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to THAI or not to THAI

I'm not a "Selangorian". Back in KK we dont have public holidays for Thaipusam. All these year i would watch the Thaipusam celebration in TV and get awed by all the really realllllly reallllllly unique guys with all the metals sticking out on their face and skin.

now THAT is cool!

Today i finally been given the chance to go to Batu Caves and watch these people myselfs!!!

Unfortunately, i cant make it.

My mom thinks it's too dangerous to go there as there'll be a MASSIVE crowd and i need to finish up my assignments. She knows i love cultural things and traditions, so it was a moody thing for me not to go there. She asked me to be realistic, give the Hindus the chance to take my place. So i let go of the opportunity to watch the peoples and experience the celebration in Batu Caves.

I tell you, someone should bring me to Penang one day and let me experience this unique celebration. To Petrina: thanks for inviting me, although you barely knew me. Invite me next time. Inf…

cook for Love

Cooking is my latest interest or should i say kinda my latest hobby.

in case you're wondering, nope, i haven't killed anyone with my cooking so far and yes i can cook ANYTHING! well basically anything here means from vegetables to meat to fish only lar.

Basically the interest started when i just moved in to my cousin's place. I was broke and i was at home during the long school holidays waiting to go back to KK.

One morning, as I was scanning through the fridge, then hey, a thought came to mind; maybe i should start cooking lunch for myself, noted that it was only 11am in the morning at that time, if the cooking turns shit i could still have a McDelivery! So i chopped some meat and washed and cleaned some vegetables and was pretty much ready to cook after that. Of course, i cook when i'm in KK but i wasn't really given the chance to cook a proper meal. All the chickens and the fishs were marinated already and all i need to do was basically to just move my arms on the …

i SPEAK photoshop too!

BEFORE (check out the pimples!)
AFTER (check out the SMOOTH skin!)
give me a PC without internet with Adobe Photoshop in it i would most probably go to Microsoft Word and start typing some random words or maybe if i'm bored enough i would start drawing things on it. MICROSOFT WORD people!!!!

How sad was that?

But hey, that was back then. uhuh BACK THEN. Now, i can officially say i'm pretty good at photoshop. *blink eyes real fast at you*
I know! it's such an exciting thing right? I was a total Photoshop dumba** before but not anymore. I've edited some of my pictures, MODIFIED it, enhanced it, IMPROVED it.. yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay..

now i Like photoshop! *SMILES WIDELY*

Well, purrrty much thanks to Ms Thong.
*imitating Ms Thong* : "Hey, I shay hands OFF the mouse!(-_-) Hands OFF! Hands OFF!"

(Not an expert, just a lover-beginner of Photoshop)

Puuuuuurrrfect is SEXY

Friend 1: So, tell me... Who's the lucky guy now?
Me: Rite. Trying to make me feel good ah.
Friend 1: Kinda. Hahahaha. Nah, Seriously?
Friend 1: Serious? Since when did you become so choosy when it comes to boys?
Me: Since last year.
Friend 1: Ouch.

It's true. I was not really that choosy when i was in high school. I dont know why. Maybe it's because it's HIGH SCHOOL. Two words that pretty much explain all the crazy and stupid things we used to do, right? Anyway, when my friend asked me that question i was pretty surprised myself. I mean i have never been so much of a "choosy" when it comes to boys. Until, last relationship. And he pretty much knock me on the head with that question. According to my cousin, i need someone who can take care of me. Who can always look after me (as i can be very absent minded and DUMB sometimes). oh wait...most of the times.

Friend 1: So what type of boys you're looking at here?
Me: Are you sure you want to ask me …

OLD PICS i received

Aren't they the cutest?
erm, i'm already drunk by this time.

Got lucky this night too.. ;) NOT- what you're thinking though!


FRIEDay night

I was hoping i could party tonight with my cousins but here i am blogging and feeling sad for myself. I know, i should come up with a good explanation of why i'm not 'dancenggggg' around and drowning myself with drinks right now right? There's toooo many drama going on today/ tonite that partying is not a good idea nomore.

I went for the first Christian Fellowship of Taylor's College gathering today. Before you raise your eyebrows and think "what happen to Jacqkie?"... yes, i am in Taylor's College's Christian Fellowship group. and no, no one forced me into this. and yes i love it. I love the feeling of getting involved in something very peaceful and getting to know all the nice people in the world. I love it. i know it's abit of a surprise for you all to know this but it's time for you to know it.

