Thursday, May 31, 2007


I think i was 9 at that time. Or was it 10? or maybe 11? Sabah is celebrating this really huge event. The Kaamatan Festival. And the last time i went to KDCA (the it place for Kaamatan Celebration) was when i was 9. or 10. I'm not sure actually. Kaamatan Festival is a REALLY HUGE celebration. It celebrates the sacrifice of a princess for her people's land. In a way- it's also celebrating the overflowing rezeki we have in Sabah or harvesting of rice.

The last time i went and celebrated this event like really-really was about 10years ago. Back then, my father was a prominent figure in Sabah and he was actually one of the VIPs for such events. Ever since he passed away we never seem to care much about this celebration. Until this year. I think the idea was from my brother. Basically, he pujuk-ed us to go since both of us is in KK.

So we reached there with the highest of spirit around 8.30am-something. The sun i tell you was burning hot. Instead of lingering around under the hot sun, mummy brought us to the hall where there's aircond and less people (until noon). and of course performances to see.

Here are some of the captured moments:
Abang and his mission.
My ethnicity/heritage: Murut! :D
My baby sis. BUT. i want you to check out the bground. The house and Decos!

Wednesday was Futsal Day, remember? Had tons of fun. Some of us couldnt make it because of finals of course. Poor them. Nevertheless, we had tons of fun, still! and.. really-really exhausted okay. my poor sister has been aching all day after that.
My futsal friends!

I'm not sure when the pool session was but i'm guessing it was on Monday. Coz i remembered Tuesday was the boys' futsal night and i missed Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives for these monkeys. KK is getting much more maju day by day. Because of that too, these past few weeks driving in KK was quite confusing. My sister was like tutoring me all over again.

Kicking balls is her talent! two's a company, three's a match...? yeah, four of us played one game.
the best part was, none of us stopped her :D

Before the futsal game, me and my sis played Bowling with my whole family. Since none of us were good in bowling, the game was predicted to be funny and hilarious. and yes, it was! fortunately, everyone managed to get the hang of it(literally) after the first game.

L-R: Uncle Joannes, Aunty Moun, My sis & Aunty Nally! even the junior tried their luck :)
and please check out my bowling shoes! *giggles*
props to mum for doing ohtay eventhough she admitted she never bowled before.

....check out the skill(s) though! *giggles*

The mummy and the daughter :)

The right-bugger didnt contributed much because his right hand/fingers were in great-great pain. We argued about what happened to his hand; i said it was because of spending too much time playing computer games. because HE DID! he said "mana-ada tiba-tiba sakit nih". I made a duh face and he laughed in agreement. Boys. are inseparable with their toys. i wonder how he'll do with his housemanship in QE. He told me he even have difficulties wearing baju. oh kesian........ NOT. haha. i'm so mean.

Ohya, he's currently addicted to this game called Company of Heroes. The one that caused the aching of course. I assume it's a war kinda game. When he was playing this game last week, i felt as if i'm in a war-country. Sekejap-sekejap ada bomb sounds, the next minute was pistols sounds, machine guns sounds, some tanks somemore. gosh. and it's freaking loud pula tu. damn ganas okay.

This is my holiday right? Because my body also very sakit nowadays. I'm guessing this has been the busiest holiday ever. and i'm not even working. I feel like there's something to do everyday. Movies, go here, go there, people's house, *cough*Clubbing*cough*, swim, futsal, hang out, books, family outing, dinners, herm tons. I've been spending tons of precious times with my family too. AWESOME! but maybe I should cut down my activities for this hols?

nahhhh. I'm home, why should I? *smiles widely*


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Let's Talk Shrek

Boys can smell really bad after futsal. I just got back watching my monkey neighbours, cousins and their friends and of course my brother playing futsal. They can really play. Like really really. Awesome game but awful smell after that. gergh.

