Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i love her!

mummy warned me about blogging. to make sure i'd shut my mouth at appropriate times. Lucky for mummy, i'm not the truth-seeking eager journalist she'd thought i want to be. hence, this post! :)

Me: i love her!
K: ...i know.
Me: i blogged about it. *shy*
K: YOU BLOGGED ABOUT IT? *rolls eyes-shakes head*

when i first saw it, i thought i's gonna get it straight away. Yes i was madly in love with it. i would cross back and forth to it's place to make myself sure that i am going to get it. i was really sure.... believe me, i was!

i thought; this time around i wont ask for anyone's help. i was going to get it by myself. no matter what mummy wants to say i am for sure going to get it. i first consulted some people about it.i asked around. will it last? will i still love it after several times? will it be too common since everyone is loving it too?

I decided to buy it the other day. It's almost a year i've fallen for this thing and i should get it now! UNTIL.

i saw her. i thought she was only beautiful. you know. nothing-much-kinda beautiful? since i have already decided to buy it, i might as well play around with the others, i thought? so i asked for the others, trying to make sure i did the perfect decision.

and I was wrong!

when i first smelt her i was like. i love her. i love her! i love her! i was supposedly to buy the other one that day, unfortunately i fall for something better. the chemistry was instant. suddenly i doubted my decision. suddenly i wasnt sure. there's a reason i'm feeling this way. so i went back home with my infamous mixed feelings, after "meeting" her and forced myself to decide.

i bought her. yes. the one that i was attracted to just two days after "getting" her. not the one that i was madly in love with for almost a year, not the one i'd hope to get my hands on for so long. nope. and yerp, i dumped her,

For ESCADA'S Sunset Heat!

woohoo! After almost a year drooling over DKNY's Green Apple BE DELICIOUS. I, unfortunately fall for something else that caught me by surprise.

It wasnt any-along-the-road fragrances. It wasn't cheap, i had to decide properly-because i'm using my own money! if boys can think thoroughly of either to buy, PS2 or X-Box, so can I!

Sunset Heat has this beautiful super-sweet smell that i've been looking for! I tried it on the other day before buying it, it actually lasted for hours! Believe it or else, it also feels like she has the mixture of two of my favourite flavours; Vanilla & Apple (or am i just thinking too much?). Not only these two, she also has this flowery-gardeny smell with a bit of a sugary-sweet feeling in it when you spray yourself with her. I'm serious! Not only that, it's bottle is very gorgeous with heart shapes on her and on her cap. The fact that i love Sunsets and heart shapes just blew me away of how much Sunset Heat was all the freakin time was meant for me!

I read in Cleo once, "always look for Fragrance(s) that defines you. Not alarming the whole room it's you!"

i love Sunset Heat so much i decided never to wear it to college. it'll only be for certain occasions and parties. *giggles*


Sunday, June 24, 2007

ee 2 more weeks!

we went to Sheni last friday night and it was freaking packed. i saw tons of familiar faces and lots and lots of old-friends. instead of getting in foc, we had to pay for the cover charges. oh well, not that much anyway.

bell was very close of getting a number from a hot guy that night. have you ever seen Wild Hogs? i feel like i'm the shy-est & most ignorant among us just like the guy with the Apple tattoo. *sigh*

ingrid is unusually exceptionally aggressively hillarious and gorgeous but not flirty at all (go figure). bell is candy-sweet tigress. and me. well.. me. i'd just be the one stopping or encouraging them for doing anything aggressive nor crazy. i'm the dullest of `em all.

anyway, i'll be missing these two divas once i'm back in KL. lucky me, bell will be in ampang all the time. poor ingrid, both of us will be in KL. :(

just so happen, all of us wore colours that night!

i'm not sure what's gotten into me in this pic. heh.

i luv youh!she's so fairkan? i forced her to wear the red monsoon lipstick.

bell, ingrid, me, jenny, cilla, aurel & dodo!

oh yea. and this conversation.

Jessy @ My sis: yeah you were right. once you know the secret you'll definitely look at them differently.
ME: kan? i told you.
Jessy: what if you'll change? and you'll start doing this? that? or other things?
ME: ..this is lame. but i promise you, i'll still be the exact same person you waved goodbye at airport last year.
Jessy: :)


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh attraction!

