One Night With Phunk

Life has been extremely busy this week. If i could close my eyes and force my self to rest my head, I can still visualize those moments where I was practically running around and carrying things, and I could actually listen; every part of my body moaning in pain. I kesian my body u know. Since Project Phunk is finally over and I can now tilt my head and rest, I have to say I have learnt alot of things these couple of weeks:

a) If i were given a chance, I dont think I ever want to be a celebrity. Even not being famous!

b) I find people who stick to their religion "rules and teachings" very... irresistible!

c) I dont think i'm going for attraction anymore. Somehow personality always makes me smile first. *blushes*

d) I dont think I want to like my crush anymore, he seems so Friend-ish. So single it is?

e) Rude people should be vacuumed from this Earth. I just feel like shoving my foot to their mouth and wish they'll go dumb and deaf, while I'm at it. *makes irritated face*

f) I finally allow myself to gossip. Not all the time, but I gossip now with limitations and "facts"! It's not a good thing but at least I dont have to tell myself I should be nice anymore! :D

g) Guilty is the shit-tiest most heart-eating feeling ever. You can die from it y'know!

h) I dont think I ever want to date rock-ers as well. They're just not my type.

i) My close friends are seriously awesome, they accepted me for whoever I am and they seriously understood the line between work and play.

j) I'm glad I'm the Assistant Project Manager yo!

k) If you hang out with celebrities long enough, you will start talking to yourself, and you will be much careful with your choice of words while you were talking to yourself. Haha.

l) I finally liked A Local Act. JOHNATAN CHEN! *drools*

Okay maybe I didn't learn all these in a couple of weeks, maybe this week. Yala-yala, I've learnt all this in one night last night. Dang it.

Here are some of the pics that I took. I was damn kao-kao busy, I dint even know where my camera, handphone and wallet and everything that night okayyyyy. It was all over the place!


I took this while Razif was doing his script.
I'm proud of my hard-working Phunkers.
..More Phunkers who've worked their ass off.
Goodie bags and prizes! Satu prize pun I din get :( Mr. Christien New, Hottest Husband by FEMALE (Aug 2007)
He's so talkative, so friendly and so energetic. Menghairankan.
Ms. Lavin Seow, Runner Up Miss Malaysia World.
Razif Hashim! The emcee and my boss for the night!
Johnatan Chen was AWESOME and super nice! He rocked my heart awayyy!
DJ BadBoyBen, awesome music and a super super nice guy!

A million thanks to those who've come and supported One Night With Phunk. I wish I could hug you and kiss your hand to thank you guys, but i'm damn shy to do that, so a simple thank you would be suffice. Haha.

Everyone to anyone, who not only just come and take a look but asked us questions to just being there standing around. Seriously, thank you.

I appreaciate it. Weeeee! CPM 07 is done!



Beth said…
omg you met razif hashim!!

and hey how come youve stop with the crush?


hehe. sorry to be such a gossip queen kekekke.
Jacqkie! said…
Actually, I still do like him! so very much indeed!

but am still not sure he's worth my time. haha.

sweei said…
Wahlau! you've even labeled Jonathan as "jackie's" too much laaa...HAHHAHAHAH
jaycee said…
Hi Jacqkie,

Thanks for your nice comments on your very interesting blog :P - you are so sweet, you know? haha... I'm so glad you enjoyed our show and hopefully we can catch up in... Sabah, or somewhere there lah, hahaha
Jacqkie! said…
hey Jaycee. Thanks for your comment. am still not sure who you are but thanks! :)
jon chen said…
jaycee = JC = Jonathan Chen :-P Sorry, my bad, hahahaha
but u do have a very interesting blog, really...
Jacqkie! said…

*...real bad*


Thank you for dropping by and reading what I wrote about you and BBB that contributes to a huge embarassment of mine.




Seriously, Thanks for dropping by yea?

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