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my heart hurts more than my feet and body combined together. After today, i swore to myself i would never hurt anyone the way i saw people got hurt. never.

**Today was Mass Collympics. It was extremely tiring. I was running my ass of here and there during the event. The sun burned my skin. I had to stand nearby the Paintball field all the time, and be aware of the teams that were playing and were going to play. TIRED.

I felt like i lifted a cow from a building to another building. i know the description is random but thats how tired i feel though i never lifted no cows. the heat was deargosh- HELLish.

How could people do that to other people?
**I wish i could blurt out everything. but i couldnt. I pity those who were seriously affected by it. I seriously pity them. I understand how they feel. I know what goes through their mind. I know what they hoped for. I know what they want to change. I just know. I feel their pain.

I am forgettable. I realized that just recently. I'll walk pass b…

sometimes long is not easy

high heels + college= extremely tired.

gosh, how i wish high heels are not painful. just came back from college and feel like dipping my feet into a bowl of ice and be massaged. i sseeeerrrriiiiooooussssllllyyyy neeed a massage. it's been a crazy week so far, and it's only tuesday. guess what? it'll be much more interesting this friday. yeeeee, someone's gonna 'die' on friday, somehow i dont think it'll be me. or...could it be?

well anyway, i just checked out my good friend's friendster profile and found out that she's still with her boyfriend. i'm so happy for her! the only question is, HOW??? her boyfriend's here and she's in Sabah.

I have tried so many long-distance relationships and none, i mean by 0 (zero) of my long-distance relationships were succesful.

i hav tried honesty, making myself busy,not thinking about it too much, more making myself busy, reading, studying, singing, practically everything on the to do list to not think too …

mr mike

i constantly tell myself not to go crushin on guys. but here i am blogging about another guy i'm currently crushing. i have a feeling he's got a girlfriend. damn it! well this is just for fun btw.

first of all, i must tell you, he's a bit of an introvert. he looks really sweet- okay okay maybe i'm getting too much here, but seriously awwww he's got this really sweet face!

i must tell you what happen to the previous guy i like. well, that didnt work out because something happened and i decided to forget about him. he's still single and i'm still friends with him- but something came about and i decided to not like him anymore. something not-so-nice about him i discovered. pergh.

back to the guy i like now. when i first met him i didnt really cared about him. he wasnt that outstanding. i barely remembered whether i said hi to him or anything. he was abit too quiet to be noticed. the second time i met him- still we werent properly introduced to each other. darn!

i …

Mass Colympics

"Hey are you from Mass Comm?"
"...*look down & walked away*" "Hey are you from Mass Comm?" ".....*tut-tut-tut......*-"

Last wednesday me and lidya went to approach people and publicize our event Mass Colympics to them. It was quite funny as both of us were assuming whether they're mass comm students or just passing by or worker or architectural students or interior or.. blahh.

At first i was still abit shy to ask my collegemates and publizice and promote the event to them- but after a couple of HIs and HEYs, i'm getting okay at it. After feeling like i've approached tons of people, I still have billions of flyers in my hand and the same people are passing by. My "boss" mentioned not to force them to go or inform them that it's a compulsory to attend the event(because it is) so me and lidya had to be this really nice and sweet person to explain and promote to them about the event and hopes for positive reaction or vibe fr…


still sober.... abit. ...when you drank a few glasses..
Nessa, Manda and Izham!
oopsie, it's our secret okay?
....and the one who said he was allergic to alcohol... RITE!
The Indonesian Girls. :)
Syafiq and Gang. it's Klan-G or something if i'm not mistaken..
Ayna & Kerry dancengg!
a band performing that night- Actually i dont know their band name. Sowy! *THANKS TO DANIAL FOR THE PICS*


when everyone's naughty..

"oh my gosh, thats the girl from church, and she just made out with a guy in public!"

It was a college event. Sounds pretty innocent. But i guess thats the only time where all the young friends gather around and get wasted for the night. I mean seriously, it was a college event- violence against women campaign. Sounds really realllllly innocent huh.

When i first reached there, everyone's looking good and smelling good and... still sober. until everyone had their first sip of coke, hugged everyone they met and saw and moved to the music. *tadaaaa* thats when everyone thinks they belong there.

Introducing Love campaign cum CLUBBING with the underages.

When booze kicks in, trance music (eeyuck) on the DJ, hot guys and nasty chicks moving around everyone and i mean by everyone wants a piece of the action.

After hanging around at The Loft for sometime, we decided to crash to Maison and get the entrance cop and check things out there. it was boring with caps. BORING. I personally t…


"You gotta do what you Love or just Love what you do!". -Andrea

Was she right or was she right?

My mum is in love with books. used to and i guess will always be. and the reason she's doing what she's doing now, is purely for the love of books. Well we know one person who's doing what she loves. She's my walking dictionary. But even now, waking up to work would irritate her at times because basically it bores her too.

