i love her!

mummy warned me about blogging. to make sure i'd shut my mouth at appropriate times. Lucky for mummy, i'm not the truth-seeking eager journalist she'd thought i want to be. hence, this post! :)

Me: i love her!
K: ...i know.
Me: i blogged about it. *shy*
K: YOU BLOGGED ABOUT IT? *rolls eyes-shakes head*

when i first saw it, i thought i's gonna get it straight away. Yes i was madly in love with it. i would cross back and forth to it's place to make myself sure that i am going to get it. i was really sure.... believe me, i was!

i thought; this time around i wont ask for anyone's help. i was going to get it by myself. no matter what mummy wants to say i am for sure going to get it. i first consulted some people about it.i asked around. will it last? will i still love it after several times? will it be too common since everyone is loving it too?

I decided to buy it the other day. It's almost a year i've fallen for this thing and i should get it now! UNTIL.

i saw her. i thought she was only beautiful. you know. nothing-much-kinda beautiful? since i have already decided to buy it, i might as well play around with the others, i thought? so i asked for the others, trying to make sure i did the perfect decision.

and I was wrong!

when i first smelt her i was like. i love her. i love her! i love her! i was supposedly to buy the other one that day, unfortunately i fall for something better. the chemistry was instant. suddenly i doubted my decision. suddenly i wasnt sure. there's a reason i'm feeling this way. so i went back home with my infamous mixed feelings, after "meeting" her and forced myself to decide.

i bought her. yes. the one that i was attracted to just two days after "getting" her. not the one that i was madly in love with for almost a year, not the one i'd hope to get my hands on for so long. nope. and yerp, i dumped her,

For ESCADA'S Sunset Heat!

woohoo! After almost a year drooling over DKNY's Green Apple BE DELICIOUS. I, unfortunately fall for something else that caught me by surprise.

It wasnt any-along-the-road fragrances. It wasn't cheap, i had to decide properly-because i'm using my own money! if boys can think thoroughly of either to buy, PS2 or X-Box, so can I!

Sunset Heat has this beautiful super-sweet smell that i've been looking for! I tried it on the other day before buying it, it actually lasted for hours! Believe it or else, it also feels like she has the mixture of two of my favourite flavours; Vanilla & Apple (or am i just thinking too much?). Not only these two, she also has this flowery-gardeny smell with a bit of a sugary-sweet feeling in it when you spray yourself with her. I'm serious! Not only that, it's bottle is very gorgeous with heart shapes on her and on her cap. The fact that i love Sunsets and heart shapes just blew me away of how much Sunset Heat was all the freakin time was meant for me!

I read in Cleo once, "always look for Fragrance(s) that defines you. Not alarming the whole room it's you!"

i love Sunset Heat so much i decided never to wear it to college. it'll only be for certain occasions and parties. *giggles*



DeGiRL said…
ahahah!!! serious??!! jac!! u know!! i also teringin-ingin DKNY apple for a year plus ever since my mom bought it! hahaah! so i went and bought it! but i couldn't fall in love with anything but the apple...haha!
jacqkie said…
yeah serious! i still love the green apple. but i'm more in love with this one! :)
Kibeth said…
ah! i have the same fettish for the DKNY green apple perfume and the i loved the shape of the bottle. but my sister gave me true star so i kinda have to finish that up first *giggles*

hehhe. i miss discussing cleo with you!

when r u coming back to KL?

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