It's the ogre again

Note: please ignore this post if you have not watched Shrek 3 and would like to watch Shrek 3 soon.

WEEE! finally the waiting is over. i'm guessing some of you might know i like this movie. but i'm guessing only a handful of you know that i'm obsessed with this movie, it's characters, it's plot and everything! E-S-pecially Shrek. Yes, i love that ogre.

This could be bias but i am rating the movie 5/5. Nothing about the movie dissapointed me. when i was watching this movie, and was laughing all the time, the guy next to me practically turned his body 90 degrees and not looked but STARED at me. it was quite dark, and i couldnt really see his expression every single time he stared at me, with the corner of my eyes. so yea. i was a bit irritated.

I was very impressive with what this movie taught me. I'm very optimistic. Like very. But no one really knew i've been struggling with a lot of people's perceptions, judgements and assumptions every single day. I mean. This movie taught me, let people do what people do best, judging, discriminating and ignoring me. fortunately, Only myself know me better.

Here goes, Pinocchio and Gingy played a fair role in this movie. Unlike last time, they played a big-ger role. They saved the handsome Shrek and The Stallion Donkey (erm) and Puss in Boots from the jail remember? But this time, they popped in the movie a couple of times. only. Ohh and the girls in the movie did good this time. Princess Fiona, Sleeping beauty, The other step sister, The Queen, Snow White and Cinderella kicked some balls in this movie. wee!

And prince charming played a bigger role this time. Not as big as Justin Timberlake's (Arthur) though. Prince Charming was the villain this time. He proposed the idea that all the villains (One Eyed Monster, Captain Hook, The Ugly Stepsister, and the Evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty and others) to gather together and attacked Far Far Away's Kingdom and get their revenge back. Prince Charming was saying something very true that knocked me: There's two sides of every story! Even villains dreamed of things. Even villains have families to take care of, it's just that the approach was obviously wrong. Prince Charming urged all the villains to stand up together and tell their side of the story this time.

So Shrek and the usual gang went to look for Arthur (Justin Timberlake) to bring Arthur to follow them to Far Far Away and take up the throne and be the next king. Along the way they met Merlin the Wizard. But Merlin was well abit, cuckoo. He, however managed to help them to get back to Far Far Away after their shipwrecked.

Thats all i can share with you. Please do watch this movie!

So far i have heard not-so nice reviews of Shrek the Third. I am not sure about that, i'm guessing only your state of mind will determine whether you will enjoy this movie or not. But as for me, who cares about people's reviews? I love it and it's all that matters to me! *smiles widely*

Abang: Which Shrek yang kau paling suka? I like this one!
Me: ....... you know i cant choose which one.
Abang: but a real fan can critic.
Me: then i'm a different real-fan! and i love all!

Ohya, anyone interested to bring me to watch Shrek 3 again, Please dont hesitate! I can watch Shreks again and again and again. Ohhh! Just for your information, i watched the first Shrek for 5 times in Cinema, more than 15 times in DVD. For the 2nd one, i watched it 8 times in Cinema and 5 times in DVD and only once for the latest one. Yes, even my mum suggested the idea of having this creature called "boyfriend". *makes irritated face*

I am a little bit of a nerd when it comes to Shreks and studies. You dont even want to raise the subject when i'm around. I will do all the talking and it can be very annoying :)



eSTEFania said…
watched it, kie! funny, very satisfying, seriously! my fav new chrarctr, the lil Dronkeys, they're soooo adorable...
Kibeth said…
ive watched shrek too!

damn it was soo sooo soo wicked funny and i totally rolled off laughing! Who cares what other people think? it's shrek!

I especially loved the part when shrek and artie was sitting at the bonfire when merlin suddenly played that "for good times, and bad times, I'll be on your side forever more..."

man that was hilarious!

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