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Herm, I’m scared to "strip off" myself in public, but well here it goes.
I know I’m a girl with that simple life and yes my blog wouldn’t be as interesting as other people’s blog, but well I do have some fun times too.
*sad tone*

Anyway, I went out with my cousin two weeks ago, and now then I kinda feel like telling the world what happen to me.

We went to a nearby bar. And to be honest I was not expecting anything that night. But then again, anything can happen. Had a couple of drinks. Drank and drank…. Until I realized I had too much. I had some shots and kept drinking and drinking.

When I first enter the bar I looked purely innocent, didn’t do anything much. Moved like few inches only. But then, everything went crazy when I got a little bit tipsy.
I had to dance to all those songs, I think to myself.
Although the songs are kinda weird and not really my taste, I just had to dance to it.

After a few crazy sexy moves, I felt the kick of the shots and glasses of beer I drank. Wohoo! I…
Kerry (care bear)
Behonce, Carol, Sway and Cheryn
Caroline dahling
The Pretenders of the Night!

The Simply gorgeous Aud & Undeniably cute Sway.
Can u spell parteyy?

I went for my college’s prom the other night, to be specific on the 27th Oct 06.

To be honest, it was awesome.
The day began as early as 2pm when kerry and Audrey went to my place to lepak and practice their song.

They practiced well and, guess what, kerry and Audrey forced me, to sing in front of them. I couldn’t run away from them thus I had to sing few lines for them.
It was so embarrassing as ya’ll know I’m a Shy girl. So shy, that it will take a lot of time (and I mean BY A LOT) to speak to someone sometimes.
Well, there goes my short performance to Audrey and kerry.
We went to Subang Parade to do our makeup, and guess how we look like;

Swee wei looks like a Geisha! One word, grrr!
Audrey looks like a Punk rock chic. Cute!
Kerry looks like a Diva. She’s got the most dramatic make up among us, if u may ask!
Caroline dahling looks like OVER-chinesED according to her.
Me, well I thought I look just NOT myself.
The foundation and the concealer and the coloring of my face, de…
My Holiday-Spenders!
Nathalie & Yen Ling
Last Tuesday was awesome.
I met up with yen ling and nathalie my old punks from kk.
I just thought i would want to lepak with them, but hey, the extra time we got
allowed us to enter the Times Square's Cosmo Theme Park and actually played and have a blast!
wohoo! it was freaking awesome!

I managed to convince yen ling and nathalie of course that it's okay to ride those
crazy ass rides, and i mean by being flipped and tossed and turned around for 10minutes!
and yes, it was a 360 degree turn! wow, crazeee!

We firstly rode the dna mixer, wow, major mistake because we cannot even feel the earth after that ride!
we got turned upside down, tossed left to right and mixed SERIOUSLy! and it went on and on for minutes!
i tell you, those minutes felt like hourrss! *shivers*

Second, we took on the dizzy thingy which was yeah, contributes to alot of dizziness too.

Third, we rode the crazy ride (which i totally forgot the name of the ride) which i soooo remember how it turned us like!
It made me ecstati…
have you ever thought that whether school bitches exist?
well let me tell you something, a real event that made me shocked
and couldn't believe that made me believe there is such thing as bitch.
As we all know, most of us, might thought of each other as bitch because
maybe we don't really understand the meaning of the word.
bitch. obviously has different meanings to different people.
I did not believe in cliches and bitches and i mean by real bitches until i saw
What would she do?
1st. She would purposely ask her friends what do they think of each other behind their back,
and then tell to the person that this friend of theirs call them this.
Got it?
2nd. She would critisize everyone's clothing. From head to toe, because i guess they have nothing better to do. They would make fun of other people's attire and make it as a conversation. How lifeless.
3rd. They would act nice to you in front of you, and after you turn around they'll call u ugly or something like that.…
herm all of the sudden i ter ingat the movie love actually. i must say, it is one of my favourite movie. LOVE IT! i rate it *****. 5 stars babey! The movie was about love basically. That there is no such thing as 'No Love', and 'i cant live without her/him'. Love does not come from that one special person. You can get love from your family, your pet cat, your lecturer, your sister, your cousins, your house, your computer, your workers, your grandma, your relax spot, your TV, your religion.. love actually is EVERYWHERE. but people, boy oh boy, we never noticed it. Never. We only knew the love of a relationship. The love of a family. They limit their love choices to only a few. What happens when they did not get the love from where they thought they are suppose to get? They gave up and just not know what to do next. The thing is we never realized that things we like and things that we have participated everyday can turn to .. yes, love. I cried, laughed and nod to myself,w…
It was indeed my day yesterday. I was happy to the extend that i just felt like hugging all the people around me at that time. Wow! From the surprises to the presents i got; i felt blessed and amazed happy truly that i am in KL studying in Taylors now. I was thinking of buying myself a cake to eat by myself on my birthday, but something better happened. My housemates ambushed my room and sang me the birthday song and brought me a cake with a candle exactly at 12.00 am in the morning 2nd Oct!! I was shocked! i was still in a blur for a few minutes but when my roomate asked me to make a wish, i knew it was happening. It was real. I GOT A BIRTHDAY surprise at the last place i expected to get from! I was taking deep breaths, but still I couldn't control my tears. I burst in tears and my housemates hugged me to console. I thought i'll be celebrating my birthday alone this year ( for it falls on a Monday), but i was wrong. Seriously, they are people out there that cares about me. …