Enjoy your holidays yo!

8 Random facts about me:

a) I'm sort-of lactose intolerant, but it's not 100%.

b) I hate jigsaw puzzles! It makes me sleepy and tired bah.

c) I want my own sofa. The single sofa. A sofa that describes me.

d) I name everything I have/own; Travis except for Patrick SSP. Even my assignments!

e) I love books. No, No. I LOVE love books.

f) I believe I'm an environmentalist & practice animal rights. For now, I dont support plastic bottles, plastic bags, having air-conditioners, one-man car, keeping the lights on, animals hunting, caged-zoos, I dont know why! and so many more to come.

g) ..I still dont curse. I'd even go 'what the fish' to avoid it & I still think Honeydews and Avocados taste like lotions!

h) I have a repetitive-disease. I can answer "ya" up to 7times for one question. *blushes*

Do I have to tag? I tag anyone who wants to this can?

P.S: I'm off to Melaka this weekend. I wont dissapoint you with the pictures! Promise!



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