Jugs Schmugs

Wednesday is Futsal day. am very very excited. Cant wait! It was supposedly to be today but some of us couldn't make it and only big pitch for Sundays and Mondays. We figure that we'll be half dead by the first 30minutes chasing each other around and decided Wednesday it is. Ohya, the Futsal Star is coming too. a.k.a Jessy my sister. weee! My sister is awesome. My sister is always in when it comes to kicking balls.

Anyway, went clubbing Last Friday night again. 3/5 of us didnt tell parents they'll be clubbing. Trust and Worry punya pasal. Excluding me though. 3/5 of us will be working the next day. Excluding me. One starts at 7.30am, the other one starts at 9am and the other other one starts at 2pm. Expectedly, by 2am still none of them showed signs of stopping. I feel like shaking them to reality. Heh.

I on the other hand, couldnt stop drooling over the hot chinese guy that i danced a few precious minutes with. I told my friend it's too bad for meself i dont really meet guys from bars and clubs. She responded, "GOOD. His girlfriend next to himlar." *sigh* After realizing that the girl is not really his girlfriend for there were no hugging, kissing and even touching involved but just chatting, i told my friend that i think he's hot. Thankfully, my friend nicely reminded me, again; "YOU DONT MEET UP WITH BOYS IN BARS." darn it! *sigh-again*

We're supposedly to be clubbing at one place only, but my Paris Hilton called me to join them in other clubs too. So after almost an hour or so in Jugs me and my friends hopped to the next club. We met a couple of guys there, a guy to be specific who couldnt get enough of us. or particularly one of us. It's really really annoyinglarh. even if you are drunk or high we expect you to understand the message "KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF OR GET LOST" as soon as we leave you to dance alone. All I wanna do is have some fun, not laid and the facial expression is a pretty clear message. ps; sorry for the hazy, blurry pics. We took it using our Camera Phones.
Club 1:
Club 2:
Club 3:
As i've mentioned earlier. I very Jual Mahal one.
We're both on Semester Breaks.
Two people who REALLY understand what Semester Break REALLY MEANS!

Bayen the cousin.... And an unexpected pose from him? wth.

L-R: Enjoying Isferra, Unavailable Stephie and VERY EXPENSIVE Jacqkie and Ingrid. gah. You gotta love my daring Red Lipstick.

I taught my sister how to play The Sims 2 just now. I thought she would have given up by the first one hour. To my SHOCK, she was still there on the edge of her seat after 4-5 hours. Ohyea, when i was playing my Sim she has this one boyfriend, only. My sister's Sim has two boyfriends, tons of guys to flirt with and another Female Sim liking her Sim. Being as naive and innocent as she is, she was giggling all the way when she was playing the Sims 2.

ME: WOW. masi lagi kau main?
JESSY: Yuppp. I think..... i like this game. *hehehe*
ME: *looking at the screen* you have one boyfriend already!
JESSY: yeah! dia suka betul sama sia punya Sim nih.
ME: okay sia pegi on lampu and everything dulu. *after 15 minutes wandering around the house, I went to check on her*
JESSY: Kie! Ada satu lagi boyfriend dia!
ME: *jawdrops*
JESSY: hahahahaha. it's just a game bah.
ME: .....okay, now how did you do that??!?! wicked...

To my KK friends who's reading this, does any of you know where's the best place to Shisha? Please recommend a place to me! Thanks a lot! :)



sweei said…
OMG, JACQKIE!! you dance with a how chinese dude?!! awww, too bad he has a gf and right beside him summore!! wow, impressive. HEHEHE, gurl, rocking it with tht red lipstick of yours, bery nice. Bet tht guy would like to just smack THAT...*giggles*
mIcH T said…
shisha di api-api...jesselton sumting nem dia 2...lupa uda..d dpn la.ble npk signboard besar2...nice place...ada jual makanan jg n tida mahal
ItoMaki said…
If KK I dunnola, but if wanna shisha in back here in KL, I know one place. Erm, not in KL la, kinda like Sunway Pyramid... 8D There's this place that Kerry took me before.

Bohahahaha SIMS, I love that game! Looks like you're enjoying your time in KK, it's best to do that.

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