Just like Jason on his last valentine, i have been single for almost a year now too. to be honest with you guys it does feel strange because i've been having boyfriends since i-barely-know-when until last year.

I made one new year's resolution this year and millions more . (yes i still believe in resolutions)

@that no more oh-he-so-sweet-for-doing-that-to-me kinda guy! it's my say now! I should be attracted to him! ....too?

remember those times when all your guyfriends would be asking you to be their boyfriends, and all you can think of are their pros and cons? well, let's just face it, the guy you really want, thinks of you, as just a painkiller-friend (sakit hati, i know). so you'd end up scrapping certain names of your list and decided to say yes to the guy that fulfilled almost all your criteria of what you want in a man.

which were:

a) confessed his love for you face-to-face.
b) sing for you on the phone. (it should be the BSB i think?)
c) plays guitar.
d) ..,and plays guitar?

most of my friends predicted that i'm going to marry a nice down to earth guy and has a Shrek-ky face. Ingrid even joked that my husband would be the one wearing the vell. *looks down* i wasnt sure whether i was against the prediction, because deep inside of me, i really thought i was going to marry someone Shrek-ky too?

yes, i care absolutely nothing about looks. unless...

oh nooo, Betty didnt picked her nose infront of her boyfriend and Quasimodo didnt dance naked infront of Esmeralda right? even the low-self-esteem people knew how to behave. then why are we attracted to bad-ass guys who'd spit on the floor every few seconds? attracttion! attraction! that blardayh attraction!

well, back to what i want to tell you.

I confess, that most of the guys i was in a relationship with was purely because of pity and touched. i was in a way attracted to them, but they're attracted to me more than me to them.

take this for instance, he'd be talking about how beautiful your hair is or how cute you look when you smile or how nice it feels like when you hug him (i bet). you'd be thinking "oh my-this guy really do love me." fullstop.

*cricket sounds*

hm. his eyes are.. good? and he has nice hair? white teeth.. good body? he can be cute sometimes. give and take-he's normallah.*sigh* it goes the same when you're hugging a real hunk but you weren't particularly attracted to his hair and thighs, you have some awesome-crazy-fetish, you would still be in doubts. right?

you get what I mean?

So me and my girlfriends decided we want someone we're really really attracted to. note the want? since we're "realistic people" we dont drool over McSteamy and expect someone exactly like him to show up infront of us with roses right? it's not about his body (it could be......) or his Patrick Dempsey's hair, but how he used all his tools in our eyes. how he flaunt it. how his laugh made us laugh. how his glasses looked so cute on him. how his shirt is 10x bigger than his body. you know?

even Victor Lang from Desperate Housewives looked so good to me. He was charming. even though he did looked abiiiiiiit of a 99year-old to me, but that's the exact word u'd like to use to describe someone you're attracted to. charming. charming? charm-iiinghhhh!
as my mum said; "If you cant be with the one you love, then love the you're with."

Since i'm not with anyone-this goes to you darling Ingrid. i might as well, chill, enjoy the scenery (isn't there suppose to be a 2nd Season of Manhunt?!), and theeeeennn jump on someone i'm attracted to. right?

*giggle to myself* boy! like that's ever gonna happen.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

3 more weeks

Saya baru saja kena cucuk jarum :(

Mom and i went to the klinik the other day to check mom's blood pressure and all. Mum wanted to check my blood group and antibodi too, so i tagged along.

three weeks later.

Mum: So?
Dr: She still has the antibody.
Me: *thinking* yeay! seeeeeeee???
Dr: ..but low. So you'll need another jab of booster jacqkie.
Me: *makes freaked out face* i thought too soon.

I'm not really so much of a drama queen. So as soon as i left the consultation room, i immediately sat down without making much groaning or moaning. I told my brother and sister that i needed the booster. and that's just it while holding my fragile arm at that moment of course. My brother thought i'm "going" to kena suntik. So he was groping my jabbed arm and, basically made that particular part hurt even more. In pain, i told him, "I already kenalar you monkey-why do you think i hold my hand?!". as usual, he apologized while laughing. *makes irritated face*

in around 3weeks, i'll be back to kl. back to waking up early every single day. back to assignments. back to being extremely stressful. back to missing my sister. back to missing my home. back to missing mummy. back to going to church alone. back to depending on public transportation. back to adapting & adjusting. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh!

oh well, life would be useless without challenges and purposes. and oh ya, can u say freedom? XD

I went to my dad's grave today. in case you forgot, tomorrow is Father's Day. So please, whatever it is, the least you could do is wish your dad sincerely. I think it's been around 6-7 months since i last visited daddy. So it feels nice to visit him again today. *please dont run away*.