I'm a strong christian. ( Now you can laugh- just not infront of me lah)
*though it may contradict with my previous post on how i love to p…

girl in a crowd

I used to hate bus rides going back home, it's tiring i know. But, nowadays i Love it more than ever. I took the Redzuan bus back home last semester and quietly enjoyed it. Now too.

For your information, no one knew i love people more than myself. No one knew i love to mix around with all the different peoples and groups and get to know them better except for me. I'm not friendly, it's just i learn alot by mixing around with all the different people around. And i personally believe that learning is the best "ability" i possesed ever.

I used to be the Gossip Queen in any crowd, i would talk bad about people i just met a couple of minutes ago in a girl gathering, dear gosh it's something i am VERY NOT proud of now. I would talk to the haters, the girls, the boys, the hated, loved and the envied. Everyone of them.
I've judged them before and it was a childish thing to do.

Now, i now that it is impossible to love and be loved by every/any kind of group in the…

that naughty side

I am a party girl.

I have a low profile in college. I dont say much, dont act much and dont move around much.

I would stay around in the library, looking for useful and important books for classes, i'm a comp freak at times, and i would jot down all the notes in class, and try hard to stay awake for lectures. I must say i'm abit of a nerd in college. Or should i say during daytime. I spend my days thinking about alot of things from my transportation today to the dinner i'm supposed to cook. Most of my friends classify me as the SERIOUS bee.

I have so many things to figure out, that sometimes i would be in a blur mode which is very very annoying at times where i had to ask people to repeat themselves when they talk to me or make it very clearly what they're trying to say. I'm the last person you'd like to bump or chill out with during the day.

I have nothing to say! i space out most of the time or in worst cases, i would take out my notes in front of a 'chill…

you're so pathetic

Something funny happened today. I mean are you serious?? Who do you think you are trying to mould that little creature into something new? It was perfect before and i couldnt understand the logical reasons you would do that. I just dont understand. It has never been broken, it has been the most awesome thing ever until u came. What a pathetic creature you are.

dance with me

Case 1-
MR. X: Come let's dance with me! *smiles*
Me: NO.

Case 2-
MR.Y: Can i join u dance?
Me: Sure! (then ignored him completely).

Case 3-
MR.Z: *dancing towards me*
Me: *running away from him*

i have a confession to make,
I DONT DANCE WITH guys/boys/ men. I just dont.

I would break their hearts by ignoring them or pretending they're not there when they ask me to dance with them. I know i'm mean, but i just dont like dancing with boys.
They smell, they're gross and very scary sometimes. *shhhhhh-*

My missions this year on this dancing problem:

a) obviously to say yes first to boys who ask me.
b) to dance confidently and comfortably(rite..) with the guy.
c) to be able to dance/ tease with a guy friend. although he's not a close friend.
d) to just have fun with the guy i dance with.

....Oh come on, who am i kidding?




My cousin: Hey, nice to meet you. Just want to say hi and ask you, do you go to *** for weekend masses? do you mind if you add my cousin in friendster too?
MR.A: hye there. sure. but why doesn't she add me herself? *and more blahs of course*

Okay, this conversation was not in my knowing. i was so shocked when my cousin woke me up at 2.AM just to show the message this guy replied her. DEAR LORD! the embarassment!!!!!

I used to have a huge crush on him. okay maybe still do.. but only tiny crush now. seriously!

this guy is no ordindary okay? he used to go to the same masses with me in this church and went for the Sunday Mass nowadays instead. Yeah, first time i saw him, i hought he was cute and all that... but when i saw him in a TV show, i was flipped, shocked and went jawdropped!

there goes my chance to actually talk to him. BUT my cousin here, msged him PERSONALLY and said i fancy him alot and would wish to talk to him and everything.

ALAMAK, malunyerrrrrrr..

So i was thinking of not EV…

i HAVE a SAD face?

3/5 of my friends would say i have a sad face. And i don't really know how they define sad in this case.

Well, okay, i admit, i'm not much of a talker nowadays and you wouldn't actually see glow in my eyes when i talk to you. I just don't have that in me. For some reason, they would conclude it as me having problems.

Funny how i thought i would easily fall into depression, because i have so many things suppresed inside and being so optimistic about everything or every problem i came across with, i guess it does show in my face without me knowing it.

