Dear Jason Wade,

I have loved your band for so long, 7 years to be precise and I honestly do still adore you guys. I personally think that I have been an awesome fan to your band by buying not-so original CDs of yours and listening most of your songs from the Internet these past few years. *Looking at Ares*

I'm sorry i couldnt come clean here, for fear of having all those blogging cause-effect drama hold up against me. But you get what I mean right? :) i'll spelled it out. P.I.R.A.T.E.D!

What I'm trying to say is, I think i'm falling for someone else. Or some-band else. I still do love you (particularly you, YOU hot stuff) and your band so so much and i guess i will always do. I thought Snow Patrol got me last few months with Signal Fire, but it didnt got me on hold and it didnt "sparked" an effect that i'd want a band can create in me.

So i searched for songs. More and more songs. I know my MP3 player is packed with all the out of the world songs, from Michael Jackson to Kris Dayanti, and (not just yours') it is only because MP3 Players are only supposed to feed my mood you know? Somehow, sometimes i do feel like a Lil'Kim with a little bit of an attitude and some Spice Girls for memories and some Bob Marley, visualizing my dream vacation with Margarita or Daiquiri in between my fingers.....

Can I get an Aaa-men???

To everyone reading, if you say you love music, how can you talk smack of other genres and in denial that you actually need all those other genres really?

I have yet to tell you who managed to grab my attention after years of being your no.1 band's fan. I still am but currently I am their no.1 fan, too.

I hope this band wont be out in MTV and "gracing" the cover pages of any magazines in Malaysia in the near future. I am still learning more about them and still hogging for their songs in the Internet. Somehow, once you're in loved with a celebrity or a band it's annoyingly hillarious to see other people talking all-that about them just because they are already famous.

I thought liking them was just the usual 15 minutes ga-ga. But i cant seem to stop myself from playing their songs over and over and over and over again.

I was watching Laguna Beach when I heard that song. And it was Kissing The Lipless that wowed me. Next thing i know, i have almost 15songs of this band's in my playlist. At that time, i was still wasnt sure who these bunch of musicians were and researching about them that made me fall for them. As they say, Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta :P

Here goes.

Oh ya. Does anyone has The L word by the way? One of my favourite actor Eric Lively apparently is in it. I would love to see the L word too though. Heard ALOT about it. Homosexuality is always intriguing, no? So please let me know if you have that DVD readers! Thanks a bunch! :)



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