Do you know that i have incredible respect for the elderly(s)? It's not that i have thought of quitting life, it's just, sometimes, i do wonder what really is the point of living? To have a taste of it and then leave it? we worked so hard just to stay alive when in fact we might never know the next day could be a very awful day for us. and we'd give up again. and struggle again. Sometimes, i just dont understand why? Lucky me, my family especially my sister is my main reason.

well, other two things i'm going to miss when i go back KL. baby Spicy and Tiger!

I really thank God for creating other creatures then just creating us. My life is so much better with these little kittens! :)


Thursday, June 14, 2007

remember my list?

i've listed around 26 things to do during this precious holiday and i'm almost done! Do you know holiday is so much better with a purpose (without working).

Things i've done:
a)Swimming. The three typical stooges; me, my brother and my sis went swimming the other day. Totally syiok! I just realized my brother can really swim. Heh?

b) So i've watched the two blockbuster. Shrek and pirates. Both with my family. weeee! Well, i'm guessing it's actually a sin to miss these two movie. I bet everyone here wants to or already watched these two right?

c)Remember my clubbing and partying oath? That i'd be hitting the clubs as much as i can? well hell yea! We spent Stephie's last three weeks in KK by clubbing every friday night to the max.

d)My sister and i had sister-to-sister talk almost all the nights when she was on hols. I miss her so much, and yes i spilled all my secrets to her. XD

e)I did hung out with my monkey neighbours. but not anymore! as most of them are still in high-school or working. ergh.

f)Oh yea! i played playstation 2 (tooo)!!! weeeeeeee! i'm so terrer pulak tu. well, if you may asked, i played the Shrek's game lar. It was like some adventure thingy. yeaay.

g)I wanted to have a sleepover at any of my friend's place. but they slept at my place instead. so weee! it was awesome. we didnt sleep most of the nights, and by the time it was 6-something i had to send my friend to work already.

h)remember my book Memoirs of a Geisha? i'm almost done! it's few pages away! i havent been sticking my nose to this book all the time, because i'm very busy with houseworks, believe it or not.

i)I BOUGHT A MANDARIN BOOK! whenever someone speaks chinese now, i tend to figure out slowly what they say. well...toooo slow to be honest. but at least i try kan?

j)i bought contact lenses! XD

k) I have dedicated my holiday pretty much to helping my sister with her homeworks. She's got millions of projeks (She'll be having her PMR). I just finish writing somestuffs for her.

l)Ohya. i told you i'd like not to be a couch potato remember? and i didnt! i did alot of housework! helped my sister. go off here and there. sooo yeah!

m) and i did helped my maid. :)

n)and i went Gaya Street last week! Check my snap of the week.

Imagine this. You wake up at 5.30am in the morning. Open the gate >Take up your sis' socks and put it inside> Prepare breakfast for your sis> Pack breakfast for your sis> Wash everything you used> Clear the dustbins> and feed the cats>put all the clothes in washing machine> all these while you are half asleep.

you tidur balik>woke up around 9> jemur all the kain you washed> watch ellen degeneres show> cook rice>prepare lunch for your brother and sister> eat with them> clean up the washed dishes> go online for about 1hour>ambil kain yang dijemur> lipat kain> place the kain at their places> iron some of the clothes> pick up mum from work.

reach home, watch My Wife and Kids> help mummy with dinner> eat dinner> clean things up> feed the cats> go online> tutor sis with her homework> watch tv> and yes by 11 you SLEEP for you are already freaking tired and you need to wake up early tomorro.

yep, this is my life currently.
will be on partying/holidaying mode soon when maid's back.

thank God mummy's gonna reward me. strangely, i dont feel awful at all. doing housechores isnt that bad, you know? BUT. 24hours really noooooot enough Ohhhhh.

***Just so you know, i finally watched Napoleon Dynamite. one word. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. okay thats it. check that movie out ya! :)***


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Before you click exit please take time reading on my movie reviews! Including this one. I have wanted to watch the movie Crash since last year. and finally, i watched it today. I personally think this movie as a whole defines the word ironic perfectly. the characters in general have problems either with racial discrimination or related to the issue. may it be the fact that they are accepted or not, they are somehow connected to one another.

