What's SO interesting about PC Fair?!

Friday. Uncle Joannes, Aunty Moun, Bayen, Jenny and Cilla left the house for Singapore at 7 in the morning I think. I was asleep at that time but i heard noises. I crawled back under my blanket. Finally. a me time. With Hacchoo (my cat that sneezes all the timeeee) sleeping next to me.

I plan to wake up at 9 something today. And I did. I pour trix and chocolate milk in the bowl. Hacchoo looked at me. I know she wants me to feed her. I just realized future can be the replica of today. I care so much about my studies & work that it scare me sometimes. I will be the 40 year old single career woman, living with Hacchoo.

I switched to E! news, while thinking what a sad thing to go to church alone today, but brushed it off seconds later, and ate a fullspoon of the cereal.

..when I saw his head in between the gates. I walk to the door only to find him smiling and laughing at my blur-ness. I was still not sure whether that was him.

He opened the gate.

I felt so happy, confused, sleepy, hungry, surprised and sad all at the very same time.

My brother came down to PJ! I was of course thrilled thinking that he came down just to surprise me and temankan me for the weekend when he had this excited face and said;

"Jom, pigi PC Fair. Get ready now."

I felt like slapping him then and there. Rupanya-rupanya he wants to go to PC fair! nevertheless, he's here, i thought. I decided to follow him despite the piling homeworks on my study table. Screw it. I thought.

Of course PC fair isn't my thang. I felt like leaving my brother alone roaming there while I go shopping in KLCC. But I can't do that. It would be purposeless to go to KL without following him. Besides, some nerds and savvy lovers are real cute yo! ;)

The human jam was brutal. Like oh my gosh seriously, I can really smell all the good stuffs in the world, sweat, hair gel, armpit smell, bad-breath. Ahh. This is how it smells feels like to be very close to some random people, okay. In this case, millions of guys. *widens eyes*

It was a sweet-tiring day. I managed to get myself a head-band, a ring, and a bracelet.

Mummy's not coming down to KL. Very sad :( Christmas will be different this year. I wont be around my besties and other relatives. If you'll be around your family for the holidays this year, imma strangle you if you dont celebrate it with them. Heh, you know I wontlar.

*...makes I'm watching you gesture*


I was thinking of joining the carolling team. But internship is very important I dont know whether I can juggle both at the same time. with classes! *shakeshead!*

I need to get back to my work. and some Jacqkie's music. My brother's been playing alot of international music in the car that i've gotten dumb and deaf for a while just now. Because I dont understand them at all, and all I did was listen to whatever they sang. I like it, it's interesting really. His taste in music is very..

..those "elitist" style, I call it.



Kibeth said…
aww mustve been fun to have your brother popping out all of the sudden to come see you!

Now I miss my bro!

and ive missed you too dear!just been pretty busy lately ;)

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