remember my list?

i've listed around 26 things to do during this precious holiday and i'm almost done! Do you know holiday is so much better with a purpose (without working).

Things i've done:
a)Swimming. The three typical stooges; me, my brother and my sis went swimming the other day. Totally syiok! I just realized my brother can really swim. Heh?

b) So i've watched the two blockbuster. Shrek and pirates. Both with my family. weeee! Well, i'm guessing it's actually a sin to miss these two movie. I bet everyone here wants to or already watched these two right?

c)Remember my clubbing and partying oath? That i'd be hitting the clubs as much as i can? well hell yea! We spent Stephie's last three weeks in KK by clubbing every friday night to the max.

d)My sister and i had sister-to-sister talk almost all the nights when she was on hols. I miss her so much, and yes i spilled all my secrets to her. XD

e)I did hung out with my monkey neighbours. but not anymore! as most of them are still in high-school or working. ergh.

f)Oh yea! i played playstation 2 (tooo)!!! weeeeeeee! i'm so terrer pulak tu. well, if you may asked, i played the Shrek's game lar. It was like some adventure thingy. yeaay.

g)I wanted to have a sleepover at any of my friend's place. but they slept at my place instead. so weee! it was awesome. we didnt sleep most of the nights, and by the time it was 6-something i had to send my friend to work already.

h)remember my book Memoirs of a Geisha? i'm almost done! it's few pages away! i havent been sticking my nose to this book all the time, because i'm very busy with houseworks, believe it or not.

i)I BOUGHT A MANDARIN BOOK! whenever someone speaks chinese now, i tend to figure out slowly what they say. well...toooo slow to be honest. but at least i try kan?

j)i bought contact lenses! XD

k) I have dedicated my holiday pretty much to helping my sister with her homeworks. She's got millions of projeks (She'll be having her PMR). I just finish writing somestuffs for her.

l)Ohya. i told you i'd like not to be a couch potato remember? and i didnt! i did alot of housework! helped my sister. go off here and there. sooo yeah!

m) and i did helped my maid. :)

n)and i went Gaya Street last week! Check my snap of the week.

Imagine this. You wake up at 5.30am in the morning. Open the gate >Take up your sis' socks and put it inside> Prepare breakfast for your sis> Pack breakfast for your sis> Wash everything you used> Clear the dustbins> and feed the cats>put all the clothes in washing machine> all these while you are half asleep.

you tidur balik>woke up around 9> jemur all the kain you washed> watch ellen degeneres show> cook rice>prepare lunch for your brother and sister> eat with them> clean up the washed dishes> go online for about 1hour>ambil kain yang dijemur> lipat kain> place the kain at their places> iron some of the clothes> pick up mum from work.

reach home, watch My Wife and Kids> help mummy with dinner> eat dinner> clean things up> feed the cats> go online> tutor sis with her homework> watch tv> and yes by 11 you SLEEP for you are already freaking tired and you need to wake up early tomorro.

yep, this is my life currently.
will be on partying/holidaying mode soon when maid's back.

thank God mummy's gonna reward me. strangely, i dont feel awful at all. doing housechores isnt that bad, you know? BUT. 24hours really noooooot enough Ohhhhh.

***Just so you know, i finally watched Napoleon Dynamite. one word. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. okay thats it. check that movie out ya! :)***



Kibeth said…
HAHHAHAHA indeed! ive watched napoleon dynamite seriously awesome!


wow. you really spend your time prodcutively this hols! Go Jacqkie!



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