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DATE: 25th November 2006

Shit, he’s got a girlfriend for goodness sake. Why are all boys like these?
I’ve never even flirted with him. Not even a wink or even anything personal and private, nothing! Why?

Deep down I knew he had something for me and it was very obvious. He was the mastermind for all the meetings and he knew exactly what to say to me. I saw him kept looking at me. Maybe I’m perasan, but if you were in my shoe you would feel the same thing. I hope it’s nothing scary. If not, he’ll break too many hearts and trusts. And I don’t want to be the reason for it.

DATE: 23rd november 2006.

Stranger: erm excuse me, are you from around here?
Me: yah?
Stranger: So you’re staying here?
Me: yah. PJ.
Stranger: Ooh okay, do you mind if I ask for your phone number?
Me: erm, I don’t give numbers to strangers. Sorry.
Stranger: take mine then?
Me: err ok?
Stranger: 013… (bla-bla-bla, didn’t heard him properly) My name is Nasrul.
Me: okay…?
Stranger: what’s yours?
Me: Rowena. (gotta lie man)
Stranger: okay then. I really hope you would call me. *smiles*

Me tahan wanna laugh looked at Lovelle.
Seconds later we burst out laughing!
Oh my Gosh, you were so right. That guy so likes you. She said.
I laughed; I didn’t even press the right number. Berhambur I keyed in. Hahah!

Bell: Does he really think we would call him? Gross.

Made new two friends today. Dinesh and Jerome. Apparently he was in Malaysian Idol second season. Hmm my bad for not watching it.

Met Aaron John some more. My online buddy. See, I knew he would be a nice guy. I knew he would be trustable.

We lepak in Chillis and talked and talked and boy were they talkative. They kept talking about church (surprisingly) up until high schools stuffs. Herm, I must be a damn good listener huh?

Well, first of all I’m so thankful they send me back home and even belanja me the Margarita. Damn nice man! I LOVE MARGARITAS! Hehe.

All in all, it was a nice outing and meeting up with these new fellas. I enjoyed it.

12.45 AM… to bed! Early huh?
DATE: 19November20006

Abang woke me up.
“woi bangun, let’s do this almari.”
Half awake I said no. Wide awake he said “woi ya.”

So I forced myself to wake up, wash my face and brush my teeth and looked at the huge box.

Shit. I wish Carrefour had assembled this thing for us. And it wouldn’t be a fuss for us. But then again, it’s Carrefour. Herm. Thank God my brother’s here.

“Okay... we can do this!”
abang got a grin on his face.

We’re almost there… only this few screws! Abang said. Yes, abang can be very enthusiastic sometimes.

Done. Shit. So many screws left? Abang asked.
Yahhh. So? Tutup mata tutup telinga sajala. Fixed oredi this thing. *complaining*

Herm. Okayla. Abang said.
Phew, manage to convince abang. In usual cases we would have probably open the whole thing and re do it. He’s a perfectionist. Bear my pain for all these years.
Anyway... went to church after that and meet up with carol.

“Hey sway!”
“Hey jacqkie!”

We took the train and waited and waited until we reached…
Hugh Jackman as Roddy. And Kate Winslet as Rita. And those Pacats are so cuuuutee!!
Another funny scene. These 2 are the kononya gangster in the movie..... NOT.the big fella is cute and got pink eyeballs (WTF?) and that small dude is oh well.. stupid.
That huge toad is the Boss of this Toad Group (or whatever it is) and apparently holds a grude in all the mouse there( Britain/ Kensington Place).Watched it. Loved it. You should too. ;)
Best movie this year would definitely go to Flushed Away.
For your information, i am a huge fan of 3D works animation!! Especially their work Shrek! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

so here goes, i know some people would get really fed up with all the "cartoon movies" that were released these year. So banyak right? That's why i chose certain 3D animation movies to watch only and flushed away is MY FAVOURITE this year on top everything!!!

Lovin Flushed Away, Jacqkie.
What happened to kci& jojo, az yet, Boyz 2 men and all those soulful rhythm and blues ( Seriously RHYTHM and BLUES bands )?
i miss them so much and i want them to come back!!!

....Their voices are delicacies for the ear! *ahhhh*
...Lyrics that comforts the soul!

..And videos that touches your heart!

i hate the way rnb is portrayed now. it has the same old songs and i can only see girls shaking their you-know-what in their videos instead of good music. *sob sob sob*

the singers nowadays dah lah cant sing and some wear skimpy clothes and have sucky lyrics.
buang duit betul..

I want the original RNB (old school style) back!!!!! So bad!!!!!!!

K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life Music Code provided by Song2Play.Com
Loving The old-school RNB style,
okay, remember the guy i told you that wants my phone number?

Here goes,

MSG: " hey, awak Sarah ke? "

Obviously it's that secret recipe guy due to the lie i told him that my name is Sarah. Phew~
I didn't wana be so mean, but now i kinda have to.
I dont like him and i dont want to entertain him! ( i know, i know, I shouldn't have given him my phone number in the first place huh? erm, so stupid of me.

