I'm all alone

After Shrek, tons of Lepaks, My Wife and Kids and countless hours of Playing the Sims i'm guessing my un-productive holidays is about to ohhh-ver. My maid applied for ten days off for her wedding, so mum whole heartedly asked me to do most of the house-chores. Being the independent girl i am, i agreed to do whatever it takes to make the house remain still while my maid is enjoying her wedding-hols.

That was until i woke up this morning and supposedly to begin my "duties". The problem with me is, i know i'm a fast learner, unfortunately not so much of a bright-fast-learner i guess? I couldnt remember how it was exactly to fix the washing machine's hose so that the water from the pipe will fill up the machine to this certain level. and the thing about my really canggih washing mashine is that the hose is so special you have to do a certain something so that the water will flow to a certain level. *confused myself*

Whatever happen to the simple normal instructions?

After living with the washing machine for almost 4-5 years, i however realized i knew little about that thing. *looks down*

I manage to wake up at 9something (yes and achievement, i know)today, and immediately woke my sister up because she has a school meeting. I wanted to make her breakfast at first, when i saw 3 hardboiled eggs on the table and told my sister to just finish that up. after having breakfast, i sccot off to the washing machine in hoping i will get my job done fast today. Unfortunately, the machine betrayed me.

After an hour, i figured some stuff out and decided screw the hose and used a baldi to fill it instead. Back and forth to the pipe, yes yes. My mum jokingly asked me whether i already broke my back, and i seriously answered her "almost".

I think you pretty much know the attitude of Malaysians. where you know the meeting is at 10am and somehow leaving the house is also at 10am. *WTH?* well, that was what my sister intended to do. Being the Director of Social (bla-bla-bla) in her school's interact club i taught her one thing; Meeting at 10am means be there by 10am and MEET them at 10.00am. Especially those who hold certain posts! i literally pushed her, to call my uncle to send her at 9.45am instead of at 10. I made her remember (i hope) that that's the way it's suppose to be. Regardless of whether no one will be there or whether you'll be extremely early, that is your responsibilty and that's the least you can do! same goes to everyone who's reading.

I have been cleaning the house for an hour just now, washing the dishes, making sure everything is at it's place. I'm tired but i still want to blog about it. I am supposedly to be cooking for lunch. and somehow my left cheekbone sakit too. these will be much worst when i'm alone next week. My brother's at hospital doing Prac, Sis at school and mum's at work. Pretty much everyone/everything/cats are/is depending on me. *wow, i feel like a hero now*

anyway, I do hope nothing/something/ someone? will collapse and burned while i'm at house alone.
Wish me luck yo!



-[sweei]- said…
awh gurl!, i can't read your shrek blog coz i havent' watched it yet! K, when i've watched it, then i'll see what you've written in it. Wow, you're one strong gurl, carrying the baldi back and forth to fill up the washing machine. I dunno how to use mine! Geee, i really need to learn. So you home alone eh? PARTYYYYY! ahahaha, i know you won't do tht, so you'll just have to party in the sims game. eehehe, bet you're a lil bored eh? same here, but not till tues. Coz i'll be hitting the gym for fun! wheeeeee....i wish you all the best gurl! Have fun doing chores and cooking, i know you love it...*grins*
Kibeth said…
wah go jacqkie!!!

im telling you tackling house chores isnt easy and so kudos for you!

and yes waking up at 9 is great achievement!(compared to me)

oh no.. my semester break is finished!!!!


good luck love! mwah!
ItoMaki said…
Doing chores? Wow, what a way to spend the holiday 8D! *gets kicked by you*

House appliances never work on me either... Xd I remember trying to get the oven toaster to toast a waffle, and it comes out burnt everytime I do it, but it looks perfect when my brother does it. Wonder what I'm doing wrong.

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