Tuesday, August 07, 2007

my head wing-wing after this message!

If you noticed my friendster, i put there on my profile. "and I do welcome messages."

..but daily messages? by random people? telling me how their day was? and know i'm not going to reply them? just making me feel like i'm a helpline operator?

I tell you these people are "amusing", I shall say. particularly this person. which i wont mention his friendster's name. he send me messages almost everyday. sometimes, up to 6 messages a day. *gritting teeth*


and i dont have the tiniest slightest no-nothing clue at all who's this fella. but he keeps on sending me messages. blardy tons of them! *shakes head*.

as much as I feel like replying him with cold-mean sarcasm while using the MTV girls' language (like seriously, can you like, erm, like, not message me anymoreh or sumthang?)

but, I simply cant resist the entertainment I get from his messages! I know I'm mean, but please do enjoy!

Original message:

"i feeling hot ... and body very paint ...
hot inside, cool out side ..
head ... sure wing wing (???) now lah ...
still can online??
(...is he asking me?)
sick only , not yet goinh died, nvm 1, no need go clinic , i no need mc, i need to work tomorrow ..
finance problem ?
actually i salary aslo no too low la, near 3k now ...
why got problem ?
i bankrup before, after i try to have a own
business... (good effort)
how much credit now?
i think 50k kua, hope can clear in 2-3 year...
i know when i lonely i can find friend..
(don't we all wish that?)
but cannot every time aslo (!!!) ask friend spend what? (???)
i so (does he mean aslo?) save money liao, no anything hobby, i only choice online, farmming (???) to pass time after work ..
i no so like to read, but this a the time for me
(AMEN!) , cos with out reading and learn , no people can teach me, now day when walk out from home door is money... (this one I think I know what he means..)
dont asking me find money, i know which out money cant find money... (hmm, very deep)
i know here can meet girl friend (i think they are other victims as well), even know 1 real friend here aslo (!!!!!!!!!) not easy..
what can i do ...
give face then talk with me here lo...
(but communication barrier...?)
so sleepy liao..
eat panadol just now ..
must go sleep lah ..
take care ."

*SEE!! shakes head.. again*



sweei said...

OMG!!! *rolls on the floor laughing my ass off*
Hehehe, like i said before, he's telling you his life's story... haiseh, kesiannya his "victims". He's so weird!! hahaha, suddenly farming??! owhwell, seems like a nice guy...very open...pfffttt, *giggles* GO AFTER HIM GURL! He's one heck of a good catch! *laughs ass off* gosh, i'm so mean...

DeGiRL said...

oh my gosh.. ur right.. he's so weird... hahahha!

Kibeth said...


this is the funniest weirdest thing ive ever heard from frenster hehehe!

did you get a good look at his face?

haha cutie? no? weirdo?

scareh, but downright FUNNEH LA!

oh yea, jacqkie I need your email am privating my blog ;)

Jacqkie! said...

sweei: did you say go after him? hahahaha!

de: yes, he is.

kibeth: I KNOW!! haha

mich T said...