weird black-out

that was the strangest black-out i have ever experienced.

I was playing NFS just now when the lights in the living room started to flicker. i didnt seem to bother the flickering lights at first but within seconds everything including the neighbourhoods went off........

...except, the ps2.

okay that didnt came out right.....

except the ps2??!???

that's more like it! weird black-out story aside. left four more days till i'm off to KL. four more days! the thought of getting all stressed out again freaks me out. sometimes, i really really hate the busy life of college. i have this love-hate relationship with college. heh. ps. some of my college students are glamorizing smoking. which is very bad for me and my other second-hand smoker friends. i really dont mind them smoking. it's definitely their prerogative. but starting smoking because of college? that's just plain sad.

i couldnt make it to Pulau Manukan this holiday because most of my friends are scattered around so far away from me :( and some in form 6. but i will. I'll be BAKKH!(Arnold Shchhshhhhd-i dont know how to spell his name's accent) in December! i will! mum even wanted to have a day off just to accompany me to Pulau Manukan. But i felt bad, and decided to go in December with her and the rest of the housemates *wink*.

I watched Another Gay Movie and Euro Trip the other day with my girlfriends. being the very innocent i am, I must say nudity can be very hillarious sometimes. no? oh well. and i discovered Jonathan Chase is very hot too.

Oh yeah, just this week alone i realized i really like Shia LaBouf and Tina Fey. well, if you thought i was attracted to Shia LaBouf's witty personality in Transformers you are dead wrong! i was attracted to this little bugger ever since Even Stevens. when i first saw him in Even Stevens, i just knew he's going to be big someday and very fine :) like very! he's only 21 and i bet the world is welcoming him with arms wide open. i know i doooo!

Back to Tina Fey. I knew she was a something too when i watched Mean Girls. i wasnt sure what it was that made me love Mean Girls so much. i mean, i know chick flicks can be addictive, but this one was pure genius. i wasnt sure what it was. until i laid my eyes on 30rock. i just knew she was the it!

oh yea. i've received alot of interesting messages in friendster, but by far this is the strangest!

D: so we can kawan lah kan?
Me: (after millions of weeks, i finally replied him!) bole.
D: okay bagus. we meet up. and then you kena sign something. banyak juga paperlah. if you want to read you can read it carefully. in the paper it says; if you stopped being my friend, you will have to marry me.
Me: ????!?!?!?!?!?!?! *decided to ignore him for another millions of weeks*

to all my college friends; SEEEE YOUUU VERY SSOOOON! :)



DeGiRL said…
AHAHAHAH!!! adui....marry him? gila guy whey.. i hope he's not stalking u!! haha! see u in a few days then! we will stress together in a few days ya!! haha!
Kibeth said…
oh yay new layout!

and oooh it'll be nice to have you back in KL(tho i know college life is kinda stressful at times)

and yes i liked Shia Labouf since even stevens too! and in i-robot. i mean he's so cute! and tina fey hahaha.seriously!

;) if you stopped being his friend you will have to marry him? thats like.. uhh.. okay, weird is the only word for it.

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