Ryan Phillipe an officer in this movie struggled to work with his racist colleagues & racism problems in his office; believing he's not one of them by trying to make friends with everyone-every race. unfortunately, his doubts of a black man he gave a ride, caused him to shoot the innocent guy, and shocked himself with his action.

Sandra Bullock played a fierce role in this movie. Her character was against the lower-class workers and indeed also a racist; The Mexican guy who fixed her house-lock and her maid. She looked down on them and was always dissatisfied with whatever they do. Until a day when she fell from the stairs, she realized that despite of everything she did or said, her maid was always there taking care of her, instead of her best-friends.

This is my favourite scene;
which is also one of the posters of the movie. This is the Mexican Guy that fixed Sandra Bullock's house-lock. He love his daugther so much. His daughther however, was scared of as she calls it "bad people"-with guns and was always hiding under her bed which she believed a way to avoid them. The mexican guy told his daughter a story of a fairy that gave him "an impenetratable invisible cloak", and convinced her it's because of it, he's never been shot or stabbed before.

With that, he "gave" his "invisible cloak" to his daughter and promised her that no one can hurt her now. One night when he fixed a Persian man's shop door-lock, he told the guy that he needed to fix the door too as the lock was already fixed. The Persian man didn't really understood him, and when he found out his shop was robbed the very next day and will not be covered by insurance because of his own negligence, he was furious and blamed everything on the Mexican guy.

He waited for the Mexican guy infront of his house, and was ready to shoot him. When the mexican guy reached home, his daughter was so excited but little did she know, the Persian guy was about to shoot her dad. The persian guy came up to him, and immediately pointed the gun to him. His daughter saw this and ran towards her dad for she believed that she has the "invisible cloak" to protect her dad. She jumped onto him. And the Persian guy pulled the trigger.

No one was hurt. Not even the girl. The mexican guy was devastated-crying with his daughter on his body. Until his daughter voiced out, "it's okay daddy. I'll protect you.". I swear to God i was in my puddle of tears at that time. It was scary, sad and so-darn emotional. All was shocked.

It turns out that the Persian guy's daughter, in a way saved him too. In earlier scenes when they wanted to buy the gun, he was pissed off with the racist gun-seller and was taken out of the shop. Because he wanted to buy a gun for protection so much, his daughter bought for him the gun. but with bullets-blanks.

if you're thinking of buying cds/dvds, Please remember Crash! It's an amazing movie. It's flawless and it's very deep. If you'd like to know what could happen to you for your misbehaviour, this movie can teach you a thing or two. Amazing. it scares me to even think that somehow, everyone is pretty much connected to one another. I couldnt help but relate it to us. and definitely our country.


Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm all alone

After Shrek, tons of Lepaks, My Wife and Kids and countless hours of Playing the Sims i'm guessing my un-productive holidays is about to ohhh-ver. My maid applied for ten days off for her wedding, so mum whole heartedly asked me to do most of the house-chores. Being the independent girl i am, i agreed to do whatever it takes to make the house remain still while my maid is enjoying her wedding-hols.

That was until i woke up this morning and supposedly to begin my "duties". The problem with me is, i know i'm a fast learner, unfortunately not so much of a bright-fast-learner i guess? I couldnt remember how it was exactly to fix the washing machine's hose so that the water from the pipe will fill up the machine to this certain level. and the thing about my really canggih washing mashine is that the hose is so special you have to do a certain something so that the water will flow to a certain level. *confused myself*

Whatever happen to the simple normal instructions?

After living with the washing machine for almost 4-5 years, i however realized i knew little about that thing. *looks down*

I manage to wake up at 9something (yes and achievement, i know)today, and immediately woke my sister up because she has a school meeting. I wanted to make her breakfast at first, when i saw 3 hardboiled eggs on the table and told my sister to just finish that up. after having breakfast, i sccot off to the washing machine in hoping i will get my job done fast today. Unfortunately, the machine betrayed me.

After an hour, i figured some stuff out and decided screw the hose and used a baldi to fill it instead. Back and forth to the pipe, yes yes. My mum jokingly asked me whether i already broke my back, and i seriously answered her "almost".

