ee 2 more weeks!

we went to Sheni last friday night and it was freaking packed. i saw tons of familiar faces and lots and lots of old-friends. instead of getting in foc, we had to pay for the cover charges. oh well, not that much anyway.

bell was very close of getting a number from a hot guy that night. have you ever seen Wild Hogs? i feel like i'm the shy-est & most ignorant among us just like the guy with the Apple tattoo. *sigh*

ingrid is unusually exceptionally aggressively hillarious and gorgeous but not flirty at all (go figure). bell is candy-sweet tigress. and me. well.. me. i'd just be the one stopping or encouraging them for doing anything aggressive nor crazy. i'm the dullest of `em all.

anyway, i'll be missing these two divas once i'm back in KL. lucky me, bell will be in ampang all the time. poor ingrid, both of us will be in KL. :(

just so happen, all of us wore colours that night!

i'm not sure what's gotten into me in this pic. heh.

i luv youh!she's so fairkan? i forced her to wear the red monsoon lipstick.

bell, ingrid, me, jenny, cilla, aurel & dodo!

oh yea. and this conversation.

Jessy @ My sis: yeah you were right. once you know the secret you'll definitely look at them differently.
ME: kan? i told you.
Jessy: what if you'll change? and you'll start doing this? that? or other things?
ME: ..this is lame. but i promise you, i'll still be the exact same person you waved goodbye at airport last year.
Jessy: :)



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