Oh, this is how I got my back-ache?

He introduced himself as *John. The first thing i noticed about him was his straight white bite. I knew instantly he isn't what i hope he is. He had a pink purplish shirt and well-groomed spiky hair. His nerdy look reminded me of Daniel Radcllife in no-where else but you-know where. By looking at his flawless skin, i'm guessing it was just yesterday he had a shave. He was slightly taller than me, but shorter than him, and just when i thought i couldn't be anymore right he muttered it to us;

"I'm a dancer. A Ballroom dancer."

With his charming humility i wonder where did the energy and spirit of a dancer in him came from. when asked which dance was the hardest, he gave the usual-awwww answer which no girl can resist,

"I'm not sure. If you really love dancing, like I do, it should be okay, and I can always teach you."
*and flashes that smile again*

I'm no-where near his league. He's very cute, and very homo-sexual. *sigh*

It's been physically painful for me this week. My back hurts and it could only be because i was spending too much time in front of the computer working on my assignments (aishmen!). No, seriously. I receive up to 30emails per day. INSANE i tell you.

Did i tell you that it feels like Christmas in July? Denise bought me the blue travis and my cousins bought me a bracelet and a big bag. I'm beginning to think i look like a very in-need person. Which i have to agree 50% of that because i'm not so much of a big spender.

I bought my sister a humourous birthday card. The girl's turning 15 on the 9th. Am still thinking of what to buy for her. I was thinking of getting her an MP3. but i dont know, she'd most probably be carrying that thing around with no songs in it. so i guess i'l buy that for her on Christmas. need to do proper briefing to her on how to put music files and stuff.

I attended a church meeting today. which was a screening of an interview with an exorcist. mum called me in the middle of the screening. I msged her;

"I'm in a church meeting. Sorry."
"wow. God Bless You."
"hmm.. I'm watching an interview with an exorcist."
"oh my gosh. God Bless You, again."


Okay, i'm a media (Like Seriously) dependent. Let me list down the must watch for me every week.

1. Berita TV3
2. America's Next Top Model
3. Prison Break (DONT GIVE ME THAT LOOK)
4. Used to watch Ugly Betty & Desperate Housewives
5. Pirate Master
6. Used to watch CSI 7
7. How I met Your Mother
8. My Name is Earl
8. 30 Rock (MUST)
9. even The Apprentice (OMG, i know)
10. Gol & Gincu
11. The Hills
12. Rob & Big

Be grateful that you're not me. Be very grateful.

I was laughing so hard with Karen in the bus on Wednesday, i didnt realized my bottle cap wasn't properly closed. I had to walk back home with a huge wet stain on my jeans. It seriously looked like i wet my pants on the bus.

Oh. Karen dreamt that both of us were being chased by a model Ju-On by the way.

One last random thing. Longan-Thai (Mata Kucing) i bought from Giant in Pyramid was so freaking-ohmygosh-blardy delicious. I was practically sucking the juices out of those round things. Oh my gosh, it's soooooo good i tell you! It's really really really sedap ok!

If you're reading this, it means that you have succesfully finished reading this annoying-pictureless post. :) Congrats!

*Name changed for confidentiality purposes.



Kibeth said…
hehe i always finish reading your posts, you describe things in this very graphic way that you dont need to justify it with pictures you know?

hehehe. oh im a teevee junkie too so i know how that feels like.

hey thats so weird. Just last night me and atif was talking about how christmas-ish this july is, and we were listening to xmas songs for no reason at all-saje being nostalgic-

It happened just last night I tell you!

weird kan?

heheh. ;)
sweei said…
Interview with an exorcist? Never heard of it b4, but i've heard of an interview with a dracula b4. Nice, brad pitt and tom cruise acted in it. HOT!

I always read your blog gurl. HAHAHA, jacqkie wet her pantsssss! *pissssssssss*

Wished u were there gurl last friday. But god blessed you anyway!

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