My to do list this week;
a) Bowling with my whole family (Wed)
b) Kaamatan Festival (Wed & Thurs)
c) Futsal with my girlfriends (Wed)
d) Swimming (Friday)
e) Clubbing/ Lepaking with my friends (Fri)
f) Helps mum with her Church thingy
g) Shrek 3 (Sunday)

Oh yes! I forgot to tell you that McDonalds got this Shrek 3 promotion. They're selling some Shrek Toys and Shrek-look-alike foods too! aka lime icecreams. According to my brother i'm the ultimate Shrek fan. Although i never seem to win anything yet. *makes sad face*.

a) I eat Shrek (McD lime icecream-sedap!)
b) Play Shrek (PS2 Shrek Games- this whole week)
c) Sleep Shrek ( with McD Shrek Toy)
d) Talk Shrek (feeding my sis with Shrek's jokes)
e) Watch Shrek (obviously..)
f) Sing Shrek (the songs in the movies)

And i have also received some complaints from my friends saying that they cant seem to separate the thought of Shrek and me. It's like Shrek= Jacqkie. Jacqkie= Shrek. And i am also not sure whether i'm suppose to be happy at hearing this. But wee! Shrek. Shrek. Shrek. Shrek. Shrek. i like! it's not even a Shrek's fever! You can ask my brother, mum, sis and even my close friends how much i love this creature and it's friends.

Ohya, i bought the Shrek toy from McD. Thank You so much Stephie for telling me about the promotion! :)

and my brother tried to turn it's neck and break it because he was irritated at how much i'm in love with this thing. You know, like young boys try to cut their sister's or friends' pretty dolls' heads. okay-okay it's similar in a way. Will definitely review the movie after i watch it! :)


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jugs Schmugs

Wednesday is Futsal day. am very very excited. Cant wait! It was supposedly to be today but some of us couldn't make it and only big pitch for Sundays and Mondays. We figure that we'll be half dead by the first 30minutes chasing each other around and decided Wednesday it is. Ohya, the Futsal Star is coming too. a.k.a Jessy my sister. weee! My sister is awesome. My sister is always in when it comes to kicking balls.

Anyway, went clubbing Last Friday night again. 3/5 of us didnt tell parents they'll be clubbing. Trust and Worry punya pasal. Excluding me though. 3/5 of us will be working the next day. Excluding me. One starts at 7.30am, the other one starts at 9am and the other other one starts at 2pm. Expectedly, by 2am still none of them showed signs of stopping. I feel like shaking them to reality. Heh.

I on the other hand, couldnt stop drooling over the hot chinese guy that i danced a few precious minutes with. I told my friend it's too bad for meself i dont really meet guys from bars and clubs. She responded, "GOOD. His girlfriend next to himlar." *sigh* After realizing that the girl is not really his girlfriend for there were no hugging, kissing and even touching involved but just chatting, i told my friend that i think he's hot. Thankfully, my friend nicely reminded me, again; "YOU DONT MEET UP WITH BOYS IN BARS." darn it! *sigh-again*

We're supposedly to be clubbing at one place only, but my Paris Hilton called me to join them in other clubs too. So after almost an hour or so in Jugs me and my friends hopped to the next club. We met a couple of guys there, a guy to be specific who couldnt get enough of us. or particularly one of us. It's really really annoyinglarh. even if you are drunk or high we expect you to understand the message "KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF OR GET LOST" as soon as we leave you to dance alone. All I wanna do is have some fun, not laid and the facial expression is a pretty clear message. ps; sorry for the hazy, blurry pics. We took it using our Camera Phones.
Club 1:
Club 2:
Club 3:
As i've mentioned earlier. I very Jual Mahal one.
We're both on Semester Breaks.
Two people who REALLY understand what Semester Break REALLY MEANS!

Bayen the cousin.... And an unexpected pose from him? wth.

L-R: Enjoying Isferra, Unavailable Stephie and VERY EXPENSIVE Jacqkie and Ingrid. gah. You gotta love my daring Red Lipstick.

I taught my sister how to play The Sims 2 just now. I thought she would have given up by the first one hour. To my SHOCK, she was still there on the edge of her seat after 4-5 hours. Ohyea, when i was playing my Sim she has this one boyfriend, only. My sister's Sim has two boyfriends, tons of guys to flirt with and another Female Sim liking her Sim. Being as naive and innocent as she is, she was giggling all the way when she was playing the Sims 2.

ME: WOW. masi lagi kau main?
JESSY: Yuppp. I think..... i like this game. *hehehe*
ME: *looking at the screen* you have one boyfriend already!
JESSY: yeah! dia suka betul sama sia punya Sim nih.
ME: okay sia pegi on lampu and everything dulu. *after 15 minutes wandering around the house, I went to check on her*
JESSY: Kie! Ada satu lagi boyfriend dia!
ME: *jawdrops*
JESSY: hahahahaha. it's just a game bah.
ME: .....okay, now how did you do that??!?! wicked...

