I miss mummy

Ah, what I just did was pure sin. I just ate a whole zinger burger, a regular cheezy wedges, 6 pieces of nuggets and galloped a regular cup of 7up.

I suggest no more junk food!....

until october. hahahahahaha.

Anyway. It's a Friday night and I have absolutely no plans at all. If doing Laundry and Sleeping in all night is a plan then I guess, I have big plans tonight. (SAD CASE)

This world's been crazy sick, I dont understand it anymore. The young girl that was raped (with cucumber & brinjal) and was murdered, seriously bothered me. It's at times like these that I question God mercilessly. I will pray for her and her family.

Today was slightly sad and disturbing for me as well. My lecturer showed me the Petronas Advertisement for Last Year's Raya and my friend next to me broke to tears and me, almost to tears, as well. I was holding up so hard I didnt want to have another mass tear-ings anymore. and this some of you might know what I mean.

That commercial made me realize never will I treat my mum alike, or any elderly in this case like that- ever. I have respected the elders ever since young and I would never ever steal their humility and pride for being there so far- ever ever like the stupid idiot rude husband in the commercial.

And to a man, who were rude today. He was talking about other people, but was using very very offensive words, with just the tone of his voice; he completely ruined my day. In case you were wondering, rudeness to me is so old-fashioned already.

My big 19 is coming up. I am saving money to buy things for me-self, no worries I wont even tell you when's my birthday because only close family and close friends knows about it and I guess thats all that matters.

Mummy called me early in the morning today and told me to book tickets to go back Sabah if I could for Raya with abang. I was surprised and shouted!!, everyone in the bus looked at me!

I'm still not confirm yet though. If there's available seats then I might be going back home. I've always believe if it's full, then let it be, (The Muslims) that really wants to go celebrate with their family, can take my place.

Whatever it is, if i'm not going back home, I'm going to be one blardy-freaking-kaokao sad intern during my internship. *fingers crossed*



Beth said…
omg about that girl Nurin who got brutally abused and murdered-I totally broke down and I cried when I read about her story cause my sister is her age and did you see her photo on the daily? She's the sweeetest thing ever who would be so evil and mean to do such a thing.

sigh. let's all pray no other child will be a victim to this monstrousity.

p.s. i know when youre birthday is! ;)

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