Friday, September 29, 2006

I was suppose to be happy that i have the time all for myself now, after a very
hectic week. Assignments and presentations, and noooooo it's not done yet!
I was suppose to attend a function tonight, but because i felt like i malas, i cancelled it and stayed at home. Nah, i dun regret it because i can get to hear my housemate's day as an emcee. it was sweet i get to see her happy face and feel her excitement. really sweet i must say.
i slept damn alot today. Woke up at 8.30am and went online for awhile.
Around 9 sumthing after done with checking friendster and all, i went back to bed.
Woke up at 11.00 am and then took a bath took some pictures of myself (haha, pity me!) and went back to bed. By that time i think it was around 1pm. I wooke up again around 3 sumthing. I woke up because my tummy was begging me to feed it. Went down bought some dish and masak nasi. Phuuu. After i ate, i went back to bed. AGAIN! Told u today i slept a lot. As in the quantity of sleep i got is aLOT.
I wanted to go to my cousin's house, but i kinda am lazy to go out. Herm, gosh man what happen to me today? Then, i malas again wana go the function thingy. Haiyo. Jacqkie, Jacqkie~
Now, i am blogging down everything of the not-so-happening day of mine. Poor me!

But you know what, i am not gonna screw my weekend. I'm going to pamper myself if possible and feed myself with some real good food cause my birthday is this monday! Yeay!
I'm going to be at my happiest with my loved ones around me. I wish my brother can come and see me. But even if he cant, i appreciate the card i'll receive from him. I miss u bang. =(
i'm going to make sure my birthday will be a memorable one as i could.
why? I'm far from my friends and family!!!!!!!!
darn it, this is KL for goodness sake, it's impossible i wont enjoy myself. *grins*

till then,
LOVE jacqueline.
My other new friends! L-R : i think it's Amy(oops, my bad), Kerry and Aina! Me (on top).
We were at our school's function; Rock Safe Gig thingy.
All in all it was alright, good music... nuthing much i can say.
errr, me and my friends pic was taken and was on Juice mag Sept 2006 issue!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

First things first, i do not use foul words when talking to people.
I am too innnocent to reach to that point.
anyway, what i'm trying to say is..
you may not find anything eye-openin(literally) in my blog.
I must say i'm abit conservative and still do maintain my sanity when i'm writing. (not that people who curse dont..).

I was watching a TV advertisement about siblings talking about learning to speak English better.
It was the New Strait Times iklan i think. Then i got emotional.
yeah, yeah if u guys do not know, i'm an emotional baby,
extremely i must say.

It reminded me of my family, my mum to be specific. How she wanted so bad for us to
appreciate education and keep on learning as much as we can, because we might never know how useful it can be in our future.
She kept encouraging me to work hard in life and even if dun get what i deserved now, one day i will.
It kept me going strong, and it made me never wanted to give up on my studies.
the cheesy old-schooler,

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm quite patient i must say. and when i say Quite, i mean by VERY.
I can tolerate any kind of people's actions.
I can tolerate any machine that does not work that basically eats up my money.
I can tolerate jams.
I can tolerate really weird/ head-cracking musics.
I can tolerate intolerant people. I can tolerate basically... alot. (Which i think is quite an achievement to our community already i must say).
I'm not saying that i've got all the patience in the world that i felt like braggin about it in my blog, it's just that i know i'm that patient that i am quite glad and proud of this advantage i have. so, i feel like writing it down and tell u why i say so.
If you thought you had alot of patience in you or you don't really believe in people like me do exist, think again.
Whenever i put on an angry face, i was just basically trying to be cute(which always DOES NOT work) and kidding around with you. It was always never real, personal or serious. NEVER!
If you really-really know me and i meant by spending your life with me just like my brother, sis and mom did,
You will know and definitely agree that i am one extremely patient person.
Oh yeah, when i tell u this, i dont really expect you to do anything to test my patience or whatsoever ya. But if u insist, u can always try. *wink*

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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and their friends!

I'm a nature person;

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gives me peace!