I'm not saying i'm in a depression now, it's just there are so many things i need to figure out, adjust and adapt to now. SO bloody MANY of them. I am still an optimist dont get me wrong and i guess i'll always be.

**When i'm with you, i would probably be gone space out or have nothing much to say, that doesn't mean i'm sad.
When you're talking and i kept looking at you but not so sure what to a…

enjoy your FOODs people!

I love food and i love watching people enjoying their meal or food.

i mean okay, who else nowadays would eat and feel awesome after the meal?
Let me guess, NONE?

i'm a bit different when it comes to food and stuffings. I LOVE TO LOOK AT PEOPLE WHO ENJOY THEIR MEAL!! i soooo do. It has definitely been something very rare to see nowadays, i mean people are so stucked in their diet programs that they forget to eat proper meals and even if they're not stucked in it, they would feel bad even before thinking to eat. I dont hate them or anything, it just bores me to know it.

**I was eating in KFC with two of my cousins just now. It excites me to look at my very gorgeous slim cousin eating her heart out, using her hands to eat the fried chickens then licking them, and galloping cheesy wedges one by one and finished it eventually, while dipping her bun in the tomato sauce. in short, enjoyed her meal!

This is a very weird fetish of mine but i find it very blissful to look at them enjoyi…

let's make anti-perverts campaign!

Have you ever been stared/ looked at from head to toe with a very nasty look on their face? been whistled/ made rat sounds which sounds like "tshush-tshush" by people you passed by? been whispered "hye sayang/ hye liang moi/ fewit/ wow"? been followed byrandom people just so that they can take a good look at you? been smiled at with a very not normal-kind of friendlyexpression on their face? been pushedfor no reason or even been brushed shoulders by people in a very SPACIOUS place? have you?


if you don't know or realize these are perverts, remember it all comes down to..
.... the feeling of gross at them after the gestures or actions they made to you or others.

i've experience all these nasty things and more, that i am seriously-so seriously, had enough of it. Theywhich also means Pervertsin this case, have no respect for people and some may have lost their common s…

my definition of love

"....but your picture on my wall,
it reminds me.. that it's not so bad, it's not so bad..."- Dido, Thank You. i had an interesting conversation with my cousin today. It was about sister to sister relationship. before you yawn as ya'll know i love to talk about my sister, i do hope you'll keep reading and give your comments on this. my cousin told me that wherever she goes, high and low she never gets enough of her sister. ..So do i.
when i first move to KL, of course i miss my home and everything, but nothing can make me cry. Nothing at all. I am a tough independent chick, missing my bed, my living room, car and everything was not so bad after all. It wasbloody awful though when i talk to my sister on the phone. Tears started flowing, i miss everything about her. I didnt realize how much i love her, until i was separated from her.
My cousin told me that i would understand her situation because that's exactly how i feel about my sister. She was with her sist…

chasing is NOT good

so i dont talk about boys or my Luck with boys with anyone. Only my sister would know everything from what i like, what i dont, what i hate and what i want in boys. i guess she's the only that knows me best when it comes to Me in dealing with boys until this post. Now u know.

First things first i really like it when guys would chase after me and shower me with all his attention and care. I love it and i bet everyone does. But when i'm bored with it and discovered things about him that i dont like, i would slowly be cold towards him. In a way, i admit i am mean. screw being single forever (just KIDDING!), if boys finally know the real me, at least i have the guts to admit it. only the ones who liked me for me would still be there for me.

..i am mean. But only to boys who wants me. Isn't that weirdly true? I've had my heart broken so many times, that now, when i look for boys it would be the one i really2 know inside and out, you kno? i have wasted so much time, energy an…
i have a huge fear of cockroaches. okay, it's kinda lame but if u have a huge fear for heights and spiders it's kinda like the same thing. the thing is i have a new fear and it is much more greater and scarier and i guess more logic to be afraid of it than being scared of roaches...

it's death. yup. i kid u not.

i heard lots of people keep saying that they're afraid of deaths and before, i thought it was just ridiculous to be afraid of death, i mean it's gonna happen anyway so why bother?

...until now. i finally know how it feels like to be scared of death; being unable to see another day and unable to say the right things to the people u care the most anymore.

i've been having this fear since i move to KL and i dont know why. it's as if everything about here is not safe. not only that, my mum has made me a people phobia. she kept mentioning about crazy psycho stories and i know her intentions are good; so that i'll be cautious and never trust anyone…
i felt like dropping my body on the bed the moment i stepped into my room. I was SO exhausted (until now)that i feel i could sleep for days! my feet is killing me, my head hurts, i'm hungry and my eyes blurring out i dont know why.

it must be because of this very tiring day. College can be so annoying sometimes.