To my KK friends who's reading this, does any of you know where's the best place to Shisha? Please recommend a place to me! Thanks a lot! :)


Thursday, May 24, 2007


I think it was around 1.00am last night that i decided to go to bed and sleep as i was freaking tired already. I put down my phone on the table, and... saw the drawer.

If you are wondering what in the world is "the drawer"; it's the drawer where i put all my diaries. Yes, ALL my diaries. For your information, i've been writing diaries since i was as young as 7years old. does that mean i'm a lonely sad child or does that mean i have alot of secrets? enlighten me. Anyway, i was freaking exhausted, somehow i just couldnt say no to reading my old diaries. I think it's a great entertainment reading diaries and reincarnating the past in your head.

For your information, i have around 15diaries in 19years of my life. I decided to open my Form 2 and Form 3 diaries. Not only was it hilarious, it was also very sad and very romantic. See, i began having "boy problems" since i was 13 years old. I used to remember how hard i tried to hide it from mum, but she eventually knows about it when i was in Form 3.

I will share with you some of my very precious moments that i read yesterday; I have some very famous and infamous boyfriends. Charmer to my friends. Treated my sister very well, and well- also those who didnt make it that far. I remember one time, i was suppose to date with this one guy, unfortunately, i didnt like him at all. As we all know, during high school, "date" means bringing 3 or 4 of your other friends along. Basically, i was attracted to my other friend instead of him. All that time, when i was "supposedly" be dating with this guy, i couldnt help but noticing this friend of mine instead. *shakes head*

Next thing i know. he's my boyfriend. teruknya aku. anyway, the other guy that liked me, became my boyfriend after months of trying. i broke up with the boyfriend i mentioned just now earlier. i think we went out for 3 months. and i finally gave the guy who really really liked me the chance. at first, i didnt really know whether it was pity, but as days go by, i realized it was instinct. i trusted in my decision and he turned out to be great. he thought i was really pretty and nice. i was surprised when he told me that. do you know how hard it was to look pretty with my exotic look and braces? everything was great. well, that was until i knew "something" about him. so we broke up and moved on with life.

since his school was NEXT to my school, and when i say next, i mean 10 metres away, forgetting your boyfriend of almost 2years isnt exactly as easy as eating candy. if i look straight i'll see his friend, if i look left i'll see him. If i look back i'll see his other friend. basically, i can make a 360 degree circle- the people that connects me to him is STILL everywhere. got it?

I eventually moved on with the help of my girlfriends. it takes good friends to forget a guy, but it takes BEST FRIENDS and my sister to bitch-talk about the great-guy-who-turned-out-jerk you dated. Things i regretted was to make friends with his friends. His friends seemed to like me at first. Some of his friends REALLY LIKED ME. i didnt realized that back then; young boys are a bunch of brag and show offs, until, i heard that he gave my pics away to his friend that liked me. I WAS PISSED OFF. i even heard that he even sold some of my pics. Thankfully, none of my pics are "fulfilling". Either i'm in a simple jeans and shirt, simple top or baju sekolah. *wipes sweat* but still! you dont just give around or sell off people's pics right?

there's this one time a guy told my friend he likes me, but he told me he likes my friend instead. and one time, i hated this friend because he told my other friend i liked him. when in fact, I DID NOT. drama okay? and as usual, when this happened, we stopped contacting each other.

and and and! do you know that i have the patience of an angel? i can tahan a crazy psycho boyfriend for almost a year? and, i'm a flirt when i was in high school. oh my gosh man! ohyea and that i did something horrible to my exboyfriend's friend? and i pissed the good friend of mine by telling her boyfriend she's going out with her exboyfriend? and i when i was 15, i had this 5years older secret admirer that had been calling my house everyday for almost a year, and up until today i still dont know who he was? heh. and, i gave up on my exboyfriends when i was still with them? did you know that? no right.

well, yeah. i did all that, and i was all that. yes, judge me if you must. but that was about 4-5 years ago. i am nothing like that now. not even a bit. infact i started to change when i was in form 3. it was also because of my boyfriend back then. heh. but bear in mind, i never cheated, stole or even flirt with anyone when i was in a relationship. i was only a flirt when i was single.

I wont comment on the two boyfriends i dated after him. It's not in my form 2 or form 3 diary that i read last night. Plus, it's TOO "graphic" to begin with. That was when i know what relationship really means. patience, tolerance, understanding came full force in the picture.

