Before you click exit please take time reading on my movie reviews! Including this one. I have wanted to watch the movie Crash since last year. and finally, i watched it today. I personally think this movie as a whole defines the word ironic perfectly. the characters in general have problems either with racial discrimination or related to the issue. may it be the fact that they are accepted or not, they are somehow connected to one another.

Ryan Phillipe an officer in this movie struggled to work with his racist colleagues & racism problems in his office; believing he's not one of them by trying to make friends with everyone-every race. unfortunately, his doubts of a black man he gave a ride, caused him to shoot the innocent guy, and shocked himself with his action.

Sandra Bullock played a fierce role in this movie. Her character was against the lower-class workers and indeed also a racist; The Mexican guy who fixed her house-lock and her maid. She looked down on them and was always dissatisfied with whatever they do. Until a day when she fell from the stairs, she realized that despite of everything she did or said, her maid was always there taking care of her, instead of her best-friends.

This is my favourite scene;
which is also one of the posters of the movie. This is the Mexican Guy that fixed Sandra Bullock's house-lock. He love his daugther so much. His daughther however, was scared of as she calls it "bad people"-with guns and was always hiding under her bed which she believed a way to avoid them. The mexican guy told his daughter a story of a fairy that gave him "an impenetratable invisible cloak", and convinced her it's because of it, he's never been shot or stabbed before.

With that, he "gave" his "invisible cloak" to his daughter and promised her that no one can hurt her now. One night when he fixed a Persian man's shop door-lock, he told the guy that he needed to fix the door too as the lock was already fixed. The Persian man didn't really understood him, and when he found out his shop was robbed the very next day and will not be covered by insurance because of his own negligence, he was furious and blamed everything on the Mexican guy.

He waited for the Mexican guy infront of his house, and was ready to shoot him. When the mexican guy reached home, his daughter was so excited but little did she know, the Persian guy was about to shoot her dad. The persian guy came up to him, and immediately pointed the gun to him. His daughter saw this and ran towards her dad for she believed that she has the "invisible cloak" to protect her dad. She jumped onto him. And the Persian guy pulled the trigger.

No one was hurt. Not even the girl. The mexican guy was devastated-crying with his daughter on his body. Until his daughter voiced out, "it's okay daddy. I'll protect you.". I swear to God i was in my puddle of tears at that time. It was scary, sad and so-darn emotional. All was shocked.

It turns out that the Persian guy's daughter, in a way saved him too. In earlier scenes when they wanted to buy the gun, he was pissed off with the racist gun-seller and was taken out of the shop. Because he wanted to buy a gun for protection so much, his daughter bought for him the gun. but with bullets-blanks.

if you're thinking of buying cds/dvds, Please remember Crash! It's an amazing movie. It's flawless and it's very deep. If you'd like to know what could happen to you for your misbehaviour, this movie can teach you a thing or two. Amazing. it scares me to even think that somehow, everyone is pretty much connected to one another. I couldnt help but relate it to us. and definitely our country.



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