point of me crushing on him is because I'm shy around him, right?)
e) ask my friend to introduce both of us (I bet the next thing I know, he'll be avoiding me because he finally knows I like him, *closes face with hands*)

How can I grow from such situations without embarassing myself people?

Merdeka Celebration with Stephie!

I told Audrey and Sway about it; I dont know if this is a pickup line, but by far this is the strangest pickup line, or maybe just a line I have ever heard.

"I'm from Ipoh, coming with my friends here."
"I see, where are you guys staying?"
"That's why, I dont have house, can I go home with you tonight?- *make big eyes puppy face*"
"hahahahahahha, that is so naughty of you. No. *widen eyes and left him*"



Beth said…
awww this post is so cute!!! and so get what you mean!!!!


we'll just be crushing till God knows when lah kan...


;) missing you love!
-[sweei]- said…
*doink-chick-aboom*??!?!?! WHat?!?! HAHAHAHA, omg tht sounds really super cute! never heard tht one coming from you before.
Wonder how that dude in church looks like...hmmmmm, is he the same with the *doink-chick-aboom* guy? same kan?hehe

Hahaha, widens eyes and left him.. GOOD ONE!

Errr, is that tadaa
eSteFaNia said…
i did have lots of fun too kie, catchin up wf u... our so-called 'networking' inpired this post, u knw bout all the guy problems we talked about, ehehe... amacam ur emily rose dvd tu? kempunan sia tngu, huhu...
Jacqkie! said…
Beth: yea. Crushing till God knows when! :P

Sweei: That church dude is.. N_ch_ll!

estefania: oh my gosh, it was so much fun, and I so blardy hate that Emily Rose! :X

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