Sunday, April 29, 2007

we ride

Mummy woke us up at 7.30 am in the morning, asking us to get ready for Book Fair in PWTC to help mummy look for some books in her list for the Sabah State Library listings (i think-not sure actually, wasnt listening-heh). Mum asked abang not to drive all the way to PWTC. So he parked his car in Sungei Wang Plaza and three of us took the cab to the bookfair.

Our journey began,
Bookfair 2007

Check ooouut what Mum's reading eyyy! Cool!

me and my brother decided to give my mum the priviledge to go shopping whereever she wants, and promise not to complain, make annoyed faces and be mummy's loyal shopping bags carriers for the day. she decided to go to Sogo and then Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. ... ...... It's been my mum's tradition to go Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman everytime she comes down to KL, and when she says Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, she really MEANS JALAN TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN yo. Jalan TAR 1,2,3 aaaaalllll the wayy. None of the shops there interest me and my brother so were walking around and entertaining each other (more like he poking me and pinching my chubby cheeks all the time) most of the time so that we wont disturb mummy.

and we stopped by at..

After 3 hours following mummy to all the shops, and with honest comments and really really honest complaints (tangan sakit bah) and with a seriously wounded feet (konon), me and my brother eventually cracked. the photo above is one of my brother's attempt on threatening my mum to stop shopping by locking mummy inside. and failed. as always. and decided to just follow our Queen Bee.

....and he bought my favourite Nelson's Cappucino after that! awwww!

the seriously beautiful kains of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

if ya'll dont know, my brother is one real naughty guy. he's a big menace.

showing off his new cam..... to me! grrrr!

my-ever-so-radiant mummy after an exhausting day.

We reached home around 8pm and, i seriously thought my legs gonna break to pieces once i lie down. Not that i didnt sit down when i was in the car (aint that strange) but my feet was seriously killing me. I'm gonna miss mummy. She's going back to KK tomorrow, and abang's leaving for Cambodia (IWANTOGOHERE!) Tuesday. darn. cant wait to go back to KK on the 21st and bearhug my baby-sisi. yeahu!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mum's in KL

Mummy's in KL! Mummy's in KL! yeahooo! mum reached KL last thursday for working purposes, and as soon as mum reached KL, we went straight to One U! i've been missing mummy so much and i'm ecstatic right now spending my revision week (supposedly), but i self-declare it as MY holidays with mummy. hehehe. mummy's been awesome, and couldn't get enough of mummy. I'm kinda spoiled, and very manja to my mum, so you know the drill when mummy come down to KL; we go shopping and we eat like never beforeeeee *evil laugh*. anyway, love mummy! very very much in love with mummy. dont want mummy to go back kk.

doooooont waaaaantttttttttttt!

introducing my supermom!
Mum: Maybe you can try something like this!
Me: Do you want people to go blind when they see me?
i love shopping. hmmm, wonder where i got thaat from?
earrings! :)
mum's favourite fruit.
some naughty fella did dis.... dare to be different ey?
Mum: hey, dont la take now. wait till i'm done. :D
ride home.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

DH is not cliche!

for the gazillion times, Desperate Housewives is not cliche.

My busmate and i had a great conversation.............

R: So what kinda shows you watch?
J: I never missed Friends in Star World. As soon as i reached home, i switch it on!
R: hehe. yeah me too. Love it very much. I like Chandler.
J: I love Phoebe, and Ross is the cutest thing ever!
R: Haha, yeah i know. He does. He's "what-doctor" and afraid of blood!
J: hahahahahahha! exactly!
R: What other shows?
J: Do you watch Desperate Housewives?
R: (pause- gave me the "Why-Would-You-Want-To-Watch-Desperate-Housewives?" look) naaaaah, not really.
J: (thinking- shit!!, should've keep that show to yourself jacqkie!-gasping) America's Next Top Model?!
J: *phew* yeah, i love that show too.

