i have learned something this week. guilty is a real shitty feeling. really shitty. not that i'm not aware of this fact before, but until this week, i have experienced this feeling deeply and i freaking hate it. it eats you inside and it makes you feel like you're the meanest person in the world. but bring it on i say! i mean, i'll try my best to avoid this feeling again.


it's not that i have ripped a person's heart with my bare hands and let the person die from pain (hiperbola?), it's just that i finally did the things that i should have done. it's as simple as that. you know the right thing(s) to do kinda thing? whoever said doing the right thing should be regularly be practiced.....

is a Student's Councilor. or learning Psychology :( coz it's damn hard sometimes.

i thank you Kerry Darling for bringing me out last night with my girlfriends. for sending me home although the jam in Federal was like hell. Thank You so much Kerry! :) and hope you do had fun last night on your 20.07.2007 birthday! :D

After a couple of weeks of college, i finally met up again with my first ever college lecturer and also the man who put other lecturers to shame (like really!) for he is by far the best lecturer/teacher/tutor i have ever known so far. After getting 2As in both of his not-so-easy classes and learning more than just the ABCs of college, i'm quite pleased to see Mr Indy again. The man who brightened my dim perception of life, when i just stepped to college about a year ago. it's really nice to see you again Mr Indy and i bet everyone of your students feels the same way.

Ohya, my lovely friend Denise bought me another Travis! weee! i was at a class waiting for it to begin when she handed me the Blue Felton Bottle with a little note on it. I read it and went ecstatic! I wanted to hug that angel but she was in sweat from walking, so i could only say thanks to her. Babe, thank you so much! You have no idea how much that bottle means to meeee! As ya'll know i'm a green fan. I dont know if this is bias, but by far Blue Travis is the Travis i love the most! When i put Blue Travis on my study table, i see everything around it green. alllllllll greenyy. the fact that it's blue instantly reminded me that it's something i get from someone i love, man it was from Darling Denise! and how freaking happy that makes me feel!

After almost 2years in college, i finally realized i'm only "human". I dont really hate people, it's a really strong word i shall say but i'm not a fan of this particular someone. She, by far has made me lost interest in knowing people like her almost instantly! I dont dislike her because she makes a fool of herself by contradicting herself almost all the time, i just dont understand the way she do and say things sometimes which indirectly affected me and bloody irritated me! of course i forgave and forget, but the things she did affected people around me as well. *sigh* how do you say it, she's so... ma fan?

I had a mild gastric too. I wasnt supposed to drink any Minuman Bekarbonat remember? But i did and gastric happened :( i thought i was going to spend the weekend with my brother, but he left the house at 7.30 am. jahat betul. i think he's going to skip school on monday. knowing my very nerdy brother he is, skipping school for World Music Festival, is soooo cool-and-not-nerdy of him okay! he's off to Penang just now and i sure do hope he'll have a blast there! he's been so studious i wonder does he ever have some fun really?

I've just realized everyone's been dating, loving, crushing, dreaming and hoping. i'll say, "I'm in a big big ocean, with a tiny little boat!,"-Natasha Bedingfield. :)

*picture taken from Carol's friendster*

tounge out is the in-thing now!

*the rest are taken from Karen's friendster*



DeGiRL said…
hahahah! im so glad u like it!! cos i couldn't find any green at all....haha! it's a priviledge to be able to bless sum1 lovable and sincere like u. :)

bout disliking sum1, dont worry gal.. we're human.. that's why God had to send His precious son to die for us.. haha! I'm on the same bouat as you lah. :)
we'll get through this tgth. :)
Love is Kind.. love is kind... love is kind... haha!

Luv ya lots!!
Kibeth said…
hehehe. i love that natasha beddingfield song too!

and oh the water tumbler is so cute!

great to know youre enjoying college life again (enjoying? I hope you are!) and dont worry about that particular someone you dont really like, it happens you know.

;) mwah missing you loads!

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