my head wing-wing after this message!

If you noticed my friendster, i put there on my profile. "and I do welcome messages."

..but daily messages? by random people? telling me how their day was? and know i'm not going to reply them? just making me feel like i'm a helpline operator?

I tell you these people are "amusing", I shall say. particularly this person. which i wont mention his friendster's name. he send me messages almost everyday. sometimes, up to 6 messages a day. *gritting teeth*


and i dont have the tiniest slightest no-nothing clue at all who's this fella. but he keeps on sending me messages. blardy tons of them! *shakes head*.

as much as I feel like replying him with cold-mean sarcasm while using the MTV girls' language (like seriously, can you like, erm, like, not message me anymoreh or sumthang?)

but, I simply cant resist the entertainment I get from his messages! I know I'm mean, but please do enjoy!

Original message:

"i feeling hot ... and body very paint ...
hot inside, cool out side ..
head ... sure wing wing (???) now lah ...
still can online??
( he asking me?)
sick only , not yet goinh died, nvm 1, no need go clinic , i no need mc, i need to work tomorrow ..
finance problem ?
actually i salary aslo no too low la, near 3k now ...
why got problem ?
i bankrup before, after i try to have a own
business... (good effort)
how much credit now?
i think 50k kua, hope can clear in 2-3 year...
i know when i lonely i can find friend..
(don't we all wish that?)
but cannot every time aslo (!!!) ask friend spend what? (???)
i so (does he mean aslo?) save money liao, no anything hobby, i only choice online, farmming (???) to pass time after work ..
i no so like to read, but this a the time for me
(AMEN!) , cos with out reading and learn , no people can teach me, now day when walk out from home door is money... (this one I think I know what he means..)
dont asking me find money, i know which out money cant find money... (hmm, very deep)
i know here can meet girl friend (i think they are other victims as well), even know 1 real friend here aslo (!!!!!!!!!) not easy..
what can i do ...
give face then talk with me here lo...
(but communication barrier...?)
so sleepy liao..
eat panadol just now ..
must go sleep lah ..
take care ."

*SEE!! shakes head.. again*



sweei said…
OMG!!! *rolls on the floor laughing my ass off*
Hehehe, like i said before, he's telling you his life's story... haiseh, kesiannya his "victims". He's so weird!! hahaha, suddenly farming??! owhwell, seems like a nice guy...very open...pfffttt, *giggles* GO AFTER HIM GURL! He's one heck of a good catch! *laughs ass off* gosh, i'm so mean...
DeGiRL said…
oh my gosh.. ur right.. he's so weird... hahahha!
Kibeth said…

this is the funniest weirdest thing ive ever heard from frenster hehehe!

did you get a good look at his face?

haha cutie? no? weirdo?

scareh, but downright FUNNEH LA!

oh yea, jacqkie I need your email am privating my blog ;)
Jacqkie! said…
sweei: did you say go after him? hahahaha!

de: yes, he is.

kibeth: I KNOW!! haha
mich T said…

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