Okay, i admit Desperate Housewives could be the next General Hospital or Bald(literally) and Beautiful *that i very much despise*, somehow every Tuesday i would surrender myself to that show. I could not stop watching it. I love the drama, the girls (oh yes) and definitely the boys (oh yes yes!).

Even my mum stopped watching the show! is it just me or am i acting out like i'm 3decades older here?

when i watched Desperate Housewives, not-surprisingly there's a tiny part of me that can actually relate to the show. but what surprises me, people around me who are as similar as a pair of 3year old twins, just watched the show like it's MTV.

every single episode of Desperate Housewives wowed me. I would take time to think and wander the things and drama happened on the show. dont get me wrong, i love ANTM but America's Next Top Model dont reallyyyy make me think, they just made me think when to go on diet and when to fix my hair.

the point is, am currently in love with shows like Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Friends, Scrubs and even all three CSIs. yes, CSIs have this little little quotes that are annoyingly irressistible.

i realized i'm more into television shows that has values and real people in it. something that can make me go "wow or hmm or thats true or damn thats real" (ignore CSI in this matter). something that i can learn about people instead of the latest trends. something i can laugh at intelligently. and something to believe at something so real yet very much fictional. got it?

i've found my shows worth being loyal to!
(although it sounds old and cliche. pergh.)
have you?
share my lameness (joy):

Ugly Betty (9.30 Tuesday, 8TV)

Friends ( 6.30PM, Star World)

Desperate Housewives (10.30PM, 8TV)


Sunday, April 22, 2007

the beauty in ugly

i've been in love with Jason Mraz ever since The Remedy. Someone told me he was a singer/ writer/ producer since forever. i couldnt forgive myself for not knowing him before, but dear gosh he's the love of my life since his debut The Remedy.

i dont care whether he's a celebrity that will never ever in his life take note or care about my existence, but his music and him makes me think all the frequent time. his voice is incredible, and currently he's the only music genius in the world i can think of. what i love about him is that he never fails to come up with amazing lyrics, and even though you have the voice of a goddes, if your lyrics suck, i just wont care about you. his lyrics are genius, humble and very relaxing.

i love reading his journals, it makes me think it's okay to go gaga over him, because apparently he really do has the heart of gold with presence of a hero. i really want to go to his concerts or live performances and i heard that he's been to KL previously. unfortunately, i wasnt there. my mum would've let me do anything or everything it takes if she knew he was in KL.

Hm, i love Jason Mraz. wish i could go and see him live! *drools*


Friday, April 20, 2007

reading disorder

*ohh yeaaaahhh uh huh uh huhh i like itttttt!*
just got back from shopping with Nicky Dahling. well technically, Nicky went shopping. and yes, it was very torturous to see all the pretty clothes and dresses and jeans when you know you're not going to have them. *drools* poverty kicks in and i should get back to reality. i didnt even tried anything as i was trying to give my full attention to help to look a dress for nicky for her party tomorrow. anyhoo, we went to Jalan Telawi 2 in Bangsar and the shops there are *HALLELULIA!* they were tons of boutiques and i felt abit jakun walking around there (my first time there). daym!

current mode; really happy as all my assignments are passed up! WEEEEEE!! happy! happy! not just that, i did quite well with almost all of it too. *makes angry look at my newsletter design* except for certain something~

well ehneeeyyway, am currently reading Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones' Diary; The Edge of Reason. i am very greedy. really really greedy. when it comes to books.

i borrowed Charles' Dickens A christmas Carol & I am the only running footman (apprently it's a pub/ club's name- weird ey)two weeks ago, i finished Charles Dickens in a couple of days and opened I am the Only running footman immediately after that. i finished the book few days ago, and i went to the library again the other day and found Bridget Jones' and somehow refuse to let go of it after few pages. i have been wanting to read this book since forever that is why i personally think i had to borrow it. it's beyond my control people!

i asked sway whether she has Memoirs of a Geisha book about a month ago, and she just told me the other day that she doesnt have it :(
i was heart broken but decided to focus on Bridget Jones, until Karen whispered ; "i have it. you want to borrow?"

i had to download and process Karen's words. i was so surprised!!!!

