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"Mareelah naeik. Jum! Seinang sajahh."
"..erm. Okay."
"Kawan-kawan muh?"
"They're scared."
"..err..You dont know how to speak Malay?"
"I do! I thought YOU dont know how to speak Malay?"
"Haha. *smiles*, where are you from?"
"..err Malaysia?."
"ohh, I mean state...hmm, Sabah?"
"..*raise one eyebrow* yeah."
"......yes!*widen eyes*. where are you from?"
"I'm Egyptian. But I'm staying in Malaysia. Jamal."
"...err Jacqkie.How did you.."
"Okay. We're here. The white slide is the dangerous one. The blue one, not-so. Which one you'd go first?"
"The white one."
"I knew it. See you down there. Take care of your necklace okay."

It's something for a Malaysian to know I'm non-malay/non-Indian. But it's amazing for a non-Malaysian (Jamal), to know I'm non-malay/non-Indian, a Sabahan and a Kadazan and …

Enjoy your holidays yo!

8 Random facts about me:

a) I'm sort-of lactose intolerant, but it's not 100%.

b) I hate jigsaw puzzles! It makes me sleepy and tired bah.

c) I want my own sofa. The single sofa. A sofa that describes me.

d) I name everything I have/own; Travis except for Patrick SSP. Even my assignments!

e) I love books. No, No. I LOVE love books.

f) I believe I'm an environmentalist & practice animal rights. For now, I dont support plastic bottles, plastic bags, having air-conditioners, one-man car, keeping the lights on, animals hunting, caged-zoos,I dont know why! and so many more to come.

g) ..I still dont curse. I'd even go 'what the fish' to avoid it & I still think Honeydews and Avocados taste like lotions!

h) I have a repetitive-disease. I can answer"ya" up to 7times for one question. *blushes*

Do I have to tag? I tag anyone who wants to this can?

P.S: I'm off to Melaka this weekend. I wont dissapoint you with the pictures! Promise!



They pushed themselves around and played with each other's hair. Both wearing simple shirts and trousers. Whispering of things i'd not want to know. She was skinny, short-haired, with thick glasses. Acnes covered most of his face, he has short undefined haircut, and was smiling amusingly, which I assume at his appreciated jokes.
They seem so.. happy? trouble-free? i'd say in love. Puppy love. The really fun puppy love. It never failed to make me smile. It was like a scene I visualized from a book I read, a young couple pleased with each other's companion more than anything in the world. It was everything they thought they needed. Looking at them, love seems so believable and innocent.

I was lost in my thoughts after seeing the young lovebirds. The only thing I remember was asking myself;

.......What. The Hell. Am I. Looking. For. In Them?

How do I summarize of my week? The usual paperworks, and the usual Bridget Jones' moments of course. Self-esteem and ambitions issu…

one sweet day

If you've read my previous post, you would have known what kind of position I'm in.

The noises outside my room woke me up. I walk out, saw the time. It was 10. Decided to put my clothes into the dryer. I took the toothbrush. Brushed my teeth and gave myself a smile.

Still, not a sincere one. I couldn't help thinking about my post. Was i being such a cry baby for posting it for the whole world to see? Regardless, I posted it already. and I'm never a cry-baby, I confirmed it. It's just a therapy, Jacqkie. Give yourself a break.

I know almost all my posts are hillarious, it's just not right but It's never wrong either. I just thought it would be a big fat lie, hypocrite and selfish of you, if you haven't given yourselves somethings to think about and not to educate people about it, by not blogging your emotions and experiences. Instead just the hillarious moments, like what I do best and most.

I grabbed The Notebook. Switched the TV on. I dont want to watc…


i dont know where to begin. should i express of how i feel of my weeks that have been damaging everything of me? or should i begin telling you that guilt is eating me inside and all i could see was him, to accept my apology.

i dont understand of everything that i'm going through. i dont know where to begin. i was putting on a mask. i was hiding. from everything and anything. i hurt my jaw by gritting on my teeth too much, hoping, worry mask will not show.

i've been running, climbing, chasing, learning, moving, writing, typing, listening, talking, the list just goes on pretending that it was a routine and not a burden. i know being busy and having tons of work is what it takes in this world. i have always believed that. is this the painful truth?

yes i am tired, of all the drama and hustle and bustle of my busy life. but it feels like stopping for a drink and taking a 5 minutes break really does mean 5 minutes break. temporary and fast. and there I am pretending to be strong and p…

my head wing-wing after this message!

If you noticed my friendster, i put there on my profile. "and I do welcome messages."

..but daily messages? by random people? telling me how their day was? and know i'm not going to reply them? just making me feel like i'm a helpline operator?

I tell you these people are "amusing", I shall say. particularly this person. which i wont mention his friendster's name. he send me messages almost everyday. sometimes, up to 6 messages a day. *gritting teeth*


and i dont have the tiniest slightest no-nothing clue at all who's this fella. but he keeps on sending me messages. blardy tons of them! *shakes head*.

as much as I feel like replying him with cold-mean sarcasm while using the MTV girls' language (like seriously, can you like, erm, like, not message me anymoreh or sumthang?)

but, I simply cant resist the entertainment I get from his messages! I know I'm mean, but please do enjoy!

Original message:

"i feeling hot ... and body very paint ...
hot i…

What's SO interesting about PC Fair?!

Friday. Uncle Joannes, Aunty Moun, Bayen, Jenny and Cilla left the house for Singapore at 7 in the morning I think. I was asleep at that time but i heard noises. I crawled back under my blanket. Finally. a me time. With Hacchoo (my cat that sneezes all the timeeee) sleeping next to me.

I plan to wake up at 9 something today. And I did. I pour trix and chocolate milk in the bowl. Hacchoo looked at me. I know she wants me to feed her. I just realized future can be the replica of today. I care so much about my studies & work that it scare me sometimes. I will be the 40 year old single career woman, living with Hacchoo.

I switched to E! news, while thinking what a sad thing to go to church alone today, but brushed it off seconds later, and ate a fullspoon of the cereal.

..when I saw his head in between the gates. I walk to the door only to find him smiling and laughing at my blur-ness. I was still not sure whether that was him.

He opened the gate.

I felt so happy, confused, sleepy, hungry,…

Dear Jason Wade,

I have loved your band for so long, 7 years to be precise and I honestly do still adore you guys. I personally think that I have been an awesome fan to your band by buying not-so original CDs of yours and listening most of your songs from the Internet these past few years. *Looking at Ares*

I'm sorry i couldnt come clean here, for fear of having all those blogging cause-effect drama hold up against me. But you get what I mean right? :) i'll spelled it out. P.I.R.A.T.E.D!

What I'm trying to say is, I think i'm falling for someone else. Or some-band else. I still do love you (particularly you, YOU hot stuff) and your band so so much and i guess i will always do. I thought Snow Patrol got me last few months with Signal Fire, but it didnt got me on hold and it didnt "sparked" an effect that i'd want a band can create in me.

So i searched for songs. More and more songs. I know my MP3 player is packed with all the out of the world songs, from Michael Jackson to Kr…