I had to wake up at 6.15 in the morning (well, kinda early jugala kan), took my bath and left home at 6.50 around there to walk to the nearest lrt station. Okay, i was okay with the people in lrt. nothing much going on..

but the komuter??? man, i wish i could kick that very pervert guy's ass sitting next to me. he was looking at my cleavage and moved his body towards me! eeew!! i was so irritated that i made a disgusted face and a very annoyed body language.

But as usual, we all know perverts dont care if we make faces! so making him annoyed or hurt was a total waste of time and energy!! *7^(!

Felt tipsy all the time when i was in classes, must be because of i woke up …
I went to KLCC yesterday and thought that it would just be another boring day- there waiting almost an hour for my cousins. Until..

Me: *talking-talking-talking*
Cousin 1: *talking-talking-talking*

A security guard came to us..

SG1: erm adik-adik, boleh tak dok bagus-bagus? tak senonoh la, kedue, kawan i kirim salam. *smiling pevertly*

Me & cousin 1: *blur* oh okay.

Ps, we didn't spread our legs nor anything. i just menyandar man!

few minutes later..

The SG1 came again...

SG1: kawan i tak puas hati la.. die nak u guys tengok die juga. ah tu die.. kat atas sana.
so we looked up and just smile at him and said dah. and get back to our conversation.

minutes later another security guard came to us.

SG2: dik, boleh tak bagi fon number korang? die nak.

We looked at him and said no. of course not.

SG2: alar, dia ok tu. nak bekawan je.

We compromise with him and told the SG2 that instead of us giving our phone numbers, he give his to us, and say we'd call. BUT, of course we wont.

after …
after a whole lot of partying and clubbing last holiday and wasting time and chilling out and wasting money and more and more.. finally it's back to reality. i hate it when we have to go back to school for assignments and more assignments awaiting for us.

well, i guess none of u know that i just moved in with my cousins in Section 14 PJ. yeap, no longer staying in Redzuan Condo( the ONLY 5minutes drive to college). i chose to stay here instead of staying in Redzuan Condo because well, i have to go here every weekend too thus uses lots of money for transportation, plus it's more of a home to me here then anywhere else. all my cousins are staying here! ok, after decided to stay here, i have one major problem. i dont really have any Good Transportation to go to college. darn.

I tried asking for the Bus Service to Taylor's college, however, their pickup point is like a 20minutes walk from my place and they expect me to be there by 6.55 am. should i walk alone that early in the…
every single year i would remind myself not to make any new year's resolutions. and every single year i felt like making one. or two. or... more. or maybe some more. while kinda no exception this year. *giggles*

okay, i did pretty well with my last year's resolutions. i manage to get some of my last year's resolutions done and stick to it. i was pretty much satisfied with everything happened last year but of course not all of itla.

This year's resolutions:

a) STUDIES. nothing else comes first than my studies this year.
b) less SHOPPING.
c) keep my friends close and ignore the enemies. Like totally!
d) make more friends. make big connection, it's always helpful!
e) lie only when necessary. *cough-cough*
f) take care of my Body, keep healthy.
g) keep my mouth SHUT if there's nothing GOOD to say.
h) less gossiping.
i) choose the chances given and grab them, never to grab all.
j) have fun living!

okay so i made tons of resolutions this year, and i'm guessing i can on…
the new year's celebration.

last night was the best new year's celebration ever!

before u start visualizing me dancing, drinking and socialising like mad with tons's
of people's phone numbers and getting drunk and tipsy and get hangover for a
great new year's celebration, nope, not that kinda party i enjoyed last night.
It was the family-friends gathering type of party.

some of you might know that i love my family very much. But i guess only a handful of you know that i LOVE THEM VERY VERY much. basically everything i do is for them, my studies, my work, my life... everything..

we all had to sing during that party. you know karaoke kinda thingy. my sister was so convinced that she is not ever going to sing in public, not ever in her lifetime and same goes that night. she turned all of us down every year. but not this year.

well, she has always been the quiet and keep it to the low type of girl and she told me that it
has never been a problem for me and i wouldnt understand …