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temporary happiness

Starting today maybe i should quote my mum. Seriously, my mum is one of the most intelligent woman i've ever known. Maybe not one of-maybe she is THE MOST. She may be abit irritating and annoying at times (what are mums for right?) but when she advises or encourages me i would take time to listen to her. Even if i dont want to, i feel like somehow, whatever she said/says still goes to my head. and i remember it. and i dont know how she does it, but she surely can.

"We are constantly struggling and chasing for something Jacqkie. After you graduate, you want a good job, after the job, you want a big house, after the big house you want a great family. for what? temporary happiness and then chase some other things?". -Mary Kinti

My mum watched In Pursuit of Happyness the other day with my sister and bro, and after that, there she goes talking about the moral of the story as usual. Most of the time, as much as i get bored listening to whatever mummy wants to say, i tend to conc…

most annoying

why oh why am i just like any normal girls who'll pretty much drooled over nice guys?

what? because he listens to my family's stories? because he makes comforting jokes? because he knows what he wants? because he loves his family? because he's not into illegal drugs and looks healthy? because he cares about other people? because he drives nicely? because he studies? because he works too? because he cares about me? because he's rich? because he thinks i'm pretty? because he likes talking to me?

stop it!

i cant drool over almost-perfect-and-most-importantly-i-like-him kinda guys. or in this matter a, guy. because he's just what? nice? attentive? well guess what, I AM.

i have always thought that dealing with boys i like is easy. but no. i hate the fact that everytime you get excited with another guy it's going to be the same all over again.

>you like him. you dont know he likes you. he calls you. you get dates. he sends you home. you wait for his msgs or calls.…

26 Dating tips by Jacqkie

i'm a total nerd and a loser in relationships. anyway, i went out on a date the other day, and i have some simple nice tips for MYSELF and for other girls or boys out there according to me. yeas, you can ignore this post if you must because it's all from me. even if you really like, you couldn't care less or you hate that guy(i doubt so, since you're out with him), these tips should be practiced because it should! i came up with these tips to remind myself time and time again never to do the dating/outing taboos!

>>if you dont like me, i suggest you Exit the page now. <<

a) never wear anything that shows your cleavage; i wore once this really low cut shirt it made me look like i'm a desperate 24 year old. and that guy was obviously checking out my babies. Oh boyyyyyy!
b) wear really comfortable shoes/ sandals/ heels; some guys will bring you to a "joy- walking ride". whyla brother?

c) always SMILE when you first meet/saw him; flash him your winn…

bored with words?

MidValley: Cilla, Jenny and Me. *checkout cilla's priceless expression!*
On the way to Club Flam, Me and Dodo. Bella's hair (haha), Riezlan, and Baby Amai!
Classic picture of 2004. *who took this?!* I'm not Indian, Punjab nor Sikh. Family Portrait.
L-R: Nathalie, Ingrid, Priscilla, Me, Sofie, Beverly, Genevieve and Ann.
We're so in LOVE!
L-R: My neighbour, McDonald's best worker, anak John and yeah that girl.
introducing Vanessa and Ayna bebeh! :)

interestingly boring

this is interesting. you can get to know 10% of my past from here. heh.

[x] Talked back to a teacher. *i wanted to stand up for myself ok*
[x] Been kicked out of class. *the whole class!*
[ ] Worn pajamas to school.
[ ] Had your tooth fall out at school.
[ ] Gotten lost in your school.
[x] Broken the dress code in school. * :D *
[x] Completely failed a test. *is this a bonus question?*
[x] Left class without asking.
[x] Missed a whole week of school *gotten really sick*
[x] Thrown up in school.
[ ] Been beat up at school.

[ ] Argue with your parents a lot.
[x] Argue with your brother(s) a lot. *duhhh*
[x] Argue with your sister(s) a lot. *duhhh*
[x] Have your own room. *yeah, i'm kinda spoiled*
[ ] Do your own laundry
[x] Cook dinner once in a while. *only when alone or for sister*
[x] Are loud and obnoxious at home. *the best place to be naughty*
[x] Wear pyjamas when you are not going anywhere. *oh yes!*
[x] You sleep in very long. *duh*
[x] All you do is …

Chinese New Year!

So it's chinese new year again and i loved the Chinesey feeling around. Haha, 'chinesey'.

Anyway, i was invited to a friend's house today in Cheras KL and well since i dont have a car i have to use the public transport to go there.
(Darn you public transport- i thought i could forget about you during the holidays!)

So, i took taxi to midvalley and from there i took the ktm to Salak Selatan. and from there i had to take another cab which costed me RM15.00 to go to my friends' house. and well i got lost.

okay, okay i'm not 'complaining' just 'mentioning' things happened today. when i reached there i met up with all her family members and greet them Chinese New Year nicely and got fed with tons and tons of nice food. Oh man, it was so nice of them! i was also introduced to this one vegetarian dish which tasted really good and i learn some chinese traditions;
a) eat vegetarian on the first day of cny.
b) cant sweep the floor on the first day of cny.
c) can…

give him back!

i meet up with abang today. yeay!! i miss him sooo soooo soooo much! as soon as i saw him i had this huge smile on my face and i know he could tell i miss him. i miss him asking me to do things for him, i miss him listening to whatever rubbish i said, i miss him calling me 'budu' at times, i miss his crazy jokes, i miss his weird long winded explanation, i miss listening to his stories, i miss talking to him about ika and mummy, i miss asking him things about medicine and 'doctory' stuffs, basically i miss him!

i always wonder sometimes why he's been so busy nowadays even when he's only a medic student. i envy everyone around him in Seremban who gets to spend time with him everyday, i envy them so much!

i get worried at times thinking he's so busy even he's only a student now, what's going to happen when he starts working already? when he has become a doctor? who's on call 24hours a day?
in a government's hospital? and then gets married? and …

is that... ME?

