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The year that was.

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for me, and i must admit that i'm not saying this for myself only,but for everyone else too for sure.

The Flashback:

- I finished SPM about a month before, what do you expect? My partying life was just about to begin and let me tell you it has been awesome! I hang out a lot, party alot, clubbed alot, karaokeing alot, you name it all those recreations or whatever you call it i did it almost, nope, not every weekends, but almost everyday. Let's just say, i think i was kinda kebaruan with all the extra time i got after spm. Teheee!
- My infamous ex boyfriend went for PLKN. Well, i was pretty much inseparable with him for 10months until PLKN separated us. The painful breakup was pretty much expected by my friends and my sister (very much) and that's why they chose to be there for me instead of giving me advices or girl power talk. Thank You girls. ;)
- I started working! Hooray! and guess where? not any boutiques or…
My mum bought a new scanner/ printer/ photocopier last month thus i decided to test it today. Well, since most of the pictures from my photo albums in home were back when digital cams were not yet invented, i decided to choose these gorgeoous memorable old pictures for your viewing.
Me and Abang enjoying the sea of Pulau Manukan!
You cannot blame me for the pose, i was a kid! First day of Kindergarten.
I've been a smiling machine ever since i was born. *giggles*
Someone's going to get hurt...

Why did i ever came across with the sweetest most nicest guy ever while i'm in KK? i know someone's going to get hurt, if it's not me then it's definitely going to be him.

I was hoping this holiday i wouldn't meet anyone nice and most importantly someone I'm attracted to. Somehow, it happened. He popped into my life just like that, without no warning no nothing.

he makes me feel special, he makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he makes me shy and he makes me like him more and more each day everytime i talk to him. I get all nervous when i talk to him on the phone, and my sister knows best- when i'm smiling and blushing on the phone(which is rare) i definitely has the hots for the caller.

Surprisingly, not any of these had happen to me for the whole of this year while i was in KL.

I've had only one major crush this year and even that- has no positive progress.

but can you imagine someone i noticed, noticed me too among others?…
Today's christmas and i've been pretty much loving the love i've got from all the people around me. I must say, not spending christmas with my brother is rather quite sad though. My christmas would be absolutely perfect if he's around. Nevertheless, this christmas is just as beautiful as i've wished it to be. I get to hang around with my family especially with my sister, i get to eat home cook meals (especially my mum's spaghetti) and catched up with all of my friends whom i stumbled upon in church. "So this is Christmas, and what have you done?
...A year has gone by, a new one has just begun.
Have a merry little christmas, i hope you have fun.. " - Yoko Ono & John Lennon.

With simple lyrics, i find this song very meaningful. It made me realize that i had done my best for this whole year and hopefully i can do better in the coming year. Regretting things are pointless and a waste of time but learning from it is beautiful and humbling.
To be honest, i…
if i could turn back time, i would go back to this afternoon. that very specific moment.

I made great friends with this one kid. I love her so much and so did she. everytime i meet her up she'll definitely have lots of things to tell me, she'll drag me everywhere and even advise me on some things in life. I must say, she's an intelligent, sweet and kind-hearted young girl.

I guess it has been a year or so since i last saw her.

I missed her so much, and knowing that she has family problems now wont make it any easier for us to meet up. I did cry once when i knew about her family problem, because it broke my heart to know that such young bright girl like her had to go through all that. I promised myself that if i ever would meet her up, i would hug her as hard as i can and talk to her like we always do.

** I was walking down the stairs, when i saw her sister was walking while talking to another girl. I stopped in front of everyone, and my eyes wandered around looking around the…
christmas presents anyone?

My family has this christmas tradition whereby each of us have to buy presents for each other, better if we use our own money.
That means i must buy 3 presents; one for mummy, one for sisy and one for abang. We'd open our christmas presents after the christmas eve mass (that usually ends after 12am or exactly at 12am) with muffins, cakes, biscuits and hot drinks to keep us awake. And every year i have trouble looking for presents for mum and abang.

Why? because they want expensive, creative and useful things to them. They don't demand it of course, it's just there in their expression, you know?

My sister on the other hand would either pretend she loved her presents or smile sympathetically at the gifts but thank us endlessly later. one other reason why i love her sooo much..

Just like every year, me and my sister would help each other to figure out what to buy for mum.
We list down all the possible gifts (useful, creative or expensive items of cou…
Jessie on the Left, Ingrid on the right.
Me on the Left, Jessie on the right. i LOVE this slide!
L-R: Stephie, Ingrid and Me.
( Notice that Stephie dares to show some skin! and the other two......
...well we have more flesh la katakan) haha!

Somehow, this pic looks really lame, but we're just lovin the pool man! p/s: it's as if Jessie didn't want to take pic with me. ;P

Mind the leg and my squinting eyes.. ergh, the other two look gorgeous though.
Check out the Red Shirt! Gembiranyaa...?
..i guess they're happy? ;) haha.

*yawns* I'm So tired.

can u make friends with a stranger?
...what ever it is, I did.

i personally believe that it is very much impossible to make friends with a stranger. Or at least i thought he was...