My New Friends!
L-R: Me, Swee Wei and Audrey.

I wish wishing well works.
well, here it goes.
i was with a friend of mine yesterday and we were about to make a wish from a wishing well.
It sounded really stupid for believing in these things but somehow, deep-deep inside of us, we still trusted the wishing well anyway.
i wished for something; i thought not impossible to be granted. that all i had to do is to believe in myself and work damn hard for it.. was it too much too ask?
People don't really work for things they want. we have become so glued with a relaxing lifestyle that whenever we are faced with difficulties and challenges, we thought that it's the end of the road for us.
Some chose to believe in wishing wells, like me! honestly, i love wishing wells and with some reasons i kinda believed in them.
it's not that i am an extreme superstitious, it's just that when i wish for something from the wishing well it pulls me out from the reality, and for a minute, i believed in miracles, fantasy and chasing dreams.
call it a 5 minutes high if u may, i must say,i liked it. after throwing the coin into the wishing well, a part of me wants to work for the dream i just wished for.
a part, still uncertain whether i believed in myself for chasing such big dream.
everyone's life is a drama. none can end with the perfect guy, living in the big perfect house, with lots of money with big cars and a succesful job. no one.
even if some of these lucky peoples tend to be very visible infront of our eyes, for example Paris Hilton and those celebrities that appeared freakin alot on TV on how faboulous their life is, i bet they do too went through a lot of hell to get there just like you and me.
Besides, i believed in nuthing is Sweeter than the Taste of celebrating the pay from a hard day's work.. *Smiles*
26th September 2006
Today was awful.
Herm, woke up with a killer sore throat early in the morning, took a cold bath, got fully done with my makeup and clothes ready for school, when Denise called me that today's classes are cancelled....
I looked in the mirror, feeling satisfied with my pinkish makeup for a minute, then rub it all off.
Well, i didnt look like tyra banks or any model either way but hey, i woke up as early as 6.45 am to get it done ok! grr!
i jump back to bed, and rest my sleep head.....
the sun shone through the window, forcing me to get up. ergh. i woke up again.
picking up my laundry. i need to wash my clothes..
after the laundry, the mishaps happened.
i went down to the shops nearby to get myself a mee-in-the-cup, a bun and a plastic of peppermint lozenges. after finishing the mee-in-the-cup, i thought i would lay down again resting my very not healthy body.
All of the sudden, my head started to sweat really heavily, my tummy churns and churns telling me "oh-uw" something's wrong, my eyesight got blurry, then bllluuueeeeekkk came out the mee and the tom yam soup i ate. The mee on the floor looks white and pale, and the 'gravy' around it, is brownish reddish indicating that it's still fresh.
gross i thought for moment. I had to move fast, so that my housemates wont see my puke.
First i went to the toilet, and had to throw up some more... well, my body was rejecting all of it!
Second, i took a mop and cleaned everything. i had to re-mop, with a cleaned mop so that it wont get sticky and all.
Third, i had to make sure my room and house doesn't smell like the tom yam mee i just ate. so i had to spray some air-refreshening stuff. ergh..
Phew! my housemate hasn't woke up yet, that time. and i'm done cleaning up everything.
Just when i thought i did pretty well cleaning up all the "evidence" that i puked, i accidentally knocked on my milo-cup and my milo spilled on my bed, my box of accessories and again, on the infamous floor.
I'm an optimist. so much of an optimist that i didn't grumbled or even mocked looking at the spilled milo. i thought this would be a challenge of my patience. and there i go again..
i took the mop again. ..and mop the floor again. and again. and again. cleaned my box of accessories. cleaned some of accessories. washed a bag that got milo all over it. after almost an hour cleaning up everything, finally i get to sit down and rest my tired sick body.
My body was at it's worst today, after months in KL. i kept coughing and coughing. i throwed up. my body felt extremely heavy. i felt dizzy. and i was sweating really badly... poor me! =(
This is an extremely boring post, oh well, i felt like putting down on words what happen to me today esp the cleaning part! so, blog was the last resort. Ciao ya'll!