Stop saying i look good with Shorter hair and Stop saying i should change to Penelope Cruz's posters or anyone with bigger boobs and Stop saying i should slim down and dont you even think of asking me "Which one's me?" in the poster. because OBVIOUSLY i'm NOT the guy.

I have braven up myself to show you my Photoshop Assignment, where i had to crop my face and paste onto a poster(replacing the original's face of the girl in the poster). And crop does not means, crop and paste, crop means spending hours in front of the computer, fixing the edges and the skin tones. Before you start laughing, i suggest you try doing it first. Deal?

i thought so.visit for a bigger picture.Love, Jacqkie.

why is Scrubs so funny and real hospitals aren't?

First of all, i miss my brother so much. i want him to come PJ tonight so i can tell everything that happened to him. i miss you bang! bila ko mau jumpa sia?

Re to the title.

as i asked you earlier, why Scrubs and real hospitals arent the same? I went to Hospital Assunta last night to visit someone and i dont like hospitals at all. PERIOD. Dont get me wrong, i'm not those city girls that hates going to hospitals because it's gross or whatever, what i cant deal with are, the sad patients waiting for other people to visit them, the needles sticking out from their body, the spooky smell, the blood, the painful noises and the lonely 'elderlys' .

in short, the 'sad feeling' of hospital. i know i shouldn't have make them feel bad by pitying them, the problem is i got EXTREMELY soft heart at times that i can get so emotional looking at the patients and the hospital's environment.

Everytime i go to hospitals i would find myself trying so hard not to cry. it crus…

my valentine

first of all, to whom it may concern YOU owe me your life!

nah, just kidding.

Okay, it's valentine's again and i know everyone is so excited about it..
except well.. for ME.
It would be ok if i was in love or at maybe at least in a relationship but since i'm not, i dont LIKE valentine's day.

the waste of money, the expensive food, the lovey dovey love notes, the coordinated shirt colour, the giggles, surprises...

a friend of mine invited me to this one "function" which i may call it as Valentine's dinner although i dont want to admit it was a valentine's dinner, because it was rather... ODD. the fact that we're not really close friends makes the situation even weirder.

As soon as we reached the restaurant, his friend told us that we need to pretend we're a couple. STRIKE 1.
After saying no and eew about a million times , i eventually decided to just go with the flow. and well what the heck, i should have fun anyway.

the food was quite nice, and i m…

BLOOD diamond

from the title itself it's pretty obvious to know what movie i watched today. it was blood diamond of course. if there is one word to describe this movie it would be. SCARY.

i think the two hours watching the movie was probably the most violence i've ever watch on screen in my entire life. it was extremely scary and very sad. to know that there was such thing happened in this world, and the sadder part is, in some parts of the world this thing is still going on.

Synopsis: It was about a place called Searra Leonne that was very much popular for it's land of diamonds. In that place, there are "soldiers" that called themselves Revolutionary Soldiers R.U.F,and if by any chance they found any villages or small livings, they would destroy and KILL all of them. They would take away young boys to join the R.U.F, they would brainwash them, drugged them, give them guns and teach them how to kill people. It was sick to see these people taught young kids to use guns and kill …

money = education

If there's one bitchy thing about college, it's definitely the assignments. if i could give up on the assignments i would, but the thing is, i CANT. money is education, education is money. NOTHING ELSE. don't contradict me in this matter because i dont want to know your opinion. this is mine and mine alone.

the only reason you and i are still doing our assignments is because we want to make MONEY. well.. in later contextla.
the only reason i want to be very good at what i'm doing now and learn more in whatever i possibly can is because i want to make MORE MONEY. basically, everything that has to do with our so called "studies" is MONEY related.

Once i start making money, i swear i'll start keeping them for my children (in future) for their education. It's something i dont want to admit but it's true. Money buys education. NOTHING ELSE. not sad stories, not inspiring stories and not even hardworking parents.

Explain failing subjects but at the end of t…


I have known this guy for about 3 years now. I was in KK and he was staying in Selangor. He firstly added me in MSN and ever since we have "officially" became friends. He has always been this "I smoke-i'm spoiled-and i love girls so much kinda guy". He used to disgust me with his filthy jokes, scare me with his crazy stories, made me laughed at his weird jokes etc etc etc.
I have always hated and loved him at the same time. and he SO knows about it and hated and loved me too.

One normal night, as i was expecting normal conversations with him, somehow we got into some very personal and life issues conversation. He gave me his point of views on life and i gave mine. we're ALWAYS NOT in the same line but somehow were intrigued with each other's opinions.
I used to hate his opinions. They're very mean and well... realistic. Mine were always very mean(toooooo) but more emotions-based and he didnt liked it at all. He hated how i looked at things.

It was after…

i love ferrero.

it doesnt really matter what you blogged, what matters is WHY u blogged it.

I saw the ferrero rocher commercial the other day and was practically drooling over it after. ferrero rocher is one of my favourite chocolate ( i love NUTS *wink*) of all time.

It really really is delicious.

I want to buy if possible one box of ferrero rocher but.... i'm on a tight budget and who am i to spend on some random stuffs i feel like eating, rite? *slap me! it's the hazardous chocolates!*

anyway, me and my cousin went to Guardian the next day. As my cousin were looking at the soaps and whatever that was they need to buy, i was playing with the makeup testers! weeee! I didnt buy anything because, well i need to refrain myself from buying things everytime i go out. As everyone was busy looking for their things i was playing around with the makeup testers and reading some condom labels (just for fun).

After finish paying up everything, one of my cousin (oh i love you dodo) took out a small plastic ba…