Positive Power People!

depressed. i. was. depressed.

school began last monday. waking up at 5.50am and walking alone to the bus station under few dim lights is not healthy. so i decided to wake up at 6.10! :P

but i have no choice. i really dont. i reached college waaaaaayyyy (sarcasticly of-cohs) earlier than some of my classmates who drove to college and staying nearby. heh. it has clarified how this world can be so unfair. ...oh well, i reached late today. jammed like so teruk okay. just when i thought i wont ever reach late to college, this happen. i remember this thing called jam. *(-_-")*

Me: hey....
R: jacqueline right?
Me: yeaaaaa. *thinking while smiling* oh no, what's her name?! ... i know it sounds like my second name but what?? *still...smiling*

*3 seems-like-forever-minutes later*

R:...*still smiling..while making the okayyyh-this-is-awkard face*
Me: ..so. how's everything?
R: Great! what are you taking again?
Me: Mass Comm!
R: ...Ohhhh. *nodding fast*

it's that Ohhh again. the "Ohhh-she's-just-a-Mass Commer-nothing-interesting" Ohhh. by this time around, i'm used to the Ohhs already. i sincerely do know how to differentiate between the Ohhhs and the Oooohs, just so you know. just like when people ask me what's my brother's studying; I'd be like, "Medical". People would be like, "Ooooooh!"-*big eyes-nodding slowly*. discrimination is never out-dated.

highlight of the week: i lost a Travis again. Travis is my water bottle i bring to school everyday. oh wait, the watter bottle i brought to school everyday for five days... five days? lima hariii bah?! i lost three Travises in a year. what the heck is wrong with me and water bottles? Me and Denise went looking for Travis up and down, left and right, around the college. we even checked each classroom twice. sangat sedih okayyyyy? :(

now i'm back with the plastic bottle type. ergh, this is not good. i'm not supporting plastic bottles really. it's not biodegradable people! not good for the environment!!!!!

but yesterday. and today... strangely, sadness evaporated. you know, the feeling of sadness sloowhly leaving you. by the time i took my bath at 12-ish yesterday, (yes, at noon), i saw this girl smiling on my bathroom mirror. i finally sang in shower after a week being sort of sad. deprived. missing. and so blardy tired. i guess reality just kicked in (assigments really) yesterday to be spcific. joyous? excited? noooh. happy! ah that's the word! :)

am reading McCall Smith's The Sunday Philosophy Club. So far so good. Liking Grace and her sharp opinions. i miss Ingrid. she be like that, you know? college and friends did not change. i dont know whether i'm suppose to be happy about it, but i guess i dont have to adapt nomore if that's the case. i'm glad. i miss them loads. i weally do. the best part about college now is that 5/5 of my lecturers are purrty cool. sorta cool i say.

oh ya! i am disciplining myself with money tooo. i'm restricting myself of not going out often. wont be able to be the Wizard of Booze nemore i guess? i'm restricting myself not to belanja more this semester too. not any bills arrived yet. will work on cutting my expenses. less caffeine (Starbucks & Coffee Bean leave me alooooone!) and nomore those sweet soda can drinks or the funnier version; Minuman Bekarbonat. or was it Bikarbonat? *giggling* funny lah that word. sounds like Berkarat. or some science term. okay wait, it is? what i amm saying is, those stuffs are not healthy and mahal? (bahhh tiba-tiba sedar nih?)

speaking of sweetness, i just received mum's email. most probably she will come down to KL on the 12 of August. hell yeah! i rindu her so muchhh. and it's only been a week? homeworks piling up. sorrylarh, i just feel like talking about it. i reckon it'll be a shitty stressful semester. hmm. well of course! which day isnt riteee?

Oh my gosh. SEE? what's up with this perkiness positive power people attitude? hehe. i guess the sun's shining on me now. *doing the snake dance*

Ohya. Thank Youuu Yen Ling for this!



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