3 more weeks

Saya baru saja kena cucuk jarum :(

Mom and i went to the klinik the other day to check mom's blood pressure and all. Mum wanted to check my blood group and antibodi too, so i tagged along.

three weeks later.

Mum: So?
Dr: She still has the antibody.
Me: *thinking* yeay! seeeeeeee???
Dr: ..but low. So you'll need another jab of booster jacqkie.
Me: *makes freaked out face* i thought too soon.

I'm not really so much of a drama queen. So as soon as i left the consultation room, i immediately sat down without making much groaning or moaning. I told my brother and sister that i needed the booster. and that's just it while holding my fragile arm at that moment of course. My brother thought i'm "going" to kena suntik. So he was groping my jabbed arm and, basically made that particular part hurt even more. In pain, i told him, "I already kenalar you monkey-why do you think i hold my hand?!". as usual, he apologized while laughing. *makes irritated face*

in around 3weeks, i'll be back to kl. back to waking up early every single day. back to assignments. back to being extremely stressful. back to missing my sister. back to missing my home. back to missing mummy. back to going to church alone. back to depending on public transportation. back to adapting & adjusting. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh!

oh well, life would be useless without challenges and purposes. and oh ya, can u say freedom? XD

I went to my dad's grave today. in case you forgot, tomorrow is Father's Day. So please, whatever it is, the least you could do is wish your dad sincerely. I think it's been around 6-7 months since i last visited daddy. So it feels nice to visit him again today. *please dont run away*.

Do you know that i have incredible respect for the elderly(s)? It's not that i have thought of quitting life, it's just, sometimes, i do wonder what really is the point of living? To have a taste of it and then leave it? we worked so hard just to stay alive when in fact we might never know the next day could be a very awful day for us. and we'd give up again. and struggle again. Sometimes, i just dont understand why? Lucky me, my family especially my sister is my main reason.

well, other two things i'm going to miss when i go back KL. baby Spicy and Tiger!

I really thank God for creating other creatures then just creating us. My life is so much better with these little kittens! :)



-[sweei]- said…
ehehehe, if i was there i'd be laughng together with your bro. So cutelaaa your kittens! i wannn!!! but only for a while, then you can take em back. *laughs* Yeah, 3 weeks then haveta suffer with assignments again. Owh well, at least we can see each other again! which is a plus point and something for me to look forward to baby! 3 weeks!
Kibeth said…
alamak comel nye your cats!!! so dengki one!

ohgod what I wouldnt give to get another 3 weeks holidays!!

dont scratch the itch(if you have any) at the injected spot! huhu. ;)

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