An unknown number called me the other day looking for Reni (or anything that sounds like this name), and i laughed at him saying "Salah nombor". After the call, he messaged me saying that he was so sorry of the mistake he made and even mention "God Bless and Take Care".
Usually, i would not reply messages from any random guy like this case, but somehow, i did.

One SMS lead to another, and i realize there was kindness and sweetness in his messages. I told wen and ingrid about it and they told me something which i thought was very true...

"Duh, everyone will be very nice in SMS, plus, i bet someone's playing a prank on you girl".

i know they were right.

That's exactly why i stopped talking to the stranger. Everytime he calls me, i would not pick up his calls and i even lied to …
My friends are the best, look at them, they can eat all the food me and ingrid prepared!

L-R : Michelle, Yen Ling, Nadiah I, Nadia Y and Ingrid. * where are the rest?*
This is my so-called MTV room, it's my favourite place to lepak with my friends and cousins.
Everything happens here. ...herm, that doesnt sound right.
I just realized the people in two of the pics i posted are the same! haha.
Where are my other friends when i took the pictures? Daym!
-Where can i ever get friends that eat the way they eat and laze the way they laze? Thank God for them! Love, Jacqkie.

My house's christmas tree! My sister and I decorated it, though it wasn't that easy because the tree was the hard-plastic type. We had to use some special xmas decos. Nevertheless, putting it up with my sis was absolutely what i've wished for! * despite the fact that we had arguments all the way while decorating it* The result is beautiful to us, because, somehow, we did it together.
This is one of my favourite deco in my house. It's actually the baby Jesus' crib. i've got a big house, with expensive furnitures and lots and lots of decorations, but still, this small crib is my favourite of all. It makes me smile everytime i see it.
Not one more akwardness.. please!

i thought he could be a good new friend. you know just a good friend, until.. i found out about the feelings and i guess ya'll know what i mean..

After today, i could not look at him straight in the eyes, because the akwardness is just too much..
i cant really speak to him, i cant really laugh when i'm around him, after last night, i told jessie that something is just weird about him.. or maybe just towards me?

And as usual my sister would say, " Jangan perasan bah Kie! Eish. "

And as usual i would say, " Yala-yala."

but no, i was right.
My sister was grossed out for a moment just now, when she knew about it and told me she would do anything (as much as she couldla) so that i wont feel akward around him anymore..

First of all, yes i do feel really bad for doing this to him, we were good friends before and when i knew he had other plans for us, i thought it would be better for us, or maybe me(just me) if i dont be too close too…
The last time I had a good swim probably was about a year ago. Man, I miss pool water sooo much! Today was just soooo awesome, including the fact that I rode the slides.

And yes, if you have really known me, it’s not that surprising to know that I’m the naughty little daredevil that likes to ride all crazy rides and in this case those dangerous, sloppy, curvy slides in the group. Yes, pelik but benar.

Those who joined in today; Bayen, Ika, Arthur, Dodo, Ingrid, Rowena and honey, Ernest and later Leander and honey and Jude.

I got sunburned, although it wasn’t really that bad, considering we were in the pool since 12pm. (I chose the time though. And yes, I do know who actually would want to swim at 12pm right?) Super sorry people!

I must say I’s rather impressed with myself that I managed to convince Ingrid (believe me, she’s a tough one) to go on those slides...

Me: Ingrid, cepatlah naik, teda papa tuh!
Ingrid: Tida mau! Sia takut bah! Nanti teda orang sambut!
Me: ada tuh, jangan ko risau, be…
i'm so in the mood for christmas! To all the xmas "grinchs", meet me up... and i'll give u a LONG lecture on why we should love xmas! * haha!*
it was quite boring last night. I met new people. As we all know, it is extremely hard to remember people's name when they are introduced to you especially if u are in a bar or pub. (except, if they are good lookingla).

I had a couple of drinks and nah, it didn't really put me in any mood or anything.
I was enjoying the music and the funny crowd though.
I was impressed by this one guy, i think he's a tourist, he danced and workin it out without the slightest bit of shame! He went for the robot moves, the Moon walk.. etc etc *salutes*

Unfortunately, he wasn't that lucky enough to be able to attract girls to dance with him.
All of the girls turned him down.
* Tahan ketawa*

i enjoyed the after-club/party. we had drinks in Foh Sang and this guy (drunk, of course) killed me with his unconcious words/ jokes/songs. *giggles*

The guy: (with an English slang) ermm what is this? This is not a table this a plastic table ey..
Referring to the table that is extrem…
I finished the book Exes Anonymous by Lauren Henderson in a week. (Image on Top) If I must rate it, I would rate it 3/5 stars. I have a feeling the book is made for 15 year olds (darn it) because the use of English in this book was rather simple and the description was not vivid enough. The sexs and conflicts scenes were left to the reader’s imagination. No stimulating languages. ...What?

Fortunately, the story line and the plot of this book are rather quite interesting. I didn’t say it was on top of the world interesting, I just find it quite interesting. You know donut interesting.

A story about a girl who’s been dumped by her so-called love of her life. After the break-up, she basically could not think about anything else, but her ex and their wonderful memories. Not days not weeks but for months!!!!

*To all my girlfriends reading this, don’t be like this. Seek help.

The book shows and explain how ugly and awful it looks like to be addicted to your ex. It's as if like youdon't…