Oh boy. I have always thought i'm one whacked up kid. But i personally think, it's when you're in A relationship when things start to change. Especially, you. I have always thought that it's stupid of me to go trough all these. but not anymore. I regret nothing of my past.

Do you know that those experiences are PRICELESS? instead of listening from people about these kind of stories and thinking i should have tried dating this guy and bla bla bla, I AM THE ONE TELLING IT. you know? it's what adolescent looked like to me. i was in the journey of finding myself by making mistakes and taking chances. i may not know that then, but i definitely know it now. not that i'm very much wiser and older now, of course not. am still learning just like you.

ps; My cheeks hurt like shit. my brother cant seem to refrain himself from pinching my cheeks. blardy heck. AND. i'm beginning to like Snow Patrol. the latest single wowed me. weeee!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

baby, i'm back

I am so clever at times i just feel like pinching myself all over to realize how intelligent i can be. I wanted to upload the pics on my cam just now, when i "fell" like there's something missing. and we all know how "feelings" can be very right sometimes. I went back to my room and looked through to all my stuffs;

a) Laptop. check.
b) Mouse and charger. check.
c) Phone Charger. check.
d) Adapter. check.
e)Memory cards. check.
f) Camera. check.

herm. what did i miss? when i was about to keluarkan the memory card from my camera, all of the sudden there's this spotlight spotlighting on (is there such thing) the BATTERY. I FORGOT MY CAM BATTERY CHARGER. *shakes head*

i waited for my brother just now to tell him what i left behind, just to see whether he'll shake me to death or ignore me. He's a bit of a perfectionist, so it's fun messing around with him- because before leaving for KK, he helped me pack some of my stuffs.

ME: bang, i left something behind........
ABANG: *turn around makes a "what is it this time?" face*
ME: battery charger.
ABANG: *closed his face with his hands* pandai betul oh kau nih.

That's exactly what i thought.

SO anyway, am currently in KK. YEHAAA! I reached home around 10something and only slept at 2.30am. I was busy fixing up my mum's NEW(ceh ceh ceh) phone's contacts. arranging it and making sure the phone is completely ready by morning. am still a little bit scared imagining how my mum's gonna communicate with people with her new phone. My mum is the replica of me. We dont seem to care or know about savvies, gadgets or phones in this matter. i just hope my mum wont be loudspeaker-ing while she puts it on her hear, because people! i've seen that happen.

I couldnt really sleep last night. i was extremely happy and excited that i'm finally back home. I've been missing my house BADLY here in KK back few months ago when college was torturous, and here i am now feeling happier than ever.

Not only everything here is free; rent, food, bills, astro, Maid(wah, i wish i'd one in KL), internet, car, advises, siblings' love and burdens- but it's also because all my loved ones are sleeping under one roof. I can just tuck in with my sister when i feel like to or i can just watch meaningless sports with my brother because let's face it- he'll control the tv.

Imagine this- you woke up at 6.30am. You open your phone, you have messages asking "where the hell are you, lepak!" and mum's message asking why did you switched off the Astro just now.
You go downstairs only to see your laundry has been clean up for the day- not the week-, and you look for food when your maid kindly asked you what to eat so she can cook for you,
you opened Astro to watch Fairly Odd Parents with Ice Milo in your hand waiting for the food.. and then your brother arrives with YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD of all time and rm30 for handphone reload. and then you also realize, Pirates of The Caribbean 3 is on screen this thursday and your FAVOURITE MOVIE of all time- SHREK 3 will be out by 31st may too. the movies that you'd wish to watch with NO ONE else but your loved ones (my baby sis actually) who knows so much about your love for the movie.

I wouldnt trade my KK home (i wouldnt call it a house) for anything in the world. and sometimes i am very glad that i'm studying so far from home. It just makes home more meaningful and problems far away.

*inhale* home really does smell sweet. *exhale*


Saturday, May 19, 2007

KK in 2days!

I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but maybe, just maybe I have lost my "mojo". Last Thursday night, I had a couple of sips of Long Island. Well, as you know me, it wasn’t really “a couple of sips” of course, BUT after 30 minutes or so I was already feeling a wee bit tipsy. I used to be able to drink a lot, (un)fortunately not anymore. Before that, my brother forced me to eat banyak-banyak, so that I won’t get drunk easily. I stuffed tons of chicken and taugeh into my mouth before going off to Sunway, somehow i still got drunk easily that night. *grrrr*

Honestly, i DO feel good about it, because i dont have to dunk into the drinks, if i dont feel anything right. The faster i realize i should stop, the less i drink kan? *makes a thinking face*

ANYWAY! Here are the captured moments:
Where can you get a pic of me like this? ONLY HERE peeps. only here..

