Let's Talk Shrek

Boys can smell really bad after futsal. I just got back watching my monkey neighbours, cousins and their friends and of course my brother playing futsal. They can really play. Like really really. Awesome game but awful smell after that. gergh.

My to do list this week;
a) Bowling with my whole family (Wed)
b) Kaamatan Festival (Wed & Thurs)
c) Futsal with my girlfriends (Wed)
d) Swimming (Friday)
e) Clubbing/ Lepaking with my friends (Fri)
f) Helps mum with her Church thingy
g) Shrek 3 (Sunday)

Oh yes! I forgot to tell you that McDonalds got this Shrek 3 promotion. They're selling some Shrek Toys and Shrek-look-alike foods too! aka lime icecreams. According to my brother i'm the ultimate Shrek fan. Although i never seem to win anything yet. *makes sad face*.

a) I eat Shrek (McD lime icecream-sedap!)
b) Play Shrek (PS2 Shrek Games- this whole week)
c) Sleep Shrek ( with McD Shrek Toy)
d) Talk Shrek (feeding my sis with Shrek's jokes)
e) Watch Shrek (obviously..)
f) Sing Shrek (the songs in the movies)

And i have also received some complaints from my friends saying that they cant seem to separate the thought of Shrek and me. It's like Shrek= Jacqkie. Jacqkie= Shrek. And i am also not sure whether i'm suppose to be happy at hearing this. But wee! Shrek. Shrek. Shrek. Shrek. Shrek. i like! it's not even a Shrek's fever! You can ask my brother, mum, sis and even my close friends how much i love this creature and it's friends.

Ohya, i bought the Shrek toy from McD. Thank You so much Stephie for telling me about the promotion! :)

and my brother tried to turn it's neck and break it because he was irritated at how much i'm in love with this thing. You know, like young boys try to cut their sister's or friends' pretty dolls' heads. okay-okay it's similar in a way. Will definitely review the movie after i watch it! :)



vvens said…
i dint know you like shrek!! and i just bought the shrek' ears from Singapore Mcd! :)

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