Have A Nice Day!

I. Must. Tell. You. What. Happened.

It's one of those days that everything happened perfectly at its times.

I woke up this morning, washed my clothes (yes, instead of last night) had lunch and watch some Friends. I decided to go to Section 14 (around 15 minutes walk from my house) to look for Audrey's birthday present.

I reached Jaya. Saw a couple of sales executives; damn I thought. I followed this bunch of girls from behind. They were approached by the Sales Executives. I on the other hand, managed to escape. Phew!

..So I decided on Audrey's present after 20 minutes contemplating whether she'll like it or not. I went up to the counter and the girl asked me whether I have the Popular member card. I answered no. A middle-aged guy overheard us:

Nice Guy: Hey, I got the Popular Member card. Can I borrow it to her?
Me: ...Hey. Thank you?
Nice Guy: No worries. I dont really use it all the time anyway.
Me: :)

*after paying*

Me: Thanks again Sir.
Nice Guy: Oh, dont worry about it.
Me: Have a nice day sir.
Nice Guy: (raise one eyebrow and smile) ...you too.

I have a feeling he didn't expected those words coming from me.

and I'm glad I said it!

So I went down to Guardian. I walk pass by this hot Indian guy when I was about to go to the payment counter. Apparently he was about to pay at the same time as well. I was stupidly annoyingly slightly nervous of course. I paid my stuff and guess what?

I left the plastic bag there!


The cashier called me and pointed the plastic bag. The guy looked at me and gave a casual 'oh'. I even forgot the balance! I took the money from the cashier's hand and *ka-ching!* all the coins dropped from my hand!

The coins were all over the floor! At that moment in time I just feel like running because ohhh-viously I was nervous around that guy!

He was so nice, he picked up the coins for me, and guess what! It took him a-while! hahahaha. When he gave it to me, he looked nervous as well! When I said Thank You, he didnt even looked at me okay!

So I left Guardian with a little tingle and a huge smile.

I came out from Jaya and saw all the sales executives again. This time, they were talking to this huge family. again, saved! Phew!

As I went out feeling great for a nice day so far, I heard my favourite song played on the radio! I immediately identified the intro guitar from Uncle Kracker's Follow Me, remembered the good ol' days, and I was so much happier than before !

I was walking and a car hon me from behind. I looked. It's my neighbour! He rolled down the window and asked me whether I'm going back home, because...

He can send me!

Of course! I replied. I went in, indulged in the air cond and music. I reached home and he ended the conversation with "Have A nice Day!"

I smiled to myself understanding now how sweet and impactful that 4 words can be. I said the same thing and waved him goodbye.


It's only 3PM now and tonight I'll be going to Audrey's Birthday Party.

It's not wrong to assume that this day is just a good karma for me right?

With that, I do hope you'll Have a Nice Day!



Beth said…

it's great that things went so well for you today!

hehe. yup good things happen for good people ;)
Nick Phillips said…
Sometimes life just works out perfectly ...

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