I think you pretty much know the attitude of Malaysians. where you know the meeting is at 10am and somehow leaving the house is also at 10am. *WTH?* well, that was what my sister intended to do. Being the Director of Social (bla-bla-bla) in her school's interact club i taught her one thing; Meeting at 10am means be there by 10am and MEET them at 10.00am. Especially those who hold certain posts! i literally pushed her, to call my uncle to send her at 9.45am instead of at 10. I made her remember (i hope) that that's the way it's suppose to be. Regardless of whether no one will be there or whether you'll be extremely early, that is your responsibilty and that's the least you can do! same goes to everyone who's reading.

I have been cleaning the house for an hour just now, washing the dishes, making sure everything is at it's place. I'm tired but i still want to blog about it. I am supposedly to be cooking for lunch. and somehow my left cheekbone sakit too. these will be much worst when i'm alone next week. My brother's at hospital doing Prac, Sis at school and mum's at work. Pretty much everyone/everything/cats are/is depending on me. *wow, i feel like a hero now*

anyway, I do hope nothing/something/ someone? will collapse and burned while i'm at house alone.
Wish me luck yo!


Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's the ogre again

Note: please ignore this post if you have not watched Shrek 3 and would like to watch Shrek 3 soon.

WEEE! finally the waiting is over. i'm guessing some of you might know i like this movie. but i'm guessing only a handful of you know that i'm obsessed with this movie, it's characters, it's plot and everything! E-S-pecially Shrek. Yes, i love that ogre.

This could be bias but i am rating the movie 5/5. Nothing about the movie dissapointed me. when i was watching this movie, and was laughing all the time, the guy next to me practically turned his body 90 degrees and not looked but STARED at me. it was quite dark, and i couldnt really see his expression every single time he stared at me, with the corner of my eyes. so yea. i was a bit irritated.

I was very impressive with what this movie taught me. I'm very optimistic. Like very. But no one really knew i've been struggling with a lot of people's perceptions, judgements and assumptions every single day. I mean. This movie taught me, let people do what people do best, judging, discriminating and ignoring me. fortunately, Only myself know me better.

Here goes, Pinocchio and Gingy played a fair role in this movie. Unlike last time, they played a big-ger role. They saved the handsome Shrek and The Stallion Donkey (erm) and Puss in Boots from the jail remember? But this time, they popped in the movie a couple of times. only. Ohh and the girls in the movie did good this time. Princess Fiona, Sleeping beauty, The other step sister, The Queen, Snow White and Cinderella kicked some balls in this movie. wee!

And prince charming played a bigger role this time. Not as big as Justin Timberlake's (Arthur) though. Prince Charming was the villain this time. He proposed the idea that all the villains (One Eyed Monster, Captain Hook, The Ugly Stepsister, and the Evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty and others) to gather together and attacked Far Far Away's Kingdom and get their revenge back. Prince Charming was saying something very true that knocked me: There's two sides of every story! Even villains dreamed of things. Even villains have families to take care of, it's just that the approach was obviously wrong. Prince Charming urged all the villains to stand up together and tell their side of the story this time.

So Shrek and the usual gang went to look for Arthur (Justin Timberlake) to bring Arthur to follow them to Far Far Away and take up the throne and be the next king. Along the way they met Merlin the Wizard. But Merlin was well abit, cuckoo. He, however managed to help them to get back to Far Far Away after their shipwrecked.

Thats all i can share with you. Please do watch this movie!

So far i have heard not-so nice reviews of Shrek the Third. I am not sure about that, i'm guessing only your state of mind will determine whether you will enjoy this movie or not. But as for me, who cares about people's reviews? I love it and it's all that matters to me! *smiles widely*

Abang: Which Shrek yang kau paling suka? I like this one!
Me: ....... you know i cant choose which one.
Abang: but a real fan can critic.
Me: then i'm a different real-fan! and i love all!

Ohya, anyone interested to bring me to watch Shrek 3 again, Please dont hesitate! I can watch Shreks again and again and again. Ohhh! Just for your information, i watched the first Shrek for 5 times in Cinema, more than 15 times in DVD. For the 2nd one, i watched it 8 times in Cinema and 5 times in DVD and only once for the latest one. Yes, even my mum suggested the idea of having this creature called "boyfriend". *makes irritated face*

I am a little bit of a nerd when it comes to Shreks and studies. You dont even want to raise the subject when i'm around. I will do all the talking and it can be very annoying :)