But whatever. you don't understand how the waitress kept pressuring me!!!

Move on, he called me today. Feeling not guilty at all... i silenced my phone and just stare at the phone screen..

" SECRET RECIPE GUY CALLING" kept looking at the phone's screen...until he stopped calling. Pleased, i close flipped my handphone. I shouldn't have given my phone number. It was a mistake. But i always do that, over and over again. NOOOOOO!! i'm giving hopes.. i'm awfulla. before you stereotype me with other girls, trust me... all girl/ boy does that ok? i…
Headline for today:

Okay, i thought today was just going to be that ordinary day where i go to college, finish with my paper, stay in the library and go back home straight away. Oh ya, not to mention i was suppose to go out to watch movie with Carol dahling.

So, as soon as i reached Redzuan Condo, i naik straight away the lift and inside the lift was 5other people.
reached level 6- my place. Then i keluar, a guy followed me.
I was wondering, what the heck? i have never seen this guy around before. Herm..
I keep walking, and i realized he was following me! i walked faster.. and faster and i straight away open the grill door and wanted to run.. until he said something;

STALKER: hey adik, mana blok b yer?
ME: errr... blok purple?
STALKER: ohh.. (smiling ) boleh berkenalan tak. (walking towards my house grill )
saje nak berkenalan. Boleh tak?
ME: hah? ohh.. ok?
STALKER: erm, ape name awak? saje nak tau? Boleh friends?…
i'm sorry people, but i just don't like it when you are being sarcastic to me about my studies, the way i study or the way i think of my studies.

i am very studious but that does not mean i'm not human.
i party and think like other normal people too. just maybe not like you.

so what if i take my study seriously or intensely? so what if i know more than you?
so what if i know nothing about that and why am i suppose to know everything you know?

i find it very irritating when people tease me about my results or expect anything from me.
just please, shut up and care about your studies and not mine!
(except for if i'm missing classes and failing like shit, i understand if u wana know).

i find it very irritating when people tease me the way i study. i find it very irritating when people tease you of things you don't know or you're suppose to be really good at.

i don't get it. it's my prerogative on how i see my studies, life, boys and people.

if i have done…
the huge success after managing games booths! wohoo!
I could not help it but flash-backing all the sweet memories in school especially when in Leo Club. i was a bit skeptical to work with my close friends in Leo Club. But boy was i so glad that they were my comittee after all that. i couldn't say much on how much i love them and how proud am i of them. Because of them, we won 7 awards in the Leo Forum. i love them so much! ps; to those who know what Leo Forum is, good for you. ;)
Those times when we had to struggle between studies and leo activities.
Those times when we had to break away from our shell and be brave for the day.
Those times when we had to brainstorm what to sell, what to do and what to say.
Those times when we had to meet up with people we don't even know and be proffesionals for a day.
I'm so proud of them! president and members are equal at that time.. i'm so glad.

therefore! ...we all decided to make a ....

a Very BORING, sunday!

If you all must know, i woke up today with a guilt. A guilt of not studying thoroughly. Unlike what my friends say (Jacqkie study gila rajin oooo), i still am not satisfied.

Here i am after going to Pyramid just now, feeling bored and looking at the book feeling yucked out, after so much of CTR reading.

-I miss my sister.
-I wana throw up.
-I have a cool hair colour.
-I wana drive.
-I hate studying.
-i wana go to the beach.
-I want to be carefree!
-i want sunglasses.
-I want more money.
-I wana surf the net.
-I wana sleep.
-I want that guy i like!

Exactly now, these are all my thoughts. How boring and pointless is that?
...Because, i wont be able to do all that. or get all that.

Ohya, my mumgot offered something(a convention in New Delhi, India) but she refused because she said she wants to spend her time with us.. awww so sweet. *smiles*

BORING. cant wait till final is over and i'm gona hang out at carol's place, not sleep, just talk about life and boys a…
India.Arie - VideoMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com



well yesterday was rather tiring. Very tiring i must say.

Well here it goes,
me and my friends were eating our lunch when this really cute girl with brown hazel eyes approached us. She was talking about a cover girl competition and no, it's no for pretty girls only. it's for everyone! So as she was convincing us, we also were convincing each other that let's just try this thing and have fun! So... yes we agreed to join in the competition. Ergh...

First shot: With glasses. And without makeup. (apparently this picture will make you look ugly or something like that) before and after kinda thingy.

Second Shot: with heavy makeup and without glasses. (prettier?)

The girl was explaining the whole thing to us as if it was as easy as 1 2 3.
There is a catch, if you all must know.
The make up actually took us 3 hours!!!l For everyone of us to get done, it took us 3 freaking hours. I knew it was too good to be true!
We were there in the rain, in…

for those who do not know what ctr is, it is Communication Theory and Research.
Adoi, thinking about the subject already give me a headachela!

Today i forced my to brain work/ study for the most annoying subject.
Oh My Gosh!

There are so many theories, philosphies and information i had to understand and memorize.
Cant wait to get it done with!

After next week, i'll have a blast, and relax, and pamper myself!!! wohoo!