When i first entered high school, i remember vividly how i really wanted to be a "Scientist". Like really. I would buy Science Workbooks, and watch those science stuffs on TV, man!
The reason was nothing close to loving the subject, but just purely because i was influenced by mum; it'll pay me well, i visualize myself mixing the chemicals and i got really good marks for science. Those are the three main reasons why i wanted to become a Scientist. Back then, i was so sure Science was what i wanted and that i could buy my mum cars and va…

Are you Beautiful?

I just want to talk about an awesome campaign my seniors launched today. It was the Beauty Campaign. It's about a campaign that appreciates inner and outer beauty. Body, mind and soul.

Okay, so we were told that everyone is beautiful and what matters is on the inside. But we were 'shown' the other way round.

How are we suppose to know what Beautiful really means when all we see are pretty people getting the cute boys & vice versa and pretty people turn heads around but not-so pretty people are invisible? or maybe even it's okay when pretty people wears push ups but not when not so wears it?

it has always been something i believed in, that getting to know the person first, is all it takes to know whether that person is beautiful or not. You're either beautiful or you're not. I personally think there's no one in between.

Take these scnearios:

-"I feel beautiful. I feel beautiful! But why is he looking at my tummy instead of my face?"
- *Thinking* &quo…

no we're not freaks.

I remembered a couple of years ago, this time around i would most probably fight with mummy about church and stuffs. I would defend myself of not joining the christian camp and everything, back then my brother was already this "born again" christian.

It was so unfair. My brother decided to become this "born again" Christian after two services and the consequences? My mum forced me to change into something like that too. It was as if i was the bad one back then. I dont like the fact that you had to go to all the camps or join in the activties to be called a 'good christian' and i have always confronted my mum on that. She would never understand what i meant and i would never understand her point.

When i first moved to KL, the first few nicest people around to me, were my brother's friends. They brought me to church and made sure i wont be exposed to all these "bad stuffs" that could change me and all. no one knew how strong i was except for mysel…

you performing?

The microphone's not working. Three of us shared one mic. I was squashed in between. The song was a bit too corny for me. The crowd was big. The courtyard was hot. The heels were killing me. My friends around. and yes, that was indeed my first time singing in college.

Surprisingly, i wasn't nervous at all.

It was pretty obvious that Kerry my friend who I performed with were shit nervous. She was shaking and her voice was breaking. She performed so many times before, and there i was next to her feeling not even the tiniest bit of scared at all. I performed a couple of times before and yeah, every time i performed it would be painless and fast. Since this particular one i was in college in front of all the people i love and not-really, i should be more scared than before right? but again, i wasn't.

Why? because You're looking at me. Anticipating for us to sing. not me looking at you or me waiting for you to sing. Basically, whatever people infront of me saying- that they sh…

10 weird things about me

From Lydia, thanks for tagging me babe! *smiles*

Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names.

1. I'm a proud christian, i can talk about christianity to you. you want ah? XD

2. I have a soft spot for nerds and computer geniuses.

3. I can only sleepwell with apillow on my legs for them to rest on.

4. I love cold water + milo. Only!

5. I dont gossip.

6. I can finish 2 jugs of Long Island by myself.

7. I dont kill any animal. nor insects. nor flies. i either blow them away or run.

8. I really really love fullmoons. I'll usually "pray" under fullmoons because i feel like someone's watching.

9. I have a phobia of cockroaches. It's seriously serious.

10. I can ride the same rollercoasters more than three …

ignorance not bliss-it kills the other!

When I entered the cab, i couldn't stop thinking what did i ever do wrong to him. I couldn't stop feeling guilty and awful. Seriously, it irritated and annoyed me alot.

**I went out yesterday with a bunch of friends and this guy that liked me completely ignored me. He didn't even looked at me, not even a glance not even a simple hi. At first i couldn't care less, but after a couple of minutes the ignorance was getting too much and i seriously thought i was invisible to him.

I'll give you the description of the situation, -he talks to the girl sitting infront of me, jokes with the guy sitting on my right, kids with the guy on my left. he was sharing jokes with everyone in the table, when he looked at me he had this "hmmph" smile. How would you feel?

I never mentioned anything about him to any of my friends except for Carol, but even that, Carol never even met him and never even spoke to him. I've never said any bad things about him, i never said bad thing…

dont date PRs and Sales Reps?

Friend 1: So who do you like now?
Me: Some guy. But just a slight crush.
Friend: What's he doing?
Me: He's studying but he was once a Sales Rep in this XXX bank tho.
Friend: Yummy!
Me: hehe. but someone told me not to date Sales rep.
Friend: puhhhlease! i thought no one should date PRs, like you.
Me: excuse me? i'm innocent.
Friend 1: PRs and Sales Reps are the same. They know what to say and how to say it.
Me: herm, you're right.
Friend 1: of course. then maybe you guys can date each other. Hah! that would be FUN!
Me: hm....

to those who don't know what i'm doing now, i'm a Public Relations in training. So basically, i'm a part of the communications management/department in an future.

According to my cousins, Public Relations sweet talk their ass off. Although she may be only 3% true about public relations, but i kinda thought she was right too. I thought dating Sales Representatives would be a no-no because they know what to say and how to say it…