I think i was 9 at that time. Or was it 10? or maybe 11? Sabah is celebrating this really huge event. The Kaamatan Festival. And the last time i went to KDCA (the it place for Kaamatan Celebration) was when i was 9. or 10. I'm not sure actually. Kaamatan Festival is a REALLY HUGE celebration. It celebrates the sacrifice of a princess for her people's land. In a way- it's also celebrating the overflowing rezeki we have in Sabah or harvesting of rice.

The last time i went and celebrated this event like really-really was about 10years ago. Back then, my father was a prominent figure in Sabah and he was actually one of the VIPs for such events. Ever since he passed away we never seem to care much about this celebration. Until this year. I think the idea was from my brother. Basically, he pujuk-ed us to go since both of us is in KK.

So we reached there with the highest of spirit around 8.30am-something. The sun i tell you was burning hot. Instead of lingering around under the hot sun, mummy brought us to the hall where there's aircond and less people (until noon). and of course performances to see.

Here are some of the captured moments:
Abang and his mission.
My ethnicity/heritage: Murut! :D
My baby sis. BUT. i want you to check out the bground. The house and Decos!

Wednesday was Futsal Day, remember? Had tons of fun. Some of us couldnt make it because of finals of course. Poor them. Nevertheless, we had tons of fun, still! and.. really-really exhausted okay. my poor sister has been aching all day after that.
My futsal friends!

I'm not sure when the pool session was but i'm guessing it was on Monday. Coz i remembered Tuesday was the boys' futsal night and i missed Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives for these monkeys. KK is getting much more maju day by day. Because of that too, these past few weeks driving in KK was quite confusing. My sister was like tutoring me all over again.

Kicking balls is her talent! two's a company, three's a match...? yeah, four of us played one game.
the best part was, none of us stopped her :D

Before the futsal game, me and my sis played Bowling with my whole family. Since none of us were good in bowling, the game was predicted to be funny and hilarious. and yes, it was! fortunately, everyone managed to get the hang of it(literally) after the first game.

L-R: Uncle Joannes, Aunty Moun, My sis & Aunty Nally! even the junior tried their luck :)
and please check out my bowling shoes! *giggles*
props to mum for doing ohtay eventhough she admitted she never bowled before.

....check out the skill(s) though! *giggles*

The mummy and the daughter :)

The right-bugger didnt contributed much because his right hand/fingers were in great-great pain. We argued about what happened to his hand; i said it was because of spending too much time playing computer games. because HE DID! he said "mana-ada tiba-tiba sakit nih". I made a duh face and he laughed in agreement. Boys. are inseparable with their toys. i wonder how he'll do with his housemanship in QE. He told me he even have difficulties wearing baju. oh kesian........ NOT. haha. i'm so mean.

Ohya, he's currently addicted to this game called Company of Heroes. The one that caused the aching of course. I assume it's a war kinda game. When he was playing this game last week, i felt as if i'm in a war-country. Sekejap-sekejap ada bomb sounds, the next minute was pistols sounds, machine guns sounds, some tanks somemore. gosh. and it's freaking loud pula tu. damn ganas okay.

This is my holiday right? Because my body also very sakit nowadays. I'm guessing this has been the busiest holiday ever. and i'm not even working. I feel like there's something to do everyday. Movies, go here, go there, people's house, *cough*Clubbing*cough*, swim, futsal, hang out, books, family outing, dinners, herm tons. I've been spending tons of precious times with my family too. AWESOME! but maybe I should cut down my activities for this hols?

nahhhh. I'm home, why should I? *smiles widely*



Kibeth said…
alamak another freaky moment.


Dang! So freakingly scary huh.

Just got back from Kuantan and oh how I welcome the smell of your blog (been internetless for a bit yo)

hehhe. nice to know you had fun whee!
~kar~ said…
The family suggested for inter-family bowling tourney before 31st December!

We have the coolest family ever!

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