Okay today was i must say it was very tiring. Except for Dunkin Donuts!!YUMMMY!
I got a headache from studying ctr and i am quite worried that, after all the hardwork( kononla)
nothing comes in to my brain. Darn! You Stupid subject!

As for Carol, my lovely friend, i am so proud for her because she studied more than one page today. Hooray! *laughs*

-I have a crisis though, should i go to Cherating on the 24-27th of November, to have fun and lepak, and first time going to Cherating, and use RM200++ for the whole thing...
Or should i just wait in KL for my mum &…
I had a karaoke fiesta today. Awesome! Me, Manda, Nessa, Ayna and her bf went for a karaoke crayzee today! We started singing around 2pm something and stopped singing/ left the room at erm, 7pm! guess how long we spent at the karaoke place??! 5 freaking hours!! We sang some spice girls, indon stuffs, bitchy songs... everything was in the list! To be honest, i dont really like my friend's bf until today. He impressed all of us today and i'm guessing i should know him better the next time i had bad impression on him. He has changed i guess or so i thought so. It was a fun day all in all. and i must say we really rocked the room! ( or scare the workers ) It's Denise birthday, my ever so loving and caring friend. Muax! Songs i sang( that i remembered) : - Spice Girls; ALL! - Kris Dayanti; Cobalah untuk setia. Love it! - Sheryl Crowe; If it makes you happy! - Beatles; i think a lot although i cannot remember what. - Meredith Brooks; Bitch. - Eminem; Just lose it. Hahahaha. Manda killed me wit…
This weekend was just that normal weekend, where you go to church and wake up late and have a chat with your housemates or roomates on Sunday.

me and my cousins decided not to go to church on Sunday this particular weekend because they have to go to a rumah terbuka. So we went for the sunset mass on Saturday instead.

Darn, it was a normal mass.
Until, i realized the guy standing in front of me is freaking hot.
My cousin told me that he is hot, but i just couldn't care less, because trust me
i can be very ignorant of people when i go to church or school most of the time.

So, it was that time again when we're suppose to
smile or nod our heads to the people around us( to all the catholics/ christians; it's the peace be with u time).

So as i was smiling to all the people around me, that guy in front of me turned his back(and i mean the whole body!) put on a huge smile on his face with his big round eyes, penetrated my heart and made me in a shock mode for about 5 seconds. what a p…
Biggest problem to college, what shoes to wear! This is only 20% of my shoes collection. And in reality, i wear only 1 or 2 pairs every week. Hehe. Girls~ Before u say anything, I AM NOT MATERIALISTIC. i just love shoes. errr. does that explain anything? XD
This is my wardrobe. It's really small. So, if u see my wearing the same thing in college, Now, u understand aight? haha.
This is my bed. I am inseparable with the green colour. i LOVE it!

This is my so called Study- Table. Nope, i dont use it for studying. The picture tells everything. Haha.
As you can see, (i hope you can see the kepala singa) i'm staying very near to Sunway Pyramid.
Before i stay here i used to think, "wow, bestnya people who stay around there, they can just easily go to the happenings in Sunway Pyramid and shop as much as they want. Yerr."
After staying here, "hey.. banyak betul happenings around Sunway, can be very bising sometimes and the stuffs are quite expensive. Grr."

This is my condo-view. Well basically i can see the pool, the other building and some more buildings. *hemmm*

dear gosh, please let me overcome this situation i'm in.
I know i'm going to have my finals, but still help this problem i'm having with this guy.

I still cant figure out what feelings i have for him.
Honestly, i did something really stupid for him.
I couldn't think straight why i did that, but i just did something for him.
And i think he wouldn't know about it. Even he do know, he wouldn't suspect anything, because i did it in a subtle way.

I wish i am abit brave. A bit more open and more friendly so that people/ guys will find me more
approachable and sweet. But i just couldn't. Sometimes, the person i want to impress the most are the ones i just cant be myself and be impressive.. Why??!

i don't really like people or any guy easily.
I don't know why i like him, might be his charm and his cuteness and his sweetness.
The thing is, i know he's not THAT cute, but somehow he's stuck in my mind.

herm, please. Help me. I don't know how to handle …
i hate it when i like someone!!!!

ergh. i know this thing always happen to us, again and again.
but somehow, everytime it happened to me, i just don't know how to handle it
and carry myself. again and again.

Okay, i admit i like a guy. i've only met him a couple of times now and i am not sure whether
i like like him or it's just a crush that will past by.

Here's the deal, everytime i like a guy i will tend to be very shy. And so shy i meant by not talking much with him or even looking at him straight in the eye. And yes i did this to that guy too. I was a bit guilty of not talking to him very much, but how am i suppose to handle this shy feeling? darn it!

He makes me smile and laugh when i see him. He is cute. and he's sweet as well.

Basically, everytime i see him i'll blush. But not on the outside, inside. hehehehehe.
i will think to myself, aww he's sweet and aww he's cute those kinda usual crap.
I am friendly. But if i like you and i refer u (here) a guy.…