My Lovelies! ...and a curious guy?

i love them ae-LOT. they are one realllllyyyyyy awesome couple.

I want all threeeee of them! *evil laugh*

wait a minute, Does this explain why i've gotten tipsy so early? hmmm.

Do not try this at home (obviously). and alone!

..All of the sudden TERsemangat. Heh. Songs were awesome. Had to move. hihi.

after HOURS of hardcore non-stop dancing. *grins*

Bunch of thanks to Beh darling for sending me home that night! if not, I had to spend the night at Carol’s and had to wake up by 8am to take the ktm and lrt, to reach my place by 10am. And thennnn, get ready to meet up with bell somemore. *phew- LOVE YOU BEH!*

After constantly missing Bell for almost 6 months now, finally we met up. She's studying in Ampang, but somehow we never manage to spend-time together until last Friday. So kesian kan? While our other Diva at home rotting away during her 2weeks holidays in KK, me and this other diva were having tons of guiltless fun in KL. *giggles*

Oh yeah. Bell was so cool, when the Fuyoh MC asked her to join in the Fuyoh thingy, she was like ; "yeah-sure". And she even brought up her drink on stage. Selamba you know.

Ohyea. She won first place. hahahaha. She burst out laughing at herself when she won! Despite the stares and laughters, strangely, I'm so proud of her too!

The payung she won was freaking HUGE..... Dont believe me?

I wish i'd win it, I actually thought my whole family can fit in. Senang right?

We even decided to give the diva Ingrid a call;

ME: *controlling my voice* Hello, kami dari Jabatan Pembangunan Sosial, kami selalu mendapat aduan mengenai rumah awak.
Ingrid: DOIIIIII. I so know kaula. Duh.
ME: *tahan ketawa* Tapi Cik, kami selalu mendapat aduan bahawa rumah awak selalu bergoncang. hahahahhahahha.
Ingrid: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. P&K!MA!!!!! ahahahahaha. Balik KK CEPAT!

Darn, I miss her. I am very close with these two girls. Just so you know, they are my neighbors since i was a baby. I love them so much. We're so different, we fit perfectly together- like a jigsaw, you know.

and hey, see the Gin & Jacqie brand! I have always thought that my name was unique because of the q and k together, most of the time Jacqkies are spelled like Jacky, Jackie or Jacqy. Until, i saw this brand! arghhh. jealous tooo! grrr. but still, am the only Jacqkie. I've never met anyone who has the exact similar Jacqkie as me. yeah!

in a serious note; To those who are 21years old and above, and are eligible to vote, please register or re-register yourself for the general election. I know this is funny coming from me, but please do your part kay?


Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have a confession to make, I have never ever been to a gym before.

Until, last Saturdaylah. See how kampung i am? It's not a Sabahan thing okay, IT'S JUST ME. Do you wanna know what's my perception of the gym before? Super hot girls with short pants and sport bras walking around and hot males with gorgeous body showing off what their mama gave them. .....Well, in a way.

I was 50% correct. I did saw hot guys and hot girls around, but i saw OLD-er people around too. like in 50s or something? I looked at the way they dress and i looked at the way I dress, hmm i thought; i can blend in with them perfectly! and everyone would think i'm their colleague with the same mission!!! *widens eyes*

After meeting up with my cousin's trainer and some of the managers around, i find them well, very nice. well, tooo nice maybe. Definitely easy on the eyes, but my cousin said, definitely will not be easy on you. I kinda figure out that out too. gym membership would be FULL if the trainers are nice right? *sigh*

I first tried on the treadmill and reached all the goals. Burning certain calories and going on the bike too. I certainly like exercising more than diets, i thought. As i was talking to the manager, he was telling me how many minutes i should spend on the treadmill to burn up certain calories.

I did reached my goal, but i felt like smacking that pretty face of his and tell him to just leave me and my roti canai fats alone when he tried to explain how much fats go with these type of food. guilty to the core okay. But, he was right. If thats how much you want to lose, that's also how much you have to work for- to lose it. again, you are what you eat.