Me: HUH??! YOU DO???!!! How come i dont know???
Karen: *with her very soft manner/voice* you never ask me mah. *smiles* why? i dont look like i have the Memoirs of a Geisha book is it? *smiles sarcastically*
Me: hehehehehe. i dont knowola why i didnt ask you. but, OH MY GOSH??! can i borrow it? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? *literally shaking her*
Karen: yeah sure. i'll bring tomoroow.

When i reached college today, Karen gave me the anticipated book with a smile on her face.

*I grabbed the book and put it in my bag, and notice that now, i have three books. *grrr* i'm so greedy i told my self. after class, i went to the library to return the I am the Only Running footman ( again, it's a strange Club/ Pub's name right?! ) and went to the lounge area to continue read Bridget Jones. i was physically attached to the book, somehow Memoirs of a Geisha was lingering at the back of my head.

book devil: go ahead and read Memoirs of a Geisha, come on. you know you want too. ditch this book. you can read it later riteeee?
book angel: finish what you started.... bridget jones is a library book. you only have two weeks to finish it.

i decided to listen to the book angel :)

*looking at the Memoirs of a Geisha book* oh yeah, i read the first page of this book and it made me feel worse! *scratching the table-staring at the book*

I need help. is there a too-greedy-to-read-novels disorder?


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

learn a lesson

It was tuesday morning that i picked up the paper and as usual i would read the front cover. i literally stopped- when i was walking when i read on the news on the cover page.

"US Massacre- at least 22 killed including the gunman in a Massacre expected to be the worst in the US history. The shootings were first heard in the dorm and transferred through the campus."

i went jawdropped.
I seriously did. I was disturbed by the whole thing. i was trying to come up with all these assumptions that maybe that guy was against everyone and decided to pull the trigger on his campus mates. it's even bothering to know that it happened so frequent.
I just watched the latest updated news on the US Massacre. The gunman was a south-korean engineering student and was reported a troubled-loner. TROUBLED-LONER. these two words kept repeating in my mind. TROUBLED-LONER. LONER. LONER.

as most of you might know, i have always wanted to be a psychologist. i have a thing for human behaviour. i have a thing for knowing what people are actually thinking and reasons they do what they did. the answers to these actions/behaviours.

It automatically crossed my mind, this one friend i know who have always been a loner.troublesome i dont know, but loner, yes he is. not to exaggarate or anything, but i personally think, only me and another few people are the only ones that talk to him much. the rest didnt seem to care of his existence. he's very much of a talker when you talk to him, somehow, he can be a bit awkward. but who isnt?

i'm guessing that is why people seem to pull themselves away from him when he's around. that happened right in front of my eyes, but i was nice enough to talk to him and gave him the chance to socialize. i gave him the time to show who and what he is, and yes he is just like any of us. except he wasnt given the chance to socialize to. ..and he never had the courage and confidence.

to be honest, i am one of his good friend. it doesnt take a genius to figure that out. he would lend me his umbrella when it rains, but when other girls and other people want to, he would say NO automatically. he would say goodbye to me everytime he sees me and he would borrow me stuffs when i need to. he's been really nice to me. and if you think he likes me, no, i personally dont think so. because, as i observed, if you are nice to him, he can be much nicer to you in return. his face shows more of a gratitude than a like. you know?


i have seen him getting bullied by girls especially, so many times. people called him names and talked behind his back. they would ignore him at times and pretend he's not there. and the sadder part is, he kinda knew everyone thinks he's different.

when i read about the US Massacre, i wasnt sure whether he was to be blame for everything. as i dont know the whole story, i would also say that maybe, the bullies, the looks, the bias, the judgements, the tease was getting on his sense- and made him lost it.

if only people would stop these bullies and judgements, things like these wouldnt have happened. i mean- i hope wouldnt have happened. i know i dont know the real story, maybe he is "crazy", but there must be a reason why a young bright man would have chained the school campus door from inside and shot the students in class. must be. must be. must be...

