No easy access!

Dear J,

Could you not make friends with my friend just because you want other people's number? I felt like cekik-ing you when I got the 411 about you, because before, my friend thought you liked her. I have experienced the same thing, and she said it's blardy irritating you know, and yes I know, because I too have felt that as I've mentioned earlier.

You dont ask everyone of us to follow you go lepak at 2am when all you really want is to bring me out. Dahlah, you barely speak to me at all, and all you did was talked to my friend, how in the world would i have the slightest idea that you have that crush on me?

Malu tak malu of you, I dont care. Because if it involves my friend feeling abit perasan-ish and me and my other friend supporting kao-kao the idea that you liked her, is sooo on top of the world not cool okay. We felt like we made her perasan even more, which is yea, we totally did. *slaps-head*

Yes you did muttered a few words to me, to be exact two words i think, like "awak?" and "aah." which I admit I dont remember what it was for actually, bottom line is, you can talk to the girl's friend you want to ask for their phone number, but not try and make friends with them first, being friendly and funny and ask them their number and all which is also a synonym with flirt, and then tell them you like the other girl, when all of their friends soo thought you like the girl you talk to and layan-ing all along! *phew-exhale*

we all feel so kejam you know? so kejam and shitty guilty man for making things worst for her perasan-ish.

And no, I dont give my numbers through my friends. Please do ask me driectly next time and if I said no, I'm just so sorry. * cough-not interested-cough*

I'm beginning to fall madly in love with Hacchoo by the way. I sayang her so much you know. Everytime I sleep in my room, she'd struggle going into my room through the window and sleep next to me. She'll play with my hair and play with Patrick too. She's also my alarm sometimes, she'll wake me up exactly around 6am to get ready for class. She's no longer Hacchoo-ing around. I guess she's no more sick. Wee!

Oh! We celebrated my cousin's birthday yesterday. 4 hours in the Karaoke Room can make you go blind and deaf (more of you want it to) I tell you. Especially when you cant differentiate was it the guys voices' sounded like females or the other way round. Damn cute lar they all. Anyway, we had so much fun, so much cake (die-die-die) and so much more second hand smoke! :(

To Jenny and Priscilla, Although you are so gonna kill me for putting up the blurb above, i'll cool you off with a bit more sentimental approach;

Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. From scolding me asking me to clean up my room to just literally really did clean up my room and practically made me worried for days where my stuffs were gone. Not any housemates in the world are perfect, and I mean our own family members as well. But we've shared our ups and downs and most importantly, shared our rent and payments together (grinss..)! I love you guys so much. You guys are the closest resemblance to my family in Sabah and I wouldn't want to trade that with anyone in the world.



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