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I think i was 9 at that time. Or was it 10? or maybe 11? Sabah is celebrating this really huge event. The Kaamatan Festival. And the last time i went to KDCA (the it place for Kaamatan Celebration) was when i was 9. or 10. I'm not sure actually. Kaamatan Festival is a REALLY HUGE celebration. It celebrates the sacrifice of a princess for her people's land. In a way- it's also celebrating the overflowing rezeki we have in Sabah or harvesting of rice.

The last time i went and celebrated this event like really-really was about 10years ago. Back then, my father was a prominent figure in Sabah and he was actually one of the VIPs for such events. Ever since he passed away we never seem to care much about this celebration. Until this year. I think the idea was from my brother. Basically, he pujuk-ed us to go since both of us is in KK.
So we reached there with the highest of spirit around 8.30am-something. The sun i tell you was burning hot. Instead of lingering around under the ho…

Let's Talk Shrek

Boys can smell really bad after futsal. I just got back watching my monkey neighbours, cousins and their friends and of course my brother playing futsal. They can really play. Like really really. Awesome game but awful smell after that. gergh.

My to do list this week;
a) Bowling with my whole family (Wed)
b) Kaamatan Festival (Wed & Thurs)
c) Futsal with my girlfriends (Wed)
d) Swimming (Friday)
e) Clubbing/ Lepaking with my friends (Fri)
f) Helps mum with her Church thingy
g) Shrek 3 (Sunday)

Oh yes! I forgot to tell you that McDonalds got this Shrek 3 promotion. They're selling some Shrek Toys and Shrek-look-alike foods too! aka lime icecreams. According to my brother i'm the ultimate Shrek fan. Although i never seem to win anything yet. *makes sad face*.

a) I eat Shrek (McD lime icecream-sedap!)
b) Play Shrek (PS2 Shrek Games- this whole week)
c) Sleep Shrek ( with McD Shrek Toy)
d) Talk Shrek (feeding my sis with Shrek's jokes)
e) Watch Shrek (obviously..)
f) Sing Shrek (the …

Jugs Schmugs

Wednesday is Futsal day. am very very excited. Cant wait! It was supposedly to be today but some of us couldn't make it and only big pitch for Sundays and Mondays. We figure that we'll be half dead by the first 30minutes chasing each other around and decided Wednesday it is. Ohya, the Futsal Star is coming too. a.k.a Jessy my sister. weee! My sister is awesome. My sister is always in when it comes to kicking balls.

Anyway, went clubbing Last Friday night again. 3/5 of us didnt tell parents they'll be clubbing. Trust and Worry punya pasal. Excluding me though. 3/5 of us will be working the next day. Excluding me. One starts at 7.30am, the other one starts at 9am and the other other one starts at 2pm. Expectedly, by 2am still none of them showed signs of stopping. I feel like shaking them to reality. Heh.

I on the other hand, couldnt stop drooling over the hot chinese guy that i danced a few precious minutes with. I told my friend it's too bad for meself i dont really meet…


I think it was around 1.00am last night that i decided to go to bed and sleep as i was freaking tired already. I put down my phone on the table, and... saw the drawer.

If you are wondering what in the world is "the drawer"; it's the drawer where i put all my diaries. Yes, ALL my diaries. For your information, i've been writing diaries since i was as young as 7years old. does that mean i'm a lonely sad child or does that mean i have alot of secrets? enlighten me. Anyway, i was freaking exhausted, somehow i just couldnt say no to reading my old diaries. I think it's a great entertainment reading diaries and reincarnating the past in your head.

For your information, i have around 15diaries in 19years of my life. I decided to open my Form 2 and Form 3 diaries. Not only was it hilarious, it was also very sad and very romantic. See, i began having "boy problems" since i was 13 years old. I used to remember how hard i tried to hide it from mum, but she event…

baby, i'm back

I am so clever at times i just feel like pinching myself all over to realize how intelligent i can be. I wanted to upload the pics on my cam just now, when i "fell" like there's something missing. and we all know how "feelings" can be very right sometimes. I went back to my room and looked through to all my stuffs;

a) Laptop. check.
b) Mouse and charger. check.
c) Phone Charger. check.
d) Adapter. check.
e)Memory cards. check.
f) Camera. check.

herm. what did i miss? when i was about to keluarkan the memory card from my camera, all of the sudden there's this spotlightspotlighting on (is there such thing) the BATTERY. I FORGOT MY CAM BATTERY CHARGER. *shakes head*

i waited for my brother just now to tell him what i left behind, just to see whether he'll shake me to death or ignore me. He's a bit of a perfectionist, so it's fun messing around with him- because before leaving for KK, he helped me pack some of my stuffs.

ME: bang, i left something behind....…

KK in 2days!

I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but maybe, just maybeI have lost my "mojo". Last Thursday night, I had a couple of sips of Long Island. Well, as you know me, it wasn’t really “a couple of sips” of course, BUT after 30 minutes or so I was already feeling a wee bit tipsy. I used to be able to drink a lot, (un)fortunately not anymore. Before that, my brother forced me to eat banyak-banyak, so that I won’t get drunk easily. I stuffed tons of chicken and taugeh into my mouth before going off to Sunway, somehow i still got drunk easily that night. *grrrr*

Honestly, i DO feel good about it, because i dont have to dunk into the drinks, if i dont feel anything right. The faster i realize i should stop, the less i drink kan? *makes a thinking face*
ANYWAY! Here are the captured moments: Where can you get a pic of me like this? ONLY HERE peeps. only here..
My Lovelies! ...and a curious guy? i love them ae-LOT. they are one realllllyyyyyy awesome couple.I want all threeeee of …


I have a confession to make, I have never ever been to a gym before. *JENG JENG JENG!!!*

Until, last Saturdaylah. See how kampung i am? It's not a Sabahan thing okay, IT'S JUST ME. Do you wanna know what's my perception of the gym before? Super hot girls with short pants and sport bras walking around and hot males with gorgeous body showing off what their mama gave them. .....Well, in a way.

I was 50% correct. I did saw hot guys and hot girls around, but i saw OLD-er people around too. like in 50s or something? I looked at the way they dress and i looked at the way I dress, hmm i thought; i can blend in with them perfectly! and everyone would think i'm their colleague with the same mission!!! *widens eyes*
After meeting up with my cousin's trainer and some of the managers around, i find them well, very nice. well, tooo nice maybe. Definitely easy on the eyes, but my cousin said, definitely will not be easy on you. I kinda figure out that out too. gym membership would b…

can shopping be a sport?

it's my second post for today. it's only myself and the holidays to be blame. been going out alot lately. that's healthy and money consuming. i realized holidays are when i sleep late to read Memoirs of a Geisha and wake up early to watch Oprah. weird.

went to Flam in Sunway last Saturday. to avoid defamation i will only say the appropriate things to say. if you dance nothing but to rnbs like me, I suggest maybe you could please-for-goodess-sake!! club somewhere else. but we had free access to the club, and free drinks without keluarkan a cent, so we created a club-scene ourselves, instead of expecting it from the club's music really. let's just say i even did the unexpected robot dance. clue: the whole two hours was trance music. *pulling my hair!*

Today i went shopping with my friends. I prepared rm200 for shopping, but spent only about rm100++. weeee! bought a red skirt and glittery brown blouse. oh my, Jalan Telawi is the shopping haven.

here are the captured mome…