After almost an hour or so in the treadmills and bikes and etc(actually i dont know the machines names) section, i went to the weight lifting section. Not really weight liftinglar, it's the section that you practically need to forward your breasts, to fix your posture and spread your legs to carry the weight. A smaller girl than me carried the 25kg weight using her thighs. I managed to carry 10kg the max. *raises one eyebrow......*

That was the first time i had to spread my legs like nobody's business, turned my body around the way i never thought i could, carried weights like 2 bags of beras for 15 times- up and down, and also did something like rowing a boat?. all these "proudly" in public. I couldnt imagine i would do that to save my life, but i did it.

I realized i'm abit shy when it comes to "exposing" my breasts and spreading my legs. I'm certainly quite conservative, when i'm not clubbing i thought.

But i am very proud of myself. Do you know how hard it was for my cousin to convince me to temankan her and affirmed that no trainers will actually make me run for 1hour on the treadmill? It took her weeks!! Some people would be so excited of the idea going to the gym for the first time, i was abit, well scared of the unexpected.

I pictured military types of excercises you know. Luckily, i was 100% wrong. I had a great time in Gym pampering myself with all the awesome facilities and trying on all the machines i could only imagine of watching in the movies. The trainers were expectedly nice (Marketing punya pasal of course) and very much more expected- good looking and kinda strict. Jenny enjoyed the visitation so much, i almost tertidur waiting for her taking bath there. Next thing i saw, she was blowing her hair and giggling like a 4year old. adoh.

After spending almost 3hours in the gym and took millions of cups of 100plus-es, i decided gym's not that scary huh. WITHOUT A PERSONAL TRAINER of course. I swear, if someone tells me what not to eat and how many calories i should burn, every single day i would start to think, act, and look like an anorexic- which is something not in my family's lifestyle.

VJ: So are you joining us?
ME: No.
VJ: *giggles* but why? Are you already happy with your body?
ME: *makes i'm-going-to-slap-you face*. Of course not.
VJ: Then? Joinlahh. So that you guys ade kawan-kawan kan?
ME: I'm busy.
VJ: larrr, there's 24 hours a day kan. so basically (didnt hear the heck his calculations) you have in a day. of course you have time. *flashing his infectious smile*
ME: *dull face* i'm going back to Sabah on Monday.
VJ: *pause* ..okaylah, Jenny you?
ME: *pheeeeww*

I personally think trainers are only for, maximum discipline where you want to reach a certain goal for a certain occasion or something y'know. and eager celebrities of course.

i became abit obsessed now too. I never miss looking at how many calories i'm about to consume before eating now. I will start calculating and dreading how many minutes i have to run on the treadmill to burn them. My mom's dream finally came true. For me to watch what i eat and certainly eat more veggies and apples. I didnt joined in though. Am leaving for KK on monday. kah kah kah, alasan munasabah kaan?

*sigh*. gyms..... They make you think people! *grrr*

ps: Oh yeah. Abang's back from Cambodia. Yeaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!


Monday, May 14, 2007

can shopping be a sport?

it's my second post for today. it's only myself and the holidays to be blame. been going out alot lately. that's healthy and money consuming. i realized holidays are when i sleep late to read Memoirs of a Geisha and wake up early to watch Oprah. weird.

went to Flam in Sunway last Saturday. to avoid defamation i will only say the appropriate things to say. if you dance nothing but to rnbs like me, I suggest maybe you could please-for-goodess-sake!! club somewhere else. but we had free access to the club, and free drinks without keluarkan a cent, so we created a club-scene ourselves, instead of expecting it from the club's music really. let's just say i even did the unexpected robot dance. clue: the whole two hours was trance music. *pulling my hair!*

Today i went shopping with my friends. I prepared rm200 for shopping, but spent only about rm100++. weeee! bought a red skirt and glittery brown blouse. oh my, Jalan Telawi is the shopping haven.

here are the captured moments (i refuse to call it camwhoring actually- hahaha) :

sorry for my jingles-peek-aboo inconvenience. *shy*

Punjabi's food is really nice! i didn't know the small-ball was the dessert, i finished it up before touching the rest of the food-it's so yummy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED-Lithudiana(not sure) Bangsar!

Mission: try conquering the shops. Strategy: none. haha!

Is this Karen's attempt of hiding from the camera again..?

Karen and her usual pose. the-without-face pose. *grrrr you Karen!*

It has long handles and a small compartment. Is that shopping bag, cute or what!?

My new contact Lenses. Honestly, do i look scary with them?

...errr, disruption abit ah..

egie, carol's indonesian housemate and she can partey i tell you! will miss you :(