. make friends with everyone, especially those with self-esteem problems. it has always been our self-esteem, our confidence, our charisma. lets turn the table now, it's about talking and communicating with people those who dont have confidents like we do. or to people who admires us. instead of showing them why are they not us/you, make them feel loved by people like us/ you. and most importantly, make them feel worth it.

Stop mean jokes.
you'll never really know when you hurt someone badly.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the bad-day episodes

I came back from college feeling rather- same ol same ol. plus alot of "hachooos!"

oh ya, Nicky dahling bought me icecream! damn nice wei she, she said she wanted to buy icecreams with me, but when i picked the icecream i wanted to buy, she straight away took it from my hand and ran (literally) to the counter and pay for it. she tricked me into choosing an icecream so that she can pay for me! :)

As i was walking back home, my phone rang and i had to let my hand swim through my big bag to look for my small phone. it took me a precious 2-3minutes to look for my phone, and my disfunctional bag surely didn't helped at all.

Let the pictures tell the story;

I have a secret path in my bag! (apparently the koyak one....)

...and the zipper is not working! ....tooo!

This is my disfunctional bag. not only my bag is quite full most of the days, and with the combination of having a really "working" ZIP, my stuff actually spilled out from my bag if i'm rushing. AND, people could actually see whats inside my bag when i'm in the lift- and packed-and squeezed. (raise one eyebrow) well, anywayyyyy, (not that there's anything funny inside...?)

What i'm trying to tell you is;

another victim.

...err, no, i dont have anger issue.

This year is officially the year of 'Jacqkie's broken things'. I broke two of my sandals this month, my umbrella broke it's head-cap, my laptop is abit distorted (still functioning perfectly though if you may ask) and my bag needs stitches badly.

...i'm beginning to think i'm a reincarnation of a barbarian. i dont know how the heck these things got err 'dislocated'. i wasnt even ganas at all!! wait, rushing maybe. careless definitely,

hmm..does that?

I tell you,if i'd be walking with my capless umbrella, unzipped bag and broken sandal around, even the poor wont mug me man. damn kesian i look wei.

*Mum's coming down on the 26th. MUST ASK her to buy me a new payung, new sandal(s), and definitely a new bag. *shakes head-SHE'S GOING TO LECTURE ME AND KILL ME WHILE LECTURING*


Friday, April 13, 2007

i need a break!

after killing my eyes spending millions of hours infront of the computer screen working on my assignment in the college lab, i decided to leave home around 6 to take the bus to go to Carol's place. i slept over at her house yesterday only because my mum asked me too.

She cooked for me and egie her housemate, and yeah i'm lovin it girl! thanks so much for cooking the beef thingy, darn i terAte my own chicken yang i cooked hangus. but anyway, loved it.

After the dinner, carol and i decided to go the shops downstairs to buy icecreams. I had been dreaming of eating Paddle Pop icecream for the past few weeks, finally i ate it yesterday! SO SEDAP! i love Paddle pop so mucccchh!! I ate a Paddle Pop look-alike 2weeks ago and it was nasty. i dont remember what it was, Magilika? Magical? not sure,something like that- but it didnt feed my want for Paddle pop at all. not even abit. :( I forced carol to buy Strepsils too as she had sore throat, and ironically she bought Strepsils and Cornetto's icecream.

we made friends with this one really supper freaking hot guy though he's one year younger than me, and he looks so innocent. i guess it's only because he's a newbie in college, and according to the Nigerian guy we made friends with, he needs to "socialize" to open his eyes. I told him not to spoil him or change him to a bad boy or something, and i sure hope he wont do anything to that cute little young innocent guy, if not, i'll kick his a$$! *awwwwww-visualizing the cute guy*

Snap back to reality!

A couple of weeks ago, few days before masscollympics(scroll down to see), we went to the park to do masscleaning of the whole place. Under the sun, hot, what d'you expect? I had to use my sunglasses, and *tadaaaa*

I dont know how the heck i lost it, dont know where i put it, and it's actually a replacement for a sunglasses my mum bought for me. she doesnt know i broke it(grr-die die die), and when i bought the previous one to replace it, it got lost pulak!

herm, what did i ever do to deserve this?
oredilar it's expensive it's really nice somemore!

anywayyyyyy-It's been a really stressfull month i must say, so i decided to reward myself. I bought a new sunglasses to replace it(again)! though i wish it was one of those Guess' or CK's big glasses that covers up all your eyes (COVERAGE IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME!...and style tooo of course), that i get to buy, however, i bought a pair from Vincci instead. It costed only RM19.90, thank God, i'm on a tight budget now! and it has the best coverage and it looks really nice.. ON ME! :)

NO! it's not aviators! it's a big frame glasses- with steel frames.

I refuse to buy aviators!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

close your ears

Patience, patience, patience, patience.
C-L-O-S-E-Y-O-U-R-M-O-U-T-H patience!

some people might salute me for my patience. i personally think it's one of my best trait. however, to be honest with you, right now, patience means shutting my mouth when i have to. if you dont know, i dont really bitch around. bitching around, is kinda like an old fashion trend for me. i dont dig it anymore. but yeah yeah, i do listen to what you have to bitch! ;) from my mouth- there's Nadah!

i just realized that the hardest thing about "life" is not the triple threat, Trials, Temptations and Tribulations. the PEOPLE around you ARE your live's worst enemy. i'm not saying tragedies and bad incidents are not bad, i'm just saying dealing with people is the hard-est.

Today, oh boy today! I constantly told myself,
"jacqkie, everyone is different, jacqkie, different people, different ways, jacqkie, different, different, DIFFERENT!!"

i was scaring myself with my-persuasion as i was also convincing myself-heck no, that i'm not going to give up and i'm going to overcome these different people. herm WEIRD. but yeah, thats what happenned.
I was very much close to say
to someone. with of course some French inserted in.

But i did not.
Because i'm much more mature than that. so i decided to suck it in, and do what i have to do instead of making attitudes that actually do not contribute to anyyy-thing.

Mom just called. phew, it feels so good to tell her about my problems. and as expected, she gave me encouraging advices instead of condemning anyone.

-breath in-breath out-breath in-breath out-breath in-breath out-

*Dreaming of lounging at the living room, with a book in my hand and a Hot Neslo on the table, while talking to mummy and sis' sweetcraps about boys*
ahh, HOME.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

easter blister!

Yeay...... ?

easter's today and it is pretty much dead without mummy, jessy my baby sister or my huge family around.


i'm glad abang's here to accompany me although he BLOODY FREAKING SCARED me for not telling me he's sleeping over at his friend's house last night. dear gosh, i was so freaking scared- and my very imaginative mind surely did not helped me calm down at all.

I was already thinking of all sorts of crazy things. *shivers*
He's next to me now watching CSI. i guess everything's good now, it's a warm sunday and i still need the extra time i have now to relax myself.
*heee huuuu heeee huuu heee*

Easter this year is extremely boring. boring. boring. boring. boring. very.

I bought myself a packet of TimTam last night and decided to indulge on it today while reading Charles Dickens' -A Christmas Carol.

i just finished the Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver. A very-verry-verryy funny book i must say. Props to the humorous quotes and sayings in this book.

"I began to suspect that sharing harmonious space with an insightful Virgo might require even greater credentials than being a licensed phlebotomist in the state of Arizona."

with chapters namely How They Eat In Heaven & Jesus Is Lord Used Tires, it's interesting how this book tells of a journey of a young girl who changed her name and leave her ever-most-understanding mum for the sake of adventure. College was never on her mind and her means of transportation was her no-windows car that actually intrigues young boys.

I have no freaking idea why i picked this book out my college's library's shelve. There were tonnes of books with half-naked man caressing an orgasmic woman as cover(I REALLY HATE ROMANCE NOVELS), and intersting titles such as "Why men have nipples?" (i still want to read this book), i chose this one purely because of the chapter Jesus Is Lord Used Tires. i thought it was interesting and hey! my premonition (gahh) was right.

i need to finish up A Christmas Carol and I am the Only Running Footman in two weeks time. I'm currently in a bookworm-mode according to Nicky. am not so sure why, must be the passed up assignments and the need to careless about the real world(seriously). I'd rather be fooled or taught by some books rather than observing people around me at times.

Please dont tell me to get real or even a life? grrrr!


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

sue me fashion police!

I must say when it comes to fashion related stuffs i'm nothing but a noob. a noob i tell you!
I only know how to match them and at least to put on what looks good on what. the basics i must say. But today, deargosh, today what happened was jaw-dropping. no, beyond jaw-dropping!



Here's the story;

i grabbed the usual Jukebox sandal that costed only rm6.00 but saved my life when my rm49.90 sandal betrayed me in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman last December.I wore it to college as usual without seeing it coming.

As i was walking to the ICT Department, i started to feel something strange about my walk. Herm, i thought, looked down, and saw Jukebox died infront of my eyes.

Darn it, i thought. howla...

I was dragging myself to the lab and started to think of other alternatives. I was so intelligent that i decided to stapler it!! and yes you're right! it broke again after 5seconds after the stapler. i know, i'm so "intelligent" at times dont i?

As i was dragging myself to the next class, i decided to buy a new sandal. I cant walk, seriously. i thought, by which means i HAVE to buy a new sandal. HAVE TO. since most of the shops in my college sell nothing but foods and stationaries, i kinda thought the idea of buying a new sandal from there would be impossible.

But the stubborn me had to try my luck. I asked my two good friends whether i can borrow their sandal so that i can buy a new sandal from around the college, none of either two of their's fits mine. Surprisingly, my feet size is 7, theirs were 8 and 6.

*looks up at sky, WHY?*

Yadda-yadda, they decided to buy for me instead. ANY SANDAL WILL DO. i remember vividly my desperate face expression and feeling at that time.

I wont be dragging anymore! i thought. yeay! i get to buy a new sandal! yeay!

"Jacqkie, the shops nearby dont have any sandals or flip-flops!" We found one, in pink, is it okay with you?"

"PINK???! Oh my GOSH. No other choice?"

"errr, no. So is it okay with you?"

"-Looking at jukebox- erm, okayla. Just take it!"

"it's rm25 by the way. okay?"

"WHAT?! erm.... okayla. i dont have much choice here."

I was waiting for them with my broken jukebox and being questioned by my friends, and when my friend came walking towards me, I was so happy i couldnt wait to rip off the plastic bag!


when i saw the sandal, i was like.


are you sure this is it?

........ ........ ........

my hands took Ugleh(thats what i call it) but my brain refused to.

....still, i was...

my friends told me that that was the only sandal sold in that shop AND the only sandal to be found in college.


i put my feet into Ugleh. and noticed that there was more space for my feet. it was size 8.

PURRFECT i thought. dahlah i dont like, it didnt even fit me!

*looks at sky again-why GOD? WHY?*

My friends kept telling me it was "okay la jacq, no worries. it suits bah with your outfit."

their encouragements did not help at all. I personally thought it was the ugliest heels i've ever seen in my entire life, and the fact that i'm wearing it despite the fact that nothing on me was BRIGHT PINK was unforgivable. It was as if Ugleh was flown by the wind and terstuck on my foot. Thats how unmatched me and the sandals were! can you imagine that? ....ouh, on second thought, dont imagine that!

My friend told me the fact that that was the only sandal sold in that shop could mean that it's the owner's personal collection. (JAWDROPS & SLAPSHEAD)

I was extremely dissapointed with that sandal. but decided to thank Ugleh after all, for what she has done to/for me.

for just being there in the shop for me when i need her the most, for just being so Ugleh that other people wont dare to buy it and be mine, for just giving me safety from harm by protecting my feet for I-HOPE a day, and for saving me from further embarassment (although it did so much more of that).

Ugleh is now safely situated in the unused shoerack. i personally dont like the design, the colour(ohyes!) and the brand of Ugleh. so i decided to keep it safe and warm for any "emergency" STRANGE EMERGENCY (i suppose) in future. please forgive me people, but i just cant wear that. i'll keep it, who knows she might be the next Jukebox? (noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)

*..amazing grace's song..*


Sunday, April 01, 2007

i survived the scary 'jungle'!

I want to personally thank Caroline Chia my dahling, Mazidah my dahling and Chee Hang (yes you! ) who have been very much supportive and helpful to me this couple of days. I must say 50% of the self-indulge/ forgiving and rewarding and bitching that i needed the most was contenting and very relaxing because of you three. You know what i mean, and i hope whatever i tell you, may you keep it to yourself and learn a lesson from it.

I have been struggling very hard with everything. My studies, my social life, my obligations, my duty and even my attitude. It was a surprise to see myself in the mirror the other day losing to intolerant and inconsiderate people. Felt like my heart was broken into pieces and i thought i was strong enough to cry it to myself but i guess i wasnt and thanks to the three people i mentioned above, they made me realize it's only natural to lose it sometimes and encourage me to forget about what's happened. the damage is done, and there's nothing i can do to scratch the huge scar but learn from it.

To chee hang, yeah i'm giving you the unwanted publicity you hate, but i seriously need to thank you for being the person i can bitch with and you so know how i wanted to bitch about it. You actually put a smile on my face and make me sayang you even more. *hugs- I DONT CARE IF YOU ARE ANTI-SOCIAL* ;p I know i dont know you well, but sometimes an ear is better than an old friend who knows nothing.

To Carol, you have been the best listener and you have given me your point of views that are nothing but true. I will take your word for it and learn from the stupidity of other people. Because of you i gossip like no body's bussiness for a day. It was the best thing ever, because i have been very gentle and discreet about everything and you know my attitude of suppresing everything to myself. Some call it hypocrite but you know me better. I can just tell you whats on my mind without pushing myself too hard to be the "good and nice" me i have always thought i am.

To Mazidah, i know i see you rarely but there's something about talking to you makes me feel better. it was also weird to know that most of the things that happened in your life happened at the exact same time it happened to me. I can relate to you. I'm sorry i had to blurt out everything to you the other day without warning, thats because you have seen the loser side of me- which was giving up. Some people see me as a strong young girl, which i had to carry out in front of people ever since. i am strong but at times, i just need to bitch like anyone else too :)

Now i wanna congratulate myself for being this strong, though i lost it but i got up and actually manage to put an honest smile on my face yesterday. It's official now, that no one is better than me because i actually know what i have gone through. I actually know that i have been put to the devil's cage, tiger's nest, floods and more to come- and survived with only scratches on me to remind me where i have been and the lesson i should learn from it. I always thought that being strong is scary but not when people told me that i am actually sweet, with the heart of gold and with the spirit of a soldier.

Last but not least, i Thank mummy, my sister and my brother who have always believed in me and my capability. The advises and encouragement they gave me are priceless and i wouldnt want to trade it with anything in the world. Their advises, encouragements and help brought me to where i am and mould me the way i am now.

Now i know what i'm made of. sorry to say but i personally think i'll go farther than you if you're still not learning anything from this post.



Obstacle Course!

Ean- cruisers were being fun and friendly..darn he's cute!

Semester 3- My Sem. they did awesome! LOVE THEM! PaintBall!

Audrey and Sway! :) my love BUNCH! only in Taylor's College.... i know! he's hot ;p
Lecturers on the prowl.

Thanks to Sway and Chee Hang for the pics!

It was pretty obvious we had fun, isnt it? I wana thank everyone involved in the MassCollympics, may it be coming, playing or even gossiping during the event. Thanks for even showing up! To all my teamates you guys did great. love ya'll!