"Mareelah naeik. Jum! Seinang sajahh."
"..erm. Okay."
"Kawan-kawan muh?"
"They're scared."
"..err..You dont know how to speak Malay?"
"I do! I thought YOU dont know how to speak Malay?"
"Haha. *smiles*, where are you from?"
"..err Malaysia?."
"ohh, I mean state...hmm, Sabah?"
"..*raise one eyebrow* yeah."
"......yes!*widen eyes*. where are you from?"
"I'm Egyptian. But I'm staying in Malaysia. Jamal."
"...err Jacqkie.How did you.."
"Okay. We're here. The white slide is the dangerous one. The blue one, not-so. Which one you'd go first?"
"The white one."
"I knew it. See you down there. Take care of your necklace okay."

It's something for a Malaysian to know I'm non-malay/non-Indian. But it's amazing for a non-Malaysian (Jamal), to know I'm non-malay/non-Indian, a Sabahan and a Kadazan and speak good Malay to me! He must be someone who travels alot or down-right intelligent non-ignorant guy. *mighty turn-on!*

Yeah I had so much fun. But I woke up this morning with the Red-Eye Disease. Blardyheck. My bro said it will take up to 5-7days for it to cure, since it's viral infection there's no point on using any medication. My family and friends that's coming will be infected and I'm "advised" (which I definitely wont follow) to stay at home. My brother suggested, me wearing sunglasses to out or everywhere. Now I'll be the laughing stock of not knowing Geography for wearing sunglasses inside the mall. Gosh, what a break will this be!

That's the slide Jamal and I rode! Super High!
My Must Have. A good Book!
...Patrick is literally everywhere!

a) My cousin's friend does not break or slow down in turning or u-turn. *gritting-teeth*
b) The air-cond did not worked like an aircond. *shakes-head*
b) Is it just me, or is Melaka so hot in the afternoon?
c) Listening to Malay songs for hours is not so bad after all.
d) ...But remember to bring mp3 to save yourself. *like really-really*
e) I had a crazy super pedas menggigit nasi goreng kampung!
f) Melaka's indians are hot.
g) Never bring your boyrfriend